PNWF - Program D Cast

Nate Newell (Director, Inflatable You)
"Nate Newell (Director) is a Co-Producer for Split Stage Productions. He is happy to be returning to his 6th New Works Festival. He has acted, directed, designed & built for most of the theatres in Westmoreland County thanks to his BA in Musical Theatre from Seton Hill in 2003. It has been a pleasure collaborating throughout this process with these folks. Thank you to my family for their support, especially Missy, Pax & Clara. Please sit back, & enjoy this script and these players."
Rob Jessup (Producer, Inflatable You)
Rob Jessup (Producer) is a Co-Producer for Split Stage Productions.
Alyssa Wano (Stage Manager, Inflatable You)
Alyssa Wano (Stage Manager) is joining SSP once again for New Works! She received a Theatre Perfomance Degree from Seton Hill University and worked her way as a stage manager for a few years before finding Split Stage Productions where she has found a residency as SM for the past 5 years. She couldn't imagine working anywhere else!
Kathy Ciesielski (Wendy, Inflatable You)
Kathy Ciesielski (Wendy) is a big fan of the Pittsburgh New Works Festival and she is absolutely thrilled to be working in her second main stage production. She has appeared in several local television commercials through contract with the Docherty Agency. She also enjoys some background acting gigs in feature films and an occasional bit part in smaller Indie movies. Retirement from the business world of accounting/auditing has afforded her the time and the opportunity to pursue fun stage projects, too. Thanks to her family and friends for encouraging and supporting her “golden years” theater endeavors!
Mark Boles (Bert, Inflatable You)
Mark Boles (Bert) is both excited and honored to be working with Split Stage Productions this year at the festival. Playing the role of Bert in the play, Inflatable You. His day time job is that of a physician here in Pittsburgh but feels standing on stage takes him out of his comfort zone where he prefers to be. Before Covid hit he was in the play, Sex Please We're Sixty at the Apple Hill playhouse where he played "Bud the Stud". In October he will be performing in Clue through Paragon Studio. He thanks his wife Valerie for having the patience to allow him to follow his dreams.
Louise Fox (Grandma, Inflatable You)
Louise Fox (Grandma) is delighted to once again be involved in the creative process of the New Works Festival. Her last appearances was as a holocaust survivor. This is her first experience working with Split Stage Productions. She graduated in 1968 with a degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Pittsburgh. She and her husband John have an antique Shop-Harmonie House Antiques in Harmony, PA.
Connor McNelis (Marky, Inflatable You)
Connor McNelis (Marky) was most recently on stage at Little Lake Theatre as Robbie in Bloomsday. Other credits include Tagged (awarded Best Labworks Production) by Split Stage Productions with the 2018 Pittsburgh New Works Festival, Prime Stage Theatre’s All Quiet on the Western Front, Titus Andronicus with Cup-a-Jo Productions, Spring Awakening with Comtra Theatre, and Steel with Pittsburgh CLO. His film work includes the short films “A Funny Man”, which he co-wrote and produced, his LGBTQ-film and directorial debut “Santorum”, and his role in the Best Film winner of Pittsburgh’s 48 Hour Film Project for 2021, “The Young One-Two”.
Dave Joseph (Director, The Confession)
Dave Joseph (Director) Directing for R-ACT in past productions, Dave is extremely excited to get this chance to direct in the PNWF for the first time. For several years, he has actively participated as an actor in the Festival and the PNW monthly Gallery Readings. He has been thrilled with The Confession since he first read it and cannot wait to bring this original piece to a live audience. He is ever-appreciative of his wife Amy acting as producer throughout his directorial efforts and wishes everyone Health and Happiness.
Amy Joseph (Producer, The Confession)
Amy Joseph (Producer) is excited to return to the Pittsburgh New Works Festival! Recent productions include THE BOOK OF LIZ (Liz) and FIVE TELLERS DANCING IN THE RAIN (Delores) both with R-ACT Theatre. Her primary role with R-ACT is that of secretary and is also a Board Member with Pittsburgh New Works Festival. Amy is a Banker by day at Mars Bank and lives in Monaca with her husband Dave and their children Noah & Elizabeth.
Tammy Van Evera (Stage Manager, The Confession)
Tammy Van Evera (Stage Manager) This it Tammy's 4th production with the Pittsburgh New Works Festival. She is very excited this year because two of her friends have plays that are being produced this year!! Way to go Larry and Jeff!!! Tammy is also a member of the WhoIRun4 organization. This organization pairs able bodied individuals with special needs children and adults. She has been running (walking, swimming, biking) for Lillian for 5 years! For more information about this wonderful organization please visit ""The stage is not merely the meeting place of all the arts, but is also the return of art to life""-Oscar Wilde
Keith Zagorski (Father Jordan, The Confession)
Keith Zagorski (Father Jordan) is excited to perform in R-Act’s presentation of The Confession. Favorite credits include The Drawer Boy (Angus) and Old Love (Bud Miller) with the Bobcat Players and The Grand Manner (Guthrie McClintic) with Little Lake Theatre. He last performed at the New Works Festival in 2019's Devotional Blackmail as Art. Keith is a founding member of the Bobcat Players, acting as President for over 10 years. During the day, he leads the North American Transportation team for WESCO Distribution, Inc.
Veronica White (Sister Martha Mary, The Confession )
Veronica White (Sister Martha Mary) is delighted to make her PNWF acting debut with R-ACT Theatre Productions. Favorite roles include Alex in Thanksgetting by Stoops Ferry Productions, Olive Madison in 'The Odd Couple (female version)' for Jaime Slavinsky's scene studies, and Rosa in 'You're No Robert DeNiro' for Cold Readings of Hastily Written Plays. A retired software engineer and teacher Veronica keeps busy with her 501(c)3 Stoops Ferry Productions 'A filmmaking group with a theater problem'. Veronica volunteers for West Hills Meals on Wheels and the Coraopolis NAACP. Thank you R-ACT for this opportunity, break a leg everyone!
Katheryn Hess (Director, The Pitch)
Katheryn Hess (Director) is thrilled to be a part of the PNWF once again. Previously directed the 2019 LabWorks performance of ""A safe love"" by Lindsay Brown. Graduated from Duquesne University in 2019 with a Theatre Arts/ Psychology degree. Assisted Directed/choreographed the Red Masquers Productions of ""A Little Night Music"" and ""Dames at Sea"". Recent credits include (Bassett/ Dance ensemble) in ""Jekyll and Hyde"" at the Greensburg Civic Theater, and as (Hazel) in the short film ""Growth"" directed by Daniel Loh. Also works as a production assistant for the Pittsburgh CLO since 2019, 2019-2020 season Prop Designer for PICT, and teaches dance at Janet Hays Dance Company. Love to Mom, Dad and special thanks to John Lane.
David Dickey (Evan, The Pitch)
David Dickey (Evan) is excited to be making his debut with The Duquesne University Red Masquers and The Pittsburgh New Works Festival. Recent roles include Ewart Dunlap in The Music Man, Peter in Jesus Christ Superstar, John Harker in Dracula, and George Wilson in the Great Gatsby. David was seen most recently as Titania/Theseus in the Heritage Players filmed production of A Midsummer Night's Dream.
Barry F. Fraser (Producer, The Pitch)
Barry F. Fraser (Producer) is delighted to be back on stage with The Red Masquers. He has been participating in New Works plays since 2009. He spends his days with his lovely wife (both are retired) & babysit their new grandson. His performances is dedicated to his loving family.
Aaron James (Rick, The Pitch)
Aaron James (Rick) is excited to be participating in this years Pittsburgh New Works Festival with the Red Masquers. His last stage performance (pre pandemic)was as Billy/ Jack in A Feminine Ending with Things Unseen Theatre in his hometown of Altoona Pa. He also recently finished shooting as Manny in Red Slate Films production of Done Waiting Chapter 2. He wants to thank the cast and crew for all of their hard work and thank his family for all of their love and support.
John Lane (Producer, The Pitch)