Clue (High School Edition) Cast

Demetrius Haddock (Wadsworth)
Demetrius is very excited and honored to take on the part of Wadsworth in his school’s rendition of CLUE. He’s a senior now and was only on stage for the first time last year. He gives his thanks to Toni Ash, Ashly Olmeda, Ms. Baurle, Ms. Darrow as well as the cast and crew.
Ava Garcia (Yvette)
Ava is a freshman and is very excited for this year's fall production. She has been in performances of School House Rock and The Grinch. She likes to read and travel. She would like to dedicate her performance to her family and friends.
Sabrina Contreras (Miss Scarlet)
Caelyn Matturro (Mrs. Peacock)
Yvette Solis (Mrs. White)
Yvette is a junior and super excited to be acting again. Some of her past experiences with theatre are Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Beauty and the Beast, Mary Poppins, Rock of Ages, Around the World in 8 Plays, and Head Over Heels. Yvette is also involved in the Port Chester High School Marching Band. She would like to thank everyone involved with the play for all the hard work they have put into it.
Anthony Perrone (Colonel Mustard)
Anthony is looking forward to this year’s fall production and the opportunity to perform with his fellow senior thespians. He has always enjoyed acting and almost every aspect of theater. Anthony has been in numerous plays including Peter Pan, Aladdin, School of Rock, The Wedding Singer and 1984 by George Orwell, as well as the most recent Port Chester High School musical, Head Over Heels. He looks forward to another great year and the chance to play Colonel Mustard in Clue. Anthony wants to thank the new leadership for this opportunity, as well as his family and friends for all their support.
Sophia Kamensky (Professor Plum)
Sophia Kamensky is a senior and is excited to be back on stage!! She has been doing theatre for a long time and has been a part of productions like Mary Poppins, Beauty and the Beast, Guys and Dolls, Bye Bye Birdie, Aladdin, 1984, Around the World in 8 Plays, Head Over Heels and more! She is a part of the Port Chester Sound, Tri-M, International Thespian Society and the PCHS Marching Band, too. She wants to thank her friends and family for supporting her and wishes the amazing, talented cast and crew good luck!
Sebastian Gimenez (Mr. Green)
Sebastian is a junior and is excited to be part of this fall’s production. He’s been in productions such as Head Over Heels, Rock of Ages, and Mary Poppins. Aside from theater, he’s involved in other music-based activities such as Tri-M & the Port Chester Sound. Sebastian would like to dedicate this performance to all his friends & family, & he wishes all his fellow co-stars to break a leg!
Gwen Dominguez (Mr. Boddy)
Gwen, a senior, is ecstatic to be back on the stage again! Some of her past performance credits include Annie Jr, School of Rock, Beauty and the Beast, Guys and Dolls Jr, Mary Poppins, 1984, Around the World in 8 Plays, and Mopsa in Head Over Heels the Musical. She is also the President of the Tri-M Music Honor Society, Vice President of International Thespian Society, and is a member of The Port Chester Sound and the Port Chester High School Marching Band. She thanks all of her family and friends for their support and says “break a leg” to all of the cast and crew!
Lucia Giordano (The Unexpected Cop)
Lucia Giordano is a sophomore at PCHS! They participated in the PCMS productions of Mary Poppins, Rock Of Ages and Diamonds in the Rough, as well as the PCHS play, Around the World in 8 Plays. They are a member of Tri M, Thespian Honor Society, Choir and the Marching Band. They wish everyone luck with this year's play and thank everyone who's been able to help!
Jennifer Rowan (The Cook)
Jennifer Rowan is a senior and she is very excited to be a part of this year's fall play! She has been a part of the drama club since her freshman year and has part-taken in 1984, Around the World in 8 plays, Head Over Heels and many more. Jennifer is a part of the Tri-M Music Honor Society, International Thespian Society, The PCHS Marching Band, and the Port Chester Sound. She gives her thanks to her friends, family, and anyone else involved for supporting her. <3
Alexis Us (The Motorist)
This is Alexis's first performance in his sophomore year of high school and this show was one heck of a ride. He sees to preform in High school Musical after this show and maybe many more after that. He's also in Orchestra (that you'll be seeing in a month) hopefully you'll be seeing him in more plays and thank you to my mom and my dad who have supported me through out my starting acting journey.
Jose Martinez (Chief of Police)
Hi! I’m Jose Martinez, 15 years old and I'm in 10th grade. I am honored to be in this year’s fall play, Clue. I was in the spring musical “Head Over Heels.” It was a very fun experience as a crew member and as part of the cast. I was one of the four men presented to Pamela. This year I will be the Chief Of Police. Thank you all for coming to see the show!
Jessica Madrid (Auxiliary Scarlet/Singing Telegram Girl)
Nicholas Bedoya (Auxiliary Mustard/Newscaster Voice/Backup Cop)
Nicholas Alexander Bedoya is a Junior and is very excited to perform in the play for this fall. While he has no experience in theatre, he is still very eager and ready to give it all he's got. Though he has not performed in the theatrical art, Nicholas does like to draw and write and hang with friends. He would like to dedicate his performance to his family members that helped encourage him to this point.
Elena Torres (Backup Cop)
My name is Elena Torres. I am a freshman. My past experiences are past shows in my old school. We used to do spring shows and fun acts, but then we just stayed with the Christmas shows. Our shows were mostly singing, but also some acting by the highest grades. I am also in the PCHS school orchestra playing violin 2. Thank you for this opportunity to be part of this play.