Working A Musical Cast

Amaya Bullock (Kate, Riley)
Amaya Bullock can’t wait to be back on stage at Overbrook High School. Amaya resides in Pine Hill and is in 10th grade. Last year was supposed to be her first musical performance, but due to Covid-19 it was cancelled close to opening night. Even though last year’s show, Sister Act, was cancelled, she won’t let that get her down. She’d like to thank her mother for helping her through Covid, and for being there when she needed it most.
John Kosar (Mike, Freddy)
John Kosar is excited to be in Working, the Musical. John is a sophomore from Pine Hill. Some of John’s credits include Sister Act (TJ) at OHS (the show that never was), Dear Edwina, Jr, (Uncle Vlad), Disney Villains (Scar), and performances in The Lion King, Peter Pan, Frozen, School of Rock (Freddy Jones - Drummer), and Schoolhouse Rock Live, all with Mainstage Center for the Arts. John is also a member of the Harmony Show Choir. As part of Harmony, John has performed throughout the Philadelphia and South Jersey area, and has appeared on television in the 6ABC Thanksgiving Parade 2019 and 6ABC Thanksgiving Celebration 2020, and the Nashville Christmas Parade - Home For the Holidays 2020. John would like to thank his parents for always encouraging him to do what makes him happy.
Sekeka Naznin (Raj, Cubicle Worker)
Sekeka Naznin is super excited to a part of her final Overbrook production as Raj and Cubicle Worker! Sekeka is from West Berlin, NJ. Previously she was in Sister Act :( (Ensemble), Almost, Maine (Ginette), Declaration (Lou), and The Laramie Project. She was an assistant stage manager for The Crucible and was a part of the tech crew for The Wedding Singer. This year Sekeka has the amazing opportunity of being Lead Cappie :( and Drama Club President. She would like to thank her friends, family and Ms. Panvini for always supporting her these past four years. Sekeka would like to wish her fellow cast mates best of luck and a huge thank you to all of Overbrook’s Drama department for igniting her passion for theatre!
Lyanie Pagan (Sharon, Delores)
Lyanie Pagan is extremely excited for her third performance here on the Overbrook stage. Two years ago, she was a part of The Wedding Singer (Sideburns Lady/Imelda Marcos Impersonator). Last year she was in Sister Act (Mary Patrick) even though sadly it never got to be performed. This year she is so excited to be in Working as Sharon Atkins and Delores! Lyanie is from Clementon, NJ, and is currently a Junior. Before attending Overbrook, Lyanie participated in Hairspray Jr (Lyanne), Once Upon A Mattress Jr (Lady In Waiting), Legally Blonde Jr (Paulette), Bye Bye Birdie (teen ensemble), Addams Family Jr (Wednesday), Pippin, and lastly Les Miserables (ensemble). She would like to say thank you to her family and friends for all the support!!
Julius Perez (Rex, Conrad, Joe)
West Berlin, NJ’s sophomore Julius Perez is thrilled to take part in his first Overbrook production. This will be his second ever musical -- first being Freaky Friday (as Mike) -- and his abilities will certainly be put to the test. Julius hopes to learn and experience the uniqueness of this production, and the distinctiveness of his fellow colleagues. He thanks those who stood beside him and set him towards his endeavors, and is endeared to inspire others with the same enthusiasm.
Ava Pine (Terry, Theresa, Laid Off Worker)
Ava Pine can’t wait to return to the stage for Working. Ava resides in Pine Hill and is in the 12th grade. In past years, Ava has performed as Elizabeth Proctor in The Crucible and as Glory & Gayle in last year’s fall play Almost, Maine.She was also a part of the Sister Act cast last year. Ava would like to thank her Mom, Dad, and Grandmom by saying, “Thank you for supporting me and encouraging me to always do what makes me happy!”
Simone Pratt (Frankie, Edie)
Simone Pratt is in the 11th grade and this is her fourth show at Overbrook High School. She previously performed in The Crucible, The Wedding Singer, and Sister Act, even though it wasn’t performed. She is excited to perform in this musical, Working. In her old school, she was in Once Upon a Mattress, Legally Blonde, and The Addams Family. She would like to say thank you to her family and friends for always supporting and believing in her.
Deirdre Rambo (Rose, Ellen)
Deirdre Rambo is very excited to be a part of Working for her final performance at Overbrook! She is a senior from Winslow, NJ. Previous shows she has been in include Sister Act (Nunsemble), The Crucible (Mary Warren), Once Upon a Mattress (Princess 12), Declaration, and The Laramie Project. She would like to thank her family and friends for always supporting her no matter what! :)
Amaia Smith (Kate, Amanda)
Amaia is really excited and nervous to be a part of her first *but technically second* musical at Overbrook. She is a junior this year and has been participating in choir since freshman year. She once again decided to step out of her comfort zone this year and give the musical another shot! She would like to thank her family and friends for the support. Also to Ms. Panvini for this amazing opportunity. “Here We Go... part 2”!
Illyana Smith (Grace)
Illyana is a senior from Sicklerville and is playing Grace for Working. She has previously been in Sister Act (ensemble), The Wedding Singer (ensemble), Declaration (Cora), The Crucible (Sarah Good), Once Upon a Mattress (ensemble), and The Laramie Project. Illyana would like to thank her sister, Taty, for being incredible at life (she made me write this).
Marley Smith (Maggie, Cubicle Worker)
Marley Smith is very excited to be back on the Overbrook stage in the production of Working, the musical. Marley currently lives in Clementon, NJ and is a junior this year. She has previously been in Beauty and the Beast Jr. (Enchantress), The Little Mermaid Jr. (Sebastian), Frozen Jr. (Olaf), James and the Giant Peach Jr. (vagrant/featured dancer/ensemble), Camp Rock Jr. (ensemble), Cinderella (ensemble), Declaration (Science Kid), Sister Act (Michelle), Addams Family (Grandma), and Legally Blonde (Pilar). She would like to thank her friends and family for all the love and support!!! LET'S DO THIS THING ;)
Isabella Weinstein (Amanda, Toni, Laid Off Worker)
Isabella Weinstein is so happy to be in another awesome musical! She gets to be a mason in Working, the Musical! She is so excited to work with another beautifully talented cast and crew. Isabella is now 17 years old and a junior! She has been performing since the 5th grade. She was previously in The Wizard of Oz (Munchkin), Hairspray Jr (Ensemble), Once Upon A Mattress Jr (Princess #12), Legally Blonde Jr (Vivian Kensington), and The Addams Family Jr (Morticia Addams) at CES. She was also in The Wedding Singer (Crystal) and Sister Act (Nun). Even though Sister Act wasn’t performed to the public, it’ll always be a beautiful memory in her heart. She would like to thank her amazing mother for being so supportive of her talents, her “Fairy Godmother,” April for always being by her side, and her two little brothers, Jordan and Sebastian for keeping her life interesting. She would also like to thank Dave for being an amazing dude and her father for loving her.