Big Fish Cast

Gavin Elbert (Edward Bloom)
Gavin is beyond grateful for the privilege to have performed in so many PTC productions that have brought so many stories to life in his time at Ponderosa. Big Fish has been one of the most challenging and endearing he’s been in, and portraying Edward taught Gavin to live life to the fullest! He’d like to thank his family and friends for their endless support & giving him such memorable stories to tell. Gavin plans to pursue a BFA in theater after high school. In the words of Edward Bloom, “The best part of an adventure is the people you meet!”
Reed Grayner (Will Bloom)
This is Reed's 10th and arguably most personal show here at Ponderosa!! This has been one of his favorite roles and he owes it all to the PTC community that always surrounds him with endless compassion. He deeply thanks this incredible cast and his family for their unbelievable support.
Sam Rykbos (Young Will)
This is Sam's third show with PTC and the biggest role she's ever had! She's thrilled to have been a part of the process and has met so many fantastic people along the way. She loves the seniors and wishes them luck 'out there on the road!'
Zayden German (Karl the Giant)
This is Zayden’s LAST ever show at Ponderosa, believe it or not he has all the credits he needs to graduate!! Zayden is actually not wearing stilts in the show, he just made sure to drink a lot of milk:) he wants to thank his mom, dad, and sister for being so supportive and coming to see all his shows, or at least hiring body doubles to fill the seats, very thoughtful. He also wants to thank Brady who is okay I guess <3. He hopes you enjoy the show and make sure to make time for the people who are important in your life, the stories you make along the way are well worth it. Thank you to his friends who made every moment, on and offstage a story worth telling.
Jackson Coleman (Amos Calloway)
Jack Coleman-Dotson would like everyone to know that there are plenty of Big Fish in the sea. He’d like to thank the creator of Taybow, the Matron Mama for making his prison experience tolerable, and Gavin Elbert for changing his life.
Andrew Brundige (Doc Bennett / Mayor / Judge)
This is Andrew's 7th show at pondo and 9th show overall. He wants to thank all of his freinds and family who have supported him. Andy has had a great time helping bring this show to life and is very sad to say goodbye to all the seniors.
Allie Cook (Sandra Templeton)
Allie is absolutely ecstatic to be back on stage for her 10th show with PTC! She would like to thank Jackson Coleman for his unbelievable amount of love and support, as well as her best friends, Emma, Cordy, and Bella. She knows this show will make time stop!!
Fienna Jones (Josephine)
Fienna has always loved theatre and singing although this is only her second show and first musical. She is so excited about her role and incredibly grateful for the time she gets to spend with her amazing castmates! She hopes you enjoy the show as much as she does!
Cordelia Steen (Witch / Ensemble)
Cordy is SO SOOO grateful to have this wonderful role and to experience it all with her bestest ever friends! She wants them all to know they’re sooo lovely! She’d like to thank her water bottle because without it she genuinely wouldn't have survived this long.
Ashlynn Long (Jenny Hill / Ensemble)
This is Ashlynn's 12th and final show with Ponderosa Theatre. She would like to thank her family and her dear friends for their support throughout this show and over the last four years. PTC has been a wonderful, welcoming environment that has helped her grow. Ashlynn is planning on attending Oklahoma City University to study Acting for the Stage and Screen. She would like to leave this advice: For all those who feel like a small fish in a big pond, find your school of fish and swim with them until you're big enough to swim yourself. Thank you, Ponderosa Theatre, and enjoy the show!
David Udlock (Don Price / Ensemble)
David Udlock has always said during every show process that he wishes he had joined theatre sooner, and this show has been no different. He has enjoyed working with the other great talent in this musical and performing his first role with a mic. He is sad to be leaving this year, but is looking forward to studying theatre at Hastings College in Nebraska. He’d like to give a personal thank you to his mom for helping him prepare for his musical auditions, his father for acting advice, and Nathan Albright for understudying for him during the matinee.
CJ DeRoeck (Zacky Price / Ensemble)
This is CJ's 5th show at Ponderosa! He is so excited to share this beautiful story with everyone! He would like to thank his friends, his Mom, Dad, his sister Maddy. To all his senior friends, he wishes them the best of luck fighting the dragons and storming the castles.
Bradie Chedid (Ensemble - Sharecropper)
This is Bradie‘s 3rd show at ponderosa and she cannot express enough how much she loves this show! Yee-haw!
Jillian Codon (Ensemble - Alabama Lamb / Witch)
Jill Codon is extremely excited to be apart of Big Fish and has enjoyed all of the connections she’s made, the things she’s learned, and the fun she’s had being in the show in general. Jill ultimately hopes you enjoy Big Fish as much as she has!
Shannon Dunn (Ensemble - Fisherman / Karl's Girlfriend)
This is Shannon’s first time as cast in a musical, and she would like to thank everyone involved in the process for the wonderful whirlwind it’s been. Without the awesome PTC community and all it’s support, she’s positive she would’ve broken her actual leg instead of her figurative one!
Pearl Eaton (Ensemble - Scout)
Pearl has loved being a part of the PTC show experience, I'd like to shout out my fellow peers in the show Kenny, Jack, Emma, Allie, and Cordy. And also thank the "In my mouth" groupchat for all their support ily guys. Follow @avabravalive
Bella Guerrie (Ensemble - Alabama Lamb / Witches / Witch Understudy (matinee))
This is Bella's eighth show at Ponderosa Theater. She is delighted to have been able to be a part of this BIG (get it) show. Bella has grown a deep love for this cast and crew (especially Mackenzie Schaffer). She hopes you enjoy the show!
Cambria Lieberman (Ensemble - School Teacher)
Cambria Lieberman is so excited to be in her first musical at Ponderosa. In her freshman year she has been on set crew for Radium Girls and Mom in The Enchanted Bookshop. She hopes that you have a great time watching Big Fish!
Heidi Merlin (Ensemble - Mermaid)
This is my third show at Ponderosa. This show process has been so fun and so rewarding. I am so glad I got to know everybody that has been a part of this show. I am so excited for you all to see it!!
James Murphy (Ensemble - General Patterson)
This is James Murphy's 7th show at Ponderosa. He is excited to share this immensely creative and heartfelt show and hopes that all the hard work and care put into it by the cast and crew shines through. Hopefully by the end of the show, everyone is in a wheelchair.
Emma Nielsen (Ensemble - Scout / Witches)
This is Emma's 6th show with the Ponderosa Theater Company, and she cannot wait to be a part of this amazing show. She would like to thank her amazing friends and family for being incredibly supportive! She hopes you enjoy her fantastic juggling and of course the show!
Mackenzie Schaffer (Ensemble - Sharecropper)
Her 3rd show at Ponderosa, Mackenzie is thrilled to be part of such an amazing company! Whether performing onstage or working behind the scenes on producing she sure left her mark on this BIG show.
Sophia Smith (Ensemble - Red Fang)
Sophia's second show at Ponderosa has only grown her love for this theater family! She wants you all to know you're safe from red fang and to enjoy her gruesome death... onstage of course.
Hannah Stalls (Ensemble - Little Girl w/ Orange Cat)
Hannah's past roles include Radium Girls crew, Enchanted Bookshop cast. She loves rollerblading, singing, dancing, and acting. Enjoyed being with so many supportive people and hope you enjoy the show!
Kenzie Rummel (Ensemble - Farm Girl)
Kenzie has been acting since she was 10, whether that be in tv shows, movies, or on the theater stage. She has loved being apart of the theater community and loves her friends and families support. She will especially miss all of her junior/sophomore friends, including Pearl and is very sad that this is her last production at Ponderosa. Her instagram is @_Kenny._.Wenny_ and tiktok is @mushroomfairy__ . KATRINA KATRINA KATRINA
Isaac Smith (Ensemble - Shotgun Toter)
This is his last show at Ponderosa. After this he’s leaving for CMU. Peace out
Marigold Sterling (Ensemble - Shepherd)
This is Marigold’s third show with Ponderosa, and fourth overall. Her favorite role was Pollyanna in “The Enchanted Bookshop”. She is excited to sing the songs, dance the dances, and act like there’s no tomorrow. She would like to thank Ms. Diaz, her fellow cast members, and the audience.
Vee Voss (Ensemble - Cheerleader)
Vee is so excited to be a part of Big Fish! They’ve been doing theater for about 9 years now and musicals are their favorite shows to perform in. Vee is so thrilled to be part of the Ponderosa theater company and is super excited for what comes next.
Owen Plenk (Will's Son)
Owen is so excited to be joining Ponderosa for this amazing show! Recently, he played Kurt in Sound of Music (Parker Arts) and Spy Mouse in Nutcracker (Rocky Mountain Ballet Academy). A huge thank you to his family and to Gavin for encouraging him to audition for Big Fish!
Caroline Elbert (Violin)
Daniel Jones (Violin)
Ainsley Carr (Violin)
Ainsley has played the violin for over 7 years now, and is excited to continue her passion by playing in the pit orchestra for her second year in a row. She hopes you enjoy the show!
Amanda Salazar (Chello)
This is Amanda's third show at Ponderosa and her first show in pit! She has loved working with all the great people involved and has had a great time watching it come together. She hopes you like the show!
Jenna Sorg (Viola)
This is Jenna’s 5th and final show at Ponderosa! She has loved being a part of the pit orchestra these past four years and being able to play such beautiful music! She would like to thank every member of the show for their hard work and contribution to such an amazing production!
Tyler Slaughter (Cello)
Cole Whiting (Chello)
This play is Cole’s first time in a dramatic performance, but simply as a Pit Orchestra Member. Cole had a great experience and would like to thank his fellow Cellos, Strings, Pit members, and the on-stage pier for providing an exceptional armrest.
Blake Na’awa (Piano Conductor)
Edda Phillips (Keyboard 2)
Catrina Coons (Clarinet)
This is Catrina's second year in Ponderosa's Pit Orchestra. She has greatly enjoyed playing the challenging and fun music for last year's musical, and is excited to do it again (this time on two instruments!). She hopes everyone enjoys the music as much as they do watching this year's production. Also, those of us in pit are thankful that we do not have to bring out the dartboard this year.
Keira Sena (Clarinet)
After playing the clarinet like the music prodigy she was freshman year, Keira decided to rejoin the pit crew (not the racecar style) for a yeehaw of a good time!
Mr. Hesch (Soprano/Alto Sax)
Catrina Coons (Tenor Sax)
Natalie James (Trumpet)
This is Natalie's second and final show at Ponderosa, with her first being Wizard of Oz. She loves playing trumpet in the pit (thankfully this year there was no dart board), and very much enjoys the pit shenanigans that happen backstage. She wishes she joined Pit earlier, as it's been such an incredible experience for her, and that there was Pit Orchestra in college so she didn't have to stop. She wants to thank Mr. Nawa'a and Mr. Hesch for being incredible and helping with Pit. Finally, she wants everyone to remember to keep the tempo Funky Country!
Vibhu Uppugonduri (Trumpet)
This is Vibhu’s first year in pit! He’s had a great time playing such challenging and rewarding music. He’d like to thank everyone involved in the crew, pit, and his friends and family for making this experience so enjoyable for him.
Andrew Wykes (Horn)
This is his second musical in the pit orchestra. During the show Andrew loves spending time with his friends in the cast, crew, and pit all together. In this show specifically, he has enjoyed everyone pitching their ideas to see if they can make the show even better and helping each other out. To the audience: please enjoy this roller coaster of a musical!
Courtney Cooper (Horn)
Cate Hensley (Percussion)
This is Cate's third show at Ponderosa! She loves being a part of the pit orchestra and has enjoyed being able to play a wide variety of musical styles. She would like to thank her friends and family for their continued support, as well as the cast of Big Fish for being phenomenal singers to accompany. She hopes you all enjoy the show!
Josh Udlock  (Percussion)
Josh Udlock, senior, percussionist, has always enjoyed music and playing music for a musical always sounded like fun. This is Josh’s second time performing in the pit orchestra and has enjoyed it to the max both times. He says that the music is a little challenging at times but that’s what pushes him to be better.
Ava Schaff (Percussion)
Sophie Brand (Percussion)
This is Sophie’s first show at Ponderosa. She is very excited to have the ability to play super fun music and have a great time being around friends. Sophie has enjoyed being having friends around who have helped encourage her to always strive to do better.