Roald Dahls Matilda The Musical Cast

Maria Ollila (Matilda Wormwood)
Maria has been a part of a few small high school productions back in Finland, played the piano for 11 years and enjoyed singing from a young age. She is very excited to be a part of her first big production and as an exchange student is very grateful for this amazing opportunity.
Alex Kitchens (Miss Agatha Trunchbull)
Alex played King Triton and Chef Louis in Poudre's production of "The Little Mermaid". He's extremely excited to portray the brutish Agatha Trunchbull. He would like to thank his family for supporting him, even when not at home, and his fellow cast members for their support in taking on a different challenge than he's used to.
Zoë Anderson (Miss Honey)
Zoë Anderson is a sophomore who has been dancing and singing ever since she was four. She is currently in three Poudre High School choirs and loves the community that comes with the performing arts program. This is her first theater production with PHS and she has been so excited to perform with so many amazing and talented people!
Finn Vaughan (Mr. Wormwood)
Finn is a junior who was most recently on stage as Romeo in "Romeo and Juliet". He would like to recognize The Muppets and The Lonely Island for being his inspirations. He would also like to thank those who have supported him in theatre throughout his life for making this possible.
Christine Pannell (Mrs. Wormwood)
Christine is a junior this year and is very excited to be a part the Fall musical. You may have seen her as Bippy the House Elf in "Puffs" last year. She'd like to thank her family and friends for being her support through her this process.
Marlow Walker (Michael Wormwood)
Marlow Walker is a freshman at Poudre High School that likes engineering, robotics, and graphic design. He has ver little musical or play experience before this, but has had a great experience and is very happy with the ability and friendliness of the rest of the crew. They have made this musical a great time.
Adia Spezza* (Mrs. Phelps)
Adia has performed most recently in "Romeo and Juliet" at Poudre last year. She has also performed at Bas Bleu, Debut and companies in New Mexico, Texas, and Florida. Some of her favorite productions have been "How to Kill a Mockingbird", "Annie", "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", and "Puffs". Adia is thankful to her family, friends, and everyone who contributed to this amazing experience.
Calen Clapp (Bruce)
Calen Clapp is a freshman performing at Poudre High School. Calen has acted as part of the chorus in "Aladdin" when he was in 5th grade and "Annie" while in 4th grade. In 8th grade he had the fortune to play Shylock during a Shakespeare production.
Suzie Matlock (Lavender)
Suzie Matlock has been attending Poudre High School since 9th grade, and is now in her sophomore year. She had played Alana, a mersister of Ariel, in Poudre's production of "The Little Mermaid". She is excited to take on the role of Lavender, Matilda's best friend. Suzie is grateful for her friends and family for being so supportive throughout the year, and would like to thank all of those involved in these productions, sharing new experiences and memories.
Charlotte Baker (Amanda)
Since Charlotte could speak, she narrated her life through song. At eight she received a guitar which began her musical performance journey. She plays at open mics and gigs around town, and appears regularly on her own porch entertaining friends and family with original songs and covers. Though this is her first experience in musical theatre, it’s not her last.
Elena Replogle (Nigel)
Elena Replogle was cast in "Spoon River Anthology" in 2020, and "The Little Mermaid" in 2021. She is grateful to her friends and family for all their continued love and support throughout theatre.
Josephine Beck* (Eric)
Josephine is so excited to be Eric in "Matilda"! Last year she acted in "The Little Mermaid" and "Romeo and Juliet" and was a part of the costuming team for "Puffs"! She very much enjoys being a part of Poudre Theatre and is so excited to get more involved! She is so grateful for everyone who continues to support her!
Jocelyn M. Asebedo (Alice)
Jocelyn recently played Juliet in "Romeo and Juliet", is a singer/songwriter and a friend to all. She is grateful to be part of another Poudre Theatre production and grateful to be surrounded by amazing revolting castmates.
Logan L. Yaste (Hortensia)
Logan is a sophomore at Poudre. Logan was an ensemble member in last year's "The Little Mermaid". She would like to thank her parents for patiently encouraging her.
Eliana Burnham (Tommy)
Eliana Burnham has been involved in theatre most of her life. Her most recent production was Poudre Theatre's "The Little Mermaid", and she also participated in Puffs on the Costume Crew. Eliana is looking forward to auditioning for more productions at Poudre High School, and would like to thank her mom for always pushing her to do her best.
Robin Hessler (The Escapologist; Doctor; Sergei)
Robin is new to the Poudre theatre community: "Matilda" as their first show since elementary school. They are so happy to have such amazing crew, cast, and directors and are very thankful for their friends and family for their amazing support throughout this show.
Lucia Cruz-Rodenbeck* (The Acrobat; Older Kid)
Lucia Cruz-Rodenbeck is so happy to be working in this production with some of the most talented and amazing people on the planet. Past work includes "The Little Mermaid", "Puffs", and "Romeo and Juliet". She would like to thank everyone she worked with, and especially her parents for carting her around for 2 months.
Merrick MacKinney (Rudolpho)
Merrick has done costuming work for "The Little Mermaid", "Puffs", and "Romeo & Juliet": all shows that Poudre High School did last year. Initially, he was only going to do costuming for "Matilda", but decided to act as Rudolpho (albeit last minute).
Hannah Moffett (Cook; Older Kid; Parent)
Hannah is an IB senior at PHS, and she is so excited to be a part of the "Matilda"! She has previously appeared in the ensemble "The Little Mermaid" here at Poudre High School, as well as Ms. Andrews in "Mary Poppins Jr." at the Candlelight Dinner Playhouse. She would like to thank her castmates and friends for helping her through this process.
Anabelle LaPlante (Henchman 1; Older Kid; Parent)
Annabelle has been in "Shrek", "Treasure Island", "Alice in Wonderland", and "Jungle Book". She enjoys theatre, dancing, reading, and music. She aspires to be an award-winning actress in the near future.
Olivia Leibow (Henchman 2; Older Kid; Parent)
Olivia Leibow is a sophomore who is very excited to perform in her first theater production at Poudre High School. Olivia is a part of the audition choir Impromptu. She is super appreciative of all of the supportive people in her life who have made this experience possible. She can not wait to continue forward in her Poudre Theater journey.
Harper Skjerseth (Henchman 3; Older Kid; Parent)
"Matilda" is the first musical at Poudre that Harper is performing in. In 2021, she did tech for "The Little Mermaid" and also ran the spotlights. She played Friar John in "Romeo and Juliet" last spring.
Milla Pickett (Younger Kid)
Milla is excited to be playing a small kid in "Matilda", after starting her time with Poudre theater last year in "The Little Mermaid".
Glory Small (Younger Kid)
Glory Small is excited to be appearing in the musical "Matilda". They have played in the ensemble in the 2019 production of "The Drowsy Chaperone" and in 2021 production of "The Little Mermaid", This will be their second performance with Poudre. They are grateful for the support of their friends and family and would like to thank all of the people who helped make this production happen.
Karen Newman* (Younger Kid)
Karen Newman is a sophomore, and she has taken part of three theater productions. She was part of "The Little Mermaid" and "Romeo & Juliet" as an actor, and "Puffs" as a costumer. Now she is part of "Matilda the Musical" as an actor.
Marlie Clark (Younger Kid)
Marlie Clark is a tirelessly working sophomore who engages in nonstop activity around Poudre High School. She enjoys singing and is excited to be part of this production.
Athena Roestel (Younger Kid)
Athena is currently an 8th grader at Lincoln Middle School and is honored to be joining this high school production. She was invited to perform with the 2022 PSD Middle School Honor Choir. "Matilda" is Athena's theatrical debut.