About Working A Musical

Based on a book of interviews with American workers, Working tells the stories from the perspectives of the men and women our world so often take for granted: the waitress, the phone operator, the office manager, and the housewife, to name a few. Working is a musical exploration of 26 people from all walks of life. Through the characters' various monologues and songs, we learn that regardless of the job, there are a lot of connected similarities between each of the individuals. The show, set in contemporary America, contains timeless truths that any audience member will find relatable.

Overbrook High School

The Overbrook High School Theatre Department is dedicated to fostering an appreciation and interest in the theatre for its participants and to use performance art as a means of unifying the high school, district, and community.  We will accomplish this mission through the combination of education and performance.

Department Head / Director:  Ms. Maria Panvini

Assistant Director:  Mrs. Claudia Biddle

Musical Director: Mr. Ruslan Odintsov

Choreographer: Mr. Thomas Shaw

Technical Director:  Mr. Glenn Davis

Set Construction:  Mr. Michael Charboneau