Big Fish Leadership & Crew

Stage Manager
Belle Shand
Belle Shand has been doing theatre for 80 years and intends to go into the career world for it! She loves ponderosa theatre and her homies! She is really cool and pretty! Tell her she is pretty if you see her!
Assistant Tech Director
Kate Colleran
This is Kates's ninth production at ponderosa and sixth show tech directing. This theater has truly become a home over the past three years. Usually, Kate doesn't take their playbill seriously so this is weird for everyone involved. Kate hopes everyone will continue to remember her through all the photos of her face she hid in the theater.
Assistant Stage Manager / Don Price Understudy
Nathan Albright
Big Fish is Nathan’s 10th theatre production (technically) at Ponderosa High School. This is his second leadership position, and he’s had an amazing time with the leadership team. Shoutout to Riley Wood, Belle Shand, Hannah Thomas, Dave Glauner, and Braydon Smith. (Written by Nathan Albright’s agent: Nathan Albright)
Assistant Stage Manager
Hannah Thomas
This is Hannah's third year working with the Ponderosa Theatre Company, and this production of Big Fish has been one of her favorites. She invites you all to lean into the sweet story of love and morality, to grant Edward grace in his fear, and William space for his hope.
Assistant Director / Dance Captain
Jackson Coleman
Jack Coleman-Dotson would like everyone to know that there are plenty of Big Fish in the sea. He’d like to thank the creator of Taybow, the Matron Mama for making his prison experience tolerable, and Gavin Elbert for changing his life.
Assistant Director / Dance Captain
Bella Guerrie
This is Bellas eighth show at Ponderosa Theater. She is delighted to have been able to be a part of this BIG (get it) show. Bella has grown a deep love for this cast and crew (especially Mackenzie Schaffer). She hopes you enjoy the show!
Assistant Director / Dance Captain
Ashlynn Long
This is Ashlynn's 12th and final show with Ponderosa Theatre. She would like to thank her family and her dear friends for their support throughout this show and over the last four years. PTC has been a wonderful, welcoming environment that has helped her grow. Ashlynn is planning on attending Oklahoma City University to study Acting for the Stage and Screen. She would like to leave this advice: For all those who feel like a small fish in a big pond, find your school of fish and swim with them until you're big enough to swim yourself. Thank you, Ponderosa Theatre, and enjoy the show!
Lauren Elbert
Asst. Producer
Mackenzie Schaffer
Her 3rd show at Ponderosa, Mackenzie is thrilled to be part of such an amazing company! Whether performing onstage or working behind the scenes on producing she sure left her mark on this BIG show.
Set Crew Head
Olivia Butler
This is Olivia’s final show, her 12th at Ponderosa. She can’t believe it’s almost over! She’d like to thank everyone and especially her incredible crew for being more than understanding!! Bust hips <3
Set Crew Head
Oakley Westfall
This is Oakley's 8th show as a part of PTC, and would like to thank all who has helped him get to this place. He would like to thank Set crew for their perseverance through such a tough show process and would like to tell them that they have done incredible! To the current seniors; thank you for everything, and being so accepting. You all will be missed! Enjoy the show!!
Set Crew Team Lead
Eden Brittain
I want to thank the cast and crew for a wonderful experience! This is my 4th show with ponderosa and second time as team lead. I hope you enjoy!
Paint Lead
KJ Kang
This is my 3rd show at ponderosa, my 2nd time being on set crew. I like making jewelry and drawing ! I want to thank my parents for always bringing me food in between my after-school activities :) !! Enjoy the show !!
Paint Lead
Kaz Lakes
Set / Paint Crew
Kate Boggs
Some cats are allergic to people, same.
Set / Paint Crew
Daniel McArthur
This is Daniel’s second show here at ponderosa. He is thankful for his amazing and supportive friends and family and hopes you like the set as much as he did making it.
Set / Paint Crew
Ethan Nash
Ethan Nash would not still be in the the ponderosa theater company if it wasn’t for the encouragement and support of his parents and friends. he is truly thankful to his close friends (you know who you are <3) who have made the theater experience wonderful.
Set / Paint Crew
Alex Ramsey
Set / Paint Crew
Katie Vallet
This is Katie's second show at Ponderosa Theatre. She would like to thank her parents for driving her to theatre... constantly.
Set / Paint Crew
Vienne Yeager
This is Vienne's third show as a member of our set crew and third show at Ponderosa! She is proud to have helped build our colorful and imaginative set for Big Fish, and is exceptionally thankful you all came to see all the work! She hopes you enjoy the show!
Set Crew
Elena Crow
This is Elena’s eighth and final show with Ponderosa Theatre. She enjoys all different aspects of the experience. Elena is not only a performer, but an artist. While starring in several short films and live performances, she is also an award winning AP art student. When she’s not on stage, she’s behind the scenes designing and painting. Elena never fails to leave her mark everywhere she goes!
Lights Crew Head
Cassie Konley
This is Cassie's 8th and final show with PTC. She is SO excited for everyone to see this show! The lights crew has gotten the opportunity to experiment with new equipment for this show and has had many huge upgrades; it was so much fun designing this show! The entire company has put so much work into this show, one of the best shows Cassie has ever worked on. She hopes they could tell the true story of Edward Bloom. Cassie wants to thank PTC for being a second home to her.
Lights Crew Head
Chris Peralta
"I survived the lighting upgrade of 2023" As his 8th show with PTC, we have always tried new and interesting ways to light shows, but with a brand new LED based infrastructure, we have been working constantly to bring a new era of lighting to PTC.
Lights Team Lead
Kaysen McConkie
This is his second show with Ponderosa theater company and he loves working on the lights. Kaysen wants to thank Oakley, his leadership, lights crew and his parents; they've all been super supportive. And most importantly of all to the audience for seeing this beautiful production come to life.
Lights Crew
Katy Brand
Katy has being doing theater since 8th where she played the step sister in into the woods jr. She would like to thank everyone for the show but most of all the seniors. She wishes them good luck and to enjoy the next step in their lives.
Lights Crew
Samantha Cox
This is Sam’s first show at Ponderosa. They are very excited to be apart of this show and are looking forward to more!
Lights Crew
Cohen Ingham
Costumes Crew Head
Kennedy Pagano
His whole theatre experience in 50 words or less. Yikes, let's start strong. Kennedy likes theatre. He also has a family and he's pretty decent at math, but let's be honest - He's only gonna talk about theatre. And end weak, wow he always does terrific. 0-0
Costumes Crew Head
Ashley Van Fleet
Hey how ya'll doin'! This is Ashleys third time being costume crew head and her 6th show at here at Ponderosa. She hopes that ya'll love the costumes and enjoy the show. She would also like to say "Hiiii!" to Mom, Padre, and Bub! <3 (:
Costumes Crew
Jemma Colgrove
This is Jemma’s 2nd show with Ponderosa and her first time as a costume crew member. She has really enjoyed her time working on this show! She is very grateful for everyone she has worked with and for the welcoming community. She hopes you all enjoy the show!
Costumes Crew
Liberty Cortright
She’s been doing theatre at Ponderosa since her freshman year. Liberty loves working backstage with all her friends and learning different aspects of the show! She’s excited that this musical has come to life! #livelaughlovetheatre
Costumes Crew
Evelina Grigoryeva
She really enjoyed working on this show and hopes everyone enjoyed seeing it!
Costumes Crew
Kaylee Prestia
This is Kaylee's fifth show at Ponderosa and her second time on costumes crew. She is so excited to be apart of Big Fish. She wants to thank everyone for coming to the show and her family and friends for supporting her. She hopes that you enjoy the show!
Sound Crew Head
Grant Rhymer
This is Grant’s last show with PTC. They’ve had fun, but now it’s time to say so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, and goodnight.
Sound Crew Head
Ben Rychlik
This is Ben's 11th show, and 4th show as Sound Crew Head. He has enjoyed his time on Sound Crew, and hopes you enjoy the show.
Sound Crew
Heidi Sharpen
Had a good time, 10/10 would recommend.
Sound Crew
Elaina Thomas
This is Elaina’s first and last show with Ponderosa Theatre Company. They have wanted to get involved for a while, though they struggled to follow through and actually join. Their semester has been very busy with theatre added to or replacing their other extracurricular activities. They think the lack of free time was worth it, as they have had a lot of fun working on the show and interacting with the other members of Sound Crew.
Sound Crew
Redd Moye
4th show at Ponderosa, thank you for being a great audience
Props Crew Head
Quinn Buckner
Quinn has been in 6 shows at Ponderosa. She has been enjoying props crew thoroughly and loves to make things! She loves to listen to music and make art, specifically surrealism art. Quinn loves Meow Wolf exhibits and exploring different art styles and materials. She hopes you enjoy this show, it has been one of her favorites to put together!
Props Crew Head
Henry Couch
This is Henry’s 6th show with ponderosa theater company and his second time as a crew head for props. He is fond of that roof song. He hopes you enjoy the show.
Props Crew
Cameron Durrant
Props Crew
Chander Souther
Chander Souther has been in 5 shows, counting this one, and would like to say thanks to his family for always being supportive, leadership for being the silliest people ever while still being responsible, Ms. Diaz for always being optimistic and supportive, and finally My Gusband (tm pending).
Props Crew
Carter Struck
Hair & Makeup Crew Head
Jordan Gavlak
Jordan has been a part of theatre since Freshmen year! She has enjoyed bouncing between cast and crew, specifically Hair and Makeup in her upperclassmen years. She is so grateful for her amazing crew and all the work they have put in to perfect each actors look for this show.
Hair & Makeup Crew Head
Jami Ward
Hello! This is Jami’s eighth production at Ponderosa, and she is so excited. Jami loves being able to portray her imagination to help create an amazing show! She is so happy that you all came to see it and she hopes you enjoy the show!
Hair & Makeup Team Lead
Kate Diaz
Her favorite theater experience was Radium Girls, she loves to crochet, listen to music, and playing the violin. Her favorite part of this show has been her crew, and she wants to thank her crew heads for making the process so fun! she hopes everyone enjoys the show! :)
Hair & Makeup Crew
Jenna Benjamin
This is Jenna's third show at Ponderosa High School and her second time in hair and makeup. She enjoys the crew and working with others on the crew. She wants to thank her friends and family for supporting her during the show. She hopes you enjoy the show.
Hair & Makeup Crew
Natalie Diaz
Hair & Makeup Crew
Wyatt Roberts
Wyatt is a freshman at pondo and this is his 3rd show with the company and 7th show in all. He would like to thank all of you for coming and truly hopes you enjoy this show as much as we all did creating it.
Kayla Diaz
Ms. Diaz has been teaching theatre in this community for ten years, and this is shaping up to be one of her top favorite shows through the years. Thank you to Baya & Max, and everyone who listens to me talk too much.
Technical Director
Rylie Wood
Pit Orchestra Director
Sam Hesch
Vocal Director
Blake Nawa'a
Britany Ederveen
This is Mrs. Ederveen's third show with Ponderosa Theater Company and she is so excited for the audience to experience some of the tap-dancing, boot-scootin', Alabama-lambin' dance moves in this show. She encourages the audience to clap, slap, and stomp alongside the actors on stage. Who knows, maybe even a fish will appear!
Costumes Coordinator
Nikki Sameshima
Technical Support
Braydon Smith
Asst. Vocal Director
Dave Glauner

Original Creative Team

Based off of the movie of the same name, Big Fish debuted on Broadway in 2013 with book by John August and Music & Lyrics by Andrew Lippa. From the Niel Simon Theater in New York City to Harveys home here in Ponderosa High-School, our company is proud to have carried the spirt of the show with new innovation and idea with the technical elements of what you see on stage! Our creative team and tech crews have worked hard to bring you… Big Fish!