Annie Production

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Director, Producer
Maria Panvini
Ms. Panvini is the theatre teacher and head of the drama department at Overbrook High School. This show marks the 12th full production she has directed on the mainstage at Overbrook. In her spare time, Ms. Panvini performs and directs locally. She most recently directed a production of Red at The Grand Theatre and can next be seen in the play, Bus Stop, at STAGES. For more information, visit
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Asst. Director/Scenic Designer & Painter
Claudia Biddle
Claudia Biddle has been teaching Digital Art at Overbrook for 4 years and is excited to return for her 3rdd year as assistant director. Mrs. Biddle is always eager to get involved in the theater program as she gets to help backstage and contributes to scenic design/painting and the marketing design. She is proud of all her students who help with graphics and set painting!
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Music Director/Pit Conductor
Ruslan Odintsov
Ruslan Odintsov is an accomplished pianist and Music Director. In his native Ukraine, he studied at the Special Music School for Gifted Children and the Kharkov Institute of the Arts. In 1993, he was the winner of the All-Ukraine Rachmaninov Piano Competition. Upon arriving in the US, he completed his BA in Piano Performance at Rowan University, and then won the New Jersey MTNA Piano Competition in 1995 and the Rowan University Orchestra Concerto Competition in 1996. Mr. Odintsov has performed solo concerts in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, France, Germany, and USA, and has appeared on Ukrainian State TV and Radio, as well as performed with two major Ukrainian Symphony orchestras. Active as a Musical Director in musical theater, Ruslan is also a seven-time NJACT Perry Award nominee for 2006, 2007, 2012, 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019 seasons in the Outstanding Musical Direction category, directing productions for many regional theater groups.
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Olivia Cruz
Cruz is excited to be back choreographing at Overbrook! She obtained her BFA in Dance from University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Previous choreo credits include Sweeney Todd, The SpongeBob Musical, and Elf the Musical. Cruz also enjoys performing as well, some her favorite stages being Walt Disney World and on set of Steven Spielberg film, West Side Story. Congrats to the cast of Annie and best wishes for a great run! @Olivia_Antoinette
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Scenic Design/Master Carpenter
Michael Charboneau
Mike Charboneau has been designing and building sets for almost 20 years. As a Woodshop teacher, carpenter, and general 'know a little about a lot' type of guy, he really looks forward to building the sets for the plays and musicals at Overbrook High School. The credit goes to the great students who take direction, work diligently every day, and present great ideas when building the sets. Working alongside the other teachers and students at Overbrook, I believe we really create some fantastic sets along the way. "If you build it they will come." (Field of Dreams, 1989)
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Technical Director
Glenn Davis
Glenn Davis is currently in his 32n year as the technical director at Overbrook High School. Every show and/or event has different challenges. Those challenges are what make the job fun. All of the accomplishments and strides we have made as a tech team would not have been possible without the dedication of all of the tech students that I have worked with over the past 30+ years. They are the best!!!!
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Asst. Technical Director
Lindsey Marter
Ms. Lindsey Marter is in her second year teaching English at Overbrook High school. She is also excited for her first year as assistant technical director here at OHS. As a fan of arts, she enjoys not only books, but loves the behind the scenes work of film and stage production. She encourages students, teachers, and members of the community and beyond to come see Annie!
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Stage Manager
Daniella Emeka
Daniella Emeka, the stage manager, is so excited to be part of the production of the spring musical, Annie. She previously participated in Play On, Elephant’s Graveyard, and Footloose. She is so excited to give it her all for this year's spring musical. She encourages students, teachers, and parents to come see the show!
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Asst. Stage Manager
Myla Douglas
Myla Douglas is excited to be participating as an assistant stage manager for the spring musical, Annie. Myla is in tenth grade at Overbrook. This is her second year at the high school participating in the theatre department. Last year, Myla was the ASM for Footloose and Play On! Lastly, Myla would like to thank her family and friends for supporting and encouraging her through everything.
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Assistant Stage Manager
Alexander Rozanski
Alexander Rozanski is a sophomore at Overbrook High School. He currently resides in West Berlin. He is extremely excited to work with the cast and crew for Annie as the Assistant Stage Manager. Alex previously performed in shows for Mainstage Center of the Arts, Dance Incorporated, and Overbrook High School playing roles such as Baloo the Bear in The Jungle Book, Smee and Mr. Darling in Peter Pan, Henry Benish in Play On!, Coach Roger Dunbar in Footloose, and Strongman in Elephant’s Graveyard. Alex also served as Asst. Stage Manager for Footloose. “I would like to thank my family for showing me continual love and support throughout my current theater journey and Ms. Panvini for allowing me to do what I truly love doing.”

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