1984 Cast

Winston Smith (Ryan Higgins)
Mr. Higgins has been acting, directing, and choreographing violence in Seattle since 2005. Some of his favorite past credits include Live From the Last Night of my Life!(Theatre22/Theater Schmeater), 99 Ways to Fuck a Swan, Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo (WET), Romeo and Juliet (ACT), Maldoror (UMO Ensemble), Accidental Death of an Anarchist (Strawberry Theater Workshop), Smoked!, Lost Falls (Cafe Nordo), Elephant's Graveyard, Trout Stanley (Balagan Theatre) and on the SyFy network in Z Nation. Mr. Higgins is a two-time Gregory Award winner, receiving Outstanding Actor in 2012 and Outstanding Choreography in 2016. He feels particularly lucky to return to this show and this cast.
First Party Member (K. Brian Neel)
K. Brian Neel has been a member of Radial Theater since its inception, bringing more than thirty years experience in professional theatre as a performer, playwright, director, designer, and technician. Brian has performed and directed in numerous Seattle area theaters, and toured the globe with eight solo theatre pieces, Magic Circle Mime, and Seattle Mime Theatre, with which he was technical manager and touring stage manager. Brian's eclectic resume includes musical performances at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, directing large scale Opera, performing Waiting for Godot at Walla Walla penitentiary, clown work for Teatro Zinzanni, and devising Carnegie Hall education concerts.
Second Party Member (Marianna de Fazio)
Marianna is excited to be a part of this time-warp remount 2 years later. During the shutdown, she kept busy by coaching professionals online in voice & speech, accent modification and public speaking. She performed in several audio dramas, and in an outdoor, summer production of Alice in Wonderland with Theatre22. Marianna also coaches dialect at theaters, high schools and colleges around the region, and was an adjunct professor in Voice for Theatre at SPU last fall.
Third Party Member (Brad Cook)
Brad spent the CoVid lockdown releasing: “the Gardener” in seven episodes and “the Gardener Part II” in seven episodes on his youtube channel, Studio FitsU. You can also see Brad’s other movies: “Candor,” “3 idiots w/GUNS” and the full length version of “the Gardener” on Studio FitsU. It’s FREE! So check it out. Brad is currently working on a production slated for early October 2022 but no other information is available to the public at this time. Stay tuned.
Third Party Member (Lyam White)
Lyam White is a writer, performer, and, for the last 15 years, resident brute with generative physical theater troupe UMO Ensemble. He's played wolves (or Wulvers), kings, crows, generals, madmen, and a certain infamous Marquis with companies like Theater Schmeater, Open Circle, Greenstage, and Annex. And, of course, Radial Theater at 18th and Union. He's delighted to rejoin Radial Theater and this brilliant ensemble for this fantastic show, crippling imposter syndrome notwithstanding.
O'Brien / Voice (Michael Ramquist)
So much devastation has occurred since I first joined this project in the fall of 2019 - I hardly recognize my beloved castmates, directors or tech people. Heck, I hardly recognize myself. "1984" was needed in early 2020; after two years that need has not diminished. I wish that I could tell you of my recent performances or forthcoming projects, but that part of this bio will have to wait for sunnier times. Thank you for your care and attention.