About Chicken & Biscuits

Featured on Broadway in 2021, Chicken & Biscuits by Douglas Lyons is a hilariously funny comedy that reaches the heart. Family members gather to honor their loved one with unashamed laughter, brave confrontations, and soul reconciliations. 

Lyons beautifully captures African American funeral traditions and cultural nuisances as the family faces past hidden secrets and hurts. Unmasking this familiar distress often experienced in African American families rest at the heart of this comedy.   The journey to both internal and external acceptance is the most appreciated treasure of this play.


North Carolina Central University Theatre

North Carolina Central University, accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theatre (NAST), takes prides in NCCU University Theatre being listed among the top ten best HBCU Theatre Schools in the United States by Hbcu-Colleges.com. The department is designed to satisfy the needs of a broad range of enthusiastic students and to give them the widest possible exposure to accomplishments in theatre and experiences that will develop them as capable theatre practitioners. Offering a bachelor’s degree in Theatre, our life and career applicable concentrations prepare majors to become performers, choreographers, teachers, directors, designers and technicians, production managers, media specialists, and dramaturgs in a culturally diverse world.​

The Department was recently awarded National Awards from the Kennedy Center for the production of The Bus Stop by Najee Brown.  Please visit the KCACTF4 website for most information about this celebrated accomplishment.