Annie Cast

Elijah Bayard (Asst. Dog Catcher, Hooverville Ens.)
Elijah Bayard is so excited to be in the play Annie. He loves music and he’s proud to be in a musical play.
David Beattie (Dog Catcher, Hooverville Ens.)
David is very happy to be in Annie! He is in 11th grade and lives in Clementon. He has been in two other shows making this their third. They were in A Story in Peril (Chris) and in #Enough (The Gun). He has really enjoyed those shows and is excited to perform this one! He would like to thank their friends and some of their family for supporting him and doing the show with them.
Tyler Blaylock (Rooster Hannigan)
Tyler Blaylock is a sophomore here at Overbook and currently resides in Pine Hill. He’s our Publicity Director and is on the varsity soccer, dance, and tennis team. Along with sports, Tyler is also a part of the school’s choir. Tyler is excited to have his first supporting lead role! He’s excited to meet new people and make fun posts on the Drama Club instagram (@overbrookdrama). “I’d like to thank my parents for being my personal Uber to and from rehearsal.”
Amaya Bullock (Ms. Hannigan)
Amaya Bullock is excited to be in Annie! They are in 12th grade and live in Pine Hill, NJ. This will be Amaya’s 7th show at Overbrook. Amaya was previously in the musicals Footloose (Ethel), Sister Act (Nunsemble), and Working (Riley). They were in the plays Play On! (Phyllis) and Elephant’s Graveyard (Hungry Townsperson). Last year they were in the stage reading #Enough. Amaya has always loved performing and just can’t wait to perform their final show at Overbrook. They’d like to thank their family and friends for supporting through all their years of acting.
Sophia Burgos (July)
Sophia Burgos is ECSTATIC to be part of Annie! (WOOHOO!) She is a freshman who will be playing as an orphan named July. Since this is her first time being part of a musical performance, she is very nervous. She’s part of choir, band, and tennis. Other than the play, she is excited to hopefully meet new people. She’d like to thank her parents and friends for supporting her throughout the years and pushing her to audition!
Colin Campbell (Howe, Server)
Colin is a freshman who loves this school and is doing well managing his classes. This is his first play and he is going to do his best. He appreciates all of the opportunities he has at Overbrook. Colin is willing to get involved with the lovely programs that this school offers.
Mickayla Carmickel (Annette)
Mickayla is a freshman who’s excited to be in her first show at Overbrook. Coming from Pine Hill Middle School, she was in a small show where she played the jester. She was also the weather lady named Doris Doppleflop in a show during this past summer’s theater camp. She is ecstatic to be able to perform something she loves in front of people.
River Clark (Hooverville Ens.)
River is a freshman, living in Clementon. When they went to Clementon, they were in multiple musicals such as The Addams Family Jr (Ensemble), Annie Jr (Ensemble), and Sister Act Jr. (Ernie & Stage Crew). River was also in this year's fall play, Elephant’s Graveyard, as the drummer. They are excited to be part of their first full length musical.
Jailen Cummings (Usherette, Hooverville Ens.)
Jailen Cummings is extremely thrilled to be a part of her third OHS production. She is a sophomore, but not new to the theater world. In her middle school she was in Once Upon a Mattress Jr., Legally Blonde Jr., Addams Family Jr., Annie Jr., and Shrek Jr. (which was never performed unfortunately due to Covid-19). At Overbrook she has played Lulu Warnicker & a featured dancer in Footloose and Marla “Smitty” Smith in the school's fall play Play On! She is excited to get back into performing due to certain barriers being put up. She would like to thank her family and friends for supporting and helping her stay motivated when she needed it. She would also like to thank her fellow cast & crew including the amazing director, choreographer, stage crew, musical director, and anybody else who helped in the creation of making Annie. Without them, the show would not have been successful.
Jeremy Davis (Bert Healy, Ickes, Server)
JEREMY DAVIS IS BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER!!! He is now a sophomore and lives in Pine Hill. This is his fourth performance at Overbrook High School after his successful and funny performance in Play On! as Saul Watson and his hilarious performance as Willard Hewitt in Overbrook’s production of Footloose, which earned him a Cappie Award for “Best Male Comedic Performance in a Musical.” Last fall, Jeremy played Steam Shovel Operator in the theatre adaptation of a true tragic story, Elephant’s Graveyard. It's the start of a new year for the rising star and he would again like to thank his family for believing in him and supporting his dream of becoming successful as an actor. Jeremy would also like to thank the haters that always doubted him and thought he was going to be nothing because it inspires him to prove them wrong and one day.
Sianni Diaz (Molly)
Sianni Diaz is very excited and nervous to be in her first musical at Overbrook. She is in middle school and is involved in chorus. She would like to thank everyone in her life for taking her so far.
Jaelyn Donaldson (Hooverville Ens.)
Jaelyn Donaldson is a freshman at Overbrook High School. This is her first show that she is cast in! She is very happy that she is in the show! Lastly, she thanks her friends and family for supporting her through the whole process for being a part of the show. “I love my family and my teachers.”
Emmanuella Emeka (Bonnie Boylan, Mrs. Pugh)
Emmanuella Emeka, a sophomore, is adventuring into a new side of theater in the 2023 Overbrook musical, Annie. Prior to this, she played Geraldine in Play On!, performed “Tomorrow” from Annie in Broadway Night during her freshman year, and participated in run crew during last year's musical. This is a new experience for her and she’s willing to give it her all for the audience and for her school’s theater program.
Rachel Estell (Kate)
Rachel is a middle school student and is excited to be in her first production at Overbrook High School!
Kaylen Fean (Mrs. Greer)
Kaylen has been dancing for 15 years and this is her second performance at Overbrook with Footloose being her first! Kaylen lives in Pine Hill and is a senior here at Overbrook. She'd like to thank her parents and her friends for always supporting her!
Mary Fean (Duffy)
Mary is in 8th grade and is excited to be performing her first musical this year.
Amelia Felice (Tessie)
Amelia Felice is in 7th grade at Pine Hill Middle School and this is her first ever play. She has had some drama club experience at PHMS and she is extremely excited to be in this play. Other academic activities Amelia is involved in are cheer, gymnastics, softball, and Girl Scouts. She loves exploring new things. Amelia Felice can’t wait to be in another play and be fantastic at theater. She has a wonderful family that supports her for whatever role Amelia gets, and even amazing helpers. Including the director, music director, designer, choreographer, stage managers, and so many more. She's looking forward to getting into another play and getting into an acting school.
Nesrine Fosso (Hooverville Ens.)
This is Nesrine, who likes to be called Cece. She loves reading and singing and her favorite subject is biology, which she is planning on majoring in in college. She wants to study medicine and work as a surgeon to help as many people as she can. She tries her best everyday in order to achieve that goal.
Maria Hanna (Connie Boylan, Cecile)
Maria Hanna is in the 12th grade and this is her first time performing in a show for Overbrook High School. Although she has never been involved in the theater program before, she has been involved in the choir program during her years at Overbrook. She is very excited to be in her first musical. She would like to say thank you to her family and friends for all the support and love. And she would also like to thank everyone that convinced her to try something out of her comfort zone that she has really grown to love.
Hailey Hans (Pepper)
Hailey Hans is so excited to be in the high school production of Annie! Hailey is 12 and in 7th grade and is one of the middle school actors. Though she has had many years worth of dance experience, this is Hailey's first ever play! Hailey would like to thank her family, friends, and teachers for always pushing her to her limits. "Without them, I would not be where I am today!"
Korbin Hatterer (Lt. Ward)
Korbin Hatterer is a sophomore at Overbrook High School. This is his first play and is very excited about it. Fun fact: he plays football for Overbrook. Interestingly enough, he didn’t want to be a part of this play at first but wanted to support his girlfriend so he started practicing with her and he actually started to really enjoy it.
Maddie Klaiss (Perkins, Hooverville Ens.)
Maddie Klaiss is very excited to be a part of Annie! She is a sophomore this year, from Pine Hill, NJ, and has been actively involving herself in anything that has to do with singing and acting. Maddie has performed in a total of three plays, a musical, and a staged reading. Being able to continue acting and actively challenging herself makes this an amazing opportunity for her; she is incredibly happy for this chance to improve upon herself as an actress, and would like to thank her family, friends, and teachers who have continuously supported her and pushed her to do better and have fun.
John Kosar (FDR, Server)
John is a senior at Overbrook and is excited to be a part of the show!
Samantha Major (Apple Seller, Hooverville Ens.)
Samantha Major is a highschool freshman who played in Elephant’s Graveyard. She is a little nervous on one hand but excited on the other. This might be a big game changer for her and her acting career. FUN FACT: This is Samantha’s SECOND time playing as a cranky woman. “Big thanks to my family and friends for supporting me so… Thanks!!”
Savannah Mitchell (Lily St. Regis)
Savannah Mitchell can not wait to get back on the Overbrook stage as Lily St. Regis in this year's spring musical, Annie! Growing up, Savannah has performed all types of genres of dance. In elementary school she attended Mainstage Center For The Arts. In middle school she played the role of Henrietta in the play, The Mysterious Case of the Missing Ring. Freshman year here at OHS Savannah was cast as Aggie Manville in Play On! and featured dancer/ensemble in the musical, Footloose. Savannah who is now in her sophomore year has performed in the fall play Elephant’s Graveyard as Ballet Girl and is a Cappie critic and member of the International Thespian Society. She wishes her fellow cast and crew nothing but success!
Joelene Mulholland (Ronnie Boylan, Hooverville Ens.)
Joelene Mulholland is a senior at Overbrook High School and lives in Pine Hill. This is her first show and they went significantly far out of their comfort zone and made amazing friends in the process! She has been in choir for 4 years and always wanted to be in the theatrical world of music. They’re so excited for the production of Annie and would like to thank their family for being such an amazing support system during the auditioning process as well as the rehearsals and the nerves. She also wants to thank everyone who made this first and last high school performance possible!!
Trey Murrenburke (Fred/Wacky, Morgenthau, Server)
Trey is a freshman here at Overbrook High School and he lives in West Berlin. He truly loves spending time with the cast and crew. This is Trey’s second performance for Overbrook, and is excited to be a part of it. He is supported by his friends and family and Ms. Panvini. He is always ready to help where he can!!
Molly Reilly (Orphan Ens.)
Molly Reilly is looking forward to her first performance ever! She is a little nervous about being on stage, but is still very excited to share this amazing opportunity with her friends and family.
Kayla Reynolds (Sophie)
Kayla is a sophomore here at overbrook. This is Kayla's 3rd musical. In middle school, Kayla performed in Annie Jr and Shrek the Musical, that was sadly never performed due to covid. She is a good juggler when it comes to balancing work, theater, school, and sports. Kayla is a big dedicator and is excited to join Overbrook’s amazing theatre department. Kayla loves fashion and doing hair. In the future, she dreams of becoming a forensic scientist by day and a fashionista by night.
Sydney Rose (Orphan Ens.)
Sydney is happy to be here! She’s very excited to perform in her first show here at Overbrook as a freshman.
Tazwar Sabur (Hull, Hooverville Ens.)
Tazwar is a senior from West Berlin, NJ. Previously an understudy for the fall play Elephant’s Graveyard, Tazwar comes back into the show as a part of the Hooverville Ensemble and cabinet member Hull. Even with their poor sleep schedule Tazwar still is alive to be a part of the show. He wishes everyone the best of luck!
Kairi Serrano (Star-to-Be, Hooverville Ens.)
Kairi is nervous, but also excited for her first performance here at Overbrook High School! She usually works behind the scenes, doing tech for Footloose, Annie Jr, Elephant’s Graveyard, and Play On! She has been in the ensemble for The Addams Family in middle school, but that’s about it. She’s looking forward to being a part of Annie!
Natalie Sosing (Grace Farrell)
As a senior residing in Pine Hill, Natalie Sosing, previously cast in Sister Act (Sister Mary Robert) their freshman year and Footloose (Vi Moore) their junior year, is ecstatic to be a part of Annie as Grace Farrell for their third musical. They would like to thank their friends and family for being so supportive and encouraging throughout their entire high school career. They received so much support from their family and peers, and it helped them keep on chuggin’ when they thought they were out of fuel. Eager to end the year with a bang, Natalie is ready to put on the best show they have ever performed.
Xavier Vargas (Drake)
Xavier Vargas is a sophomore from West Berlin who is thrilled to be playing Drake in Annie. He has been in 3 shows prior, these included, Footloose (Rev. Shaw Moore) #Enough (Gabriel and Reporter) & Elephant’s Graveyard (Engineer). He would like to thank his friends and family for supporting him throughout this fun new hobby of his.
Nick Wall (Oliver Warbucks, Bundles, Jimmy Johnson)
Nick Wall is in 12th grade and this is his second show on the Overbrook Stage. Previously, he played the hard to hate, harder to love Chuck Cranston in last year’s production of Footloose, so taking on a lead role has been a very fun and interesting challenge for him! Nick plays Oliver Warbucks some nights, but on others can be seen in a couple of other roles such as Mr. Bundles the Laundry Man and Jimmy Johnson: Radio’s only masked announcer! Nick dedicates his performance to YOU! Thanks for being here.
Vincetta Watts (Orphan Ens.)
Vinny Watts is an eighth grader at Pine Hill Middle School. She has been in choir for two years now but this will be her first time in a musical. It is not expected to be her last as she is a social butterfly who loves dancing and acting. Vinny is ecstatic to be a part of Annie and be around such kind, beautiful and talented people.
Luke Weaver (Oliver Warbucks, Bundles, Jimmy Johnson)
Luke Weaver is thrilled to perform in his first show at Overbrook. He is from Clementon, NJ, and is currently a senior. Before attending Overbrook, Luke participated in The Wizard Of Oz Jr (Munchkin Guild), Hairspray Jr (Brad), Legally Blonde Jr (Emmett Forrest), and Addams Family Jr (Lucas). He would like to say thank you to his family, friends, and his girlfriend Madi Newbold for their continuous love, support, and encouragement.
Nalae Zachary (Annie)
Nalae Zachary is very excited and very upset for her last show here at Overbrook. She currently lives in Berlin and is a senior this year. She has helped as a member of stage crew, an usher, and paint crew in Overbrook High School productions. She has also been in Overbrook’s Got Talent, Overbrook’s (canceled) production of Sister Act (Nunsemble), Play On (Polly), Footloose (Wendy Jo), and Elephants Graveyard (Blues Singer). She would like to thank her family and friends for their constant love and support.
Logan (Sandy)
Logan is a two year old golden retriever who lives in Cherry Hill, NJ with handlers Janice and Eve and sister Eliana. Logan and Eliana are both proud to volunteer on the Crisis Response Team lending a helping paw in the community. This year Logan deployed to Buffalo, NY, Uvalde, TX, and Highland Park after the mass shootings. He enjoys treats, fetching balls, swimming, playing with Eliana and cuddling on the couch.