Into the Woods Cast

Cinderella's Prince / Wolf  (Peter Stickney )
Freshman, Peter Stickney (Wolf / Cinderella's Prince), has participated in Beauty and the Beast, In the Heights, and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. His favorite musical memory is being in a musical with all his friends in middle school. He joined this year’s production so he could become more involved in the school community. In addition to the musical, he plays three sports.
Baker's Wife  (Olivia DiNatale)
Senior, Olivia DiNatale (Baker's Wife), has performed in 10 shows over the past 8 years. She is an experienced competitive dancer and trained ballerina for over 10 years. Olivia auditioned for this year’s show with the intention to have a great ending for her musical theater career. Her favorite memory in a musical is "you don't deserve bows" and is excited to make more memories this year!
Baker  (Logan Fitch )
Senior, Logan Fitch (Baker), has performed in the SJHS Fall Cabaret 2018: For Forever. He auditioned for this year’s show because of his deep love for musical theatre and wanted to end his senior year with a fun experience. Next year, Logan will be attending the Savannah College of Art & Design with the intention to perform in more shows, along with studying either fashion or illustration. His favorite musical memory has been auditioning for this year’s show and cannot wait to see what other memories Into the Woods has in store!
Jack's Mother  (Kylie Krzewinksi)
Sophomore, Kylie Krzewinski (Jack’s Mother), has 7 years of musical experience and performed in 6 shows and 2 small showcases. Most notably as Young Nala in Lion King Jr., Mama Bear in Shrek Jr., and Ursula in Little Mermaid Jr. She also took 2 years of vocal and acting lessons from the Pittsburgh CLO Academy. Her favorite musical memory was being so tired during Children of Eden tech week and Shrek rehearsals that her previous school’s teacher let her sleep in class. Kylie loves preforming in musicals and cannot wait to get back to it since the beginning of the pandemic.
Witch  (Hannah Laskowski)
Senior, Hannah Laskowski (Witch), has 8 years of musical experience and performed in 10 shows. A core musical memory over the years is her participating in the 7th grade summer camp dodgeball tournament in between run throughs. She is so excited to be back performing since the musical hiatus due to the pandemic and looks forward to continuing musical at Chatham University next year.
Lucinda  (Bailey Linza)
Sophomore, Bailey Linza (Lucinda), has performed in 5 shows over the years and has competed for 7 of her 11 years of dancing. Her favorite memory in a musical is Donnie’s The Little Mermaid Quote. Bailey feels the best on stage and cannot wait to perform in this year’s show!
Little Red Riding Hood  (Maddy Meier)
Junior, Maddy Meier (Little Red Riding Hood), has performed in 4 shows including, an ancestor in Addams Family, a wolf in Narnia the Musical, a wickersham/Yertle the turtle in Suessical Jr., and the tick tock croc in Peter Pan Jr., . Maddy’s interesting fact is that she has been boxing for the past 7 years and has fought twice. Her favorite musical memory is screaming and she is so glad she joined the cast as everyone is so nice and talented!
Stepmother  (Allie Meier)
Freshman, Allie Meier (Stepmother), has performed as Jojo/Boy in Suessical Jr., and a fairy in Peter Pan Jr. She was also casted as Violet Beauregard in Willy Wonka Jr., but the show was canceled due to COVID. She has danced ballet for 12 years with 7 of them at Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre. Her favorite musical memory is playing Ninja during breaks. Allie has missed performing on stage and can’t wait to get back at it this year!
Jack (Elissa Mlinarcik )
Future Spartan, Elissa Mlinarcik (Jack), has performed as pig in Shrek the Musical Jr., Chef Louis/Adella in The Little Mermaid Jr., Olaf in Frozen Jr., Jafar in Aladdin Jr., and as part of the ensemble in The Addams Family. Elissa’s favorite musical memories are eating pita chips backstage during Aladdin, getting Taco Bell in full stage makeup, and "get on the yellow line.” An interesting fact about her is that she really likes languages, and is currently learning two. Elissa will be a freshman next year at St. Joe’s and has enjoyed getting to know some current students!
Narrator  (Louisa Palumbo )
Future Spartan, Louisa Palumbo (Narrator), has performed in Aladdin Jr. and as Flounder in The Little Mermaid. She plays the piano and is learning how to play the guitar. Louisa missed not being able to be in musicals because of the pandemic, but she has been enjoying spending time with her friends and is having a great time!
Steward/Mysterious Man (Donovan Polito)
Sophomore, Donovan Polito (Steward/Mysterious Man), has performed in the ensemble in Lion King Jr., as Pinocchio in Shrek Jr., in the MQA Cabaret, as Sebastian in The Little Mermaid Jr., Aladdin in Aladdin Jr., and in the ensemble in Addams Family. He loves music and can play the ukulele, guitar, and piano. He is so excited to be back performing and doing what he loves.
Sleeping Beauty  (Bridget Preston )
Junior, Bridget Preston (Sleeping Beauty), has performed in Les Miserables. Many of her friends were doing musical and almost all of her older sibling did musical and really enjoyed it. She decided to audition this year and had enjoyed getting to meet and spend time with people she doesn’t usually get the opportunity to meet. Following her time at SJHS, she will continue her education as a history major and art/art history minor.
Rapunzel's Prince (David Schratz)
Freshman, David Schratz (Rapunzel’s Prince), has performed in Monsieur D'Arque in Beauty and the Beast, Robertson Ay in Mary Poppins, and Judah in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. David’s favorite musical memory is playing a game of hide-and-seek in the giant auditorium he previously performed in several times. The size and small spaces made for great hiding places. He joined this year’s production because musicals, from what he’s seen, always form a tight-knit cast that can be open and honest with one another while still having fun, and he’s always wanted to join a community like that. David is the fourth and final member of his family to participate in an SJHS musical. He’s excited to make it a fun one!
Snow White / Grandmother (Rachael Schumann)
Freshman, Rachael Schumann (Snow White / Little Red's Grandmother), has participated in marching band for the past three years. She has thoroughly enjoyed band and has been looking forward to participating in the musical ever since she started at SJHS. An interesting fact about her is she wants to be a doctor.
Rapunzel / Cinderella's Mother  (Anabel Stickney )
Senior, Anabel Stickney (Rapunzel / Cinderella's Mother), has participated in musical since 6th grade. She has played Sonny in "In the Heights" and Grandma Addams in "Addams Family" at Saint Joe's. In addition to singing, she can also play four instruments. Her favorite musical memory is hiding a loaf of bread somewhere on stage during each "In the Heights" show. She is performing in "Into the Woods" because of her joy for singing and acting, but also to be a part of the supportive family that each cast becomes.
Cinderella  (Kelly Wolfe)
Senior, Kelly Wolfe (Cinderella), has participated in five shows, playing roles like Belle in "Beauty and the Beast" and Nala in "The Lion King.” She is very excited for this year’s production and cannot wait for opening night!
Florinda  (Amelia Wygonik )
Sophomore, Amelia Wygonik (Florinda), is participating in her first musical this year! Although, she isn’t new to the stage as she has been dancing competitively for 8 of her 12 years of dancing. She joined this year’s production to expand her dance experience and to try something new. So far, her best memory has been being stepsisters with Bailey Linza in the show this year.
Stage Manager  (Leeann Parsi )
Senior, Leeann Parsi, is this year’s Stage Manager! She has performed in The Addams Family, In the Heights and has 9 years of dance experience. Her favorite musical memory is getting to know everyone and continuing those friendships and making new ones throughout the last four years. She loves being a part of this kind of atmosphere and wanted to spend time with her friends and do one last musical before graduation!