About Into the Woods

The Narrator introduces the cast of characters, each with a wish: the Baker and Baker’s wife long for a child, Jack desperately wishes his cow Milky White would once again provide milk so he wouldn’t have to sell her, and Cinderella dreams of attending the king’s ball and someday being free of her cruel stepmother and step-sisters. When all their tales, and the tales of other fairy tale characters, lead to the woods and become intertwined, dreams come true and wishes are granted. Their happiness has consequences, though, and the characters are forced to band together to save their world from destruction.

Saint Joseph High School

We are a Catholic parish high school, founded in 1915, located in Natrona Heights, PA.  Saint Joseph High School has been educating students for over 100 years in academics, the arts and athletics.  St. Joe's currently educates 130 students from 2 dioceses, 44 parishes, 4 counties and 21 school districts.  We are accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

We regularly turn out National Merit recognized students, collegiate academic scholarship winners, award-winning theatrical productions, WPIAL section championship basketball teams – and solid citizens.  In fact, Saint Joseph High School is the only Pittsburgh Diocesan high school to be named a School of Excellence (formerly named Top 50 Catholic High School) in the Nation since 2006.