The Little Mermaid Creative

Assistant Stage manager
Noah Easter
Noah is excited to be apart of the musical production here at Maranacook community high school for his first musical in high school he is very excited to be assistant stage manager Noah has also been apart of many plays here at the middle school and he has also been apart of 99 minutes or less as sound director, Noah is very excited for the production of the musical little mermaid.
Ayslynn Grace
Ayslynn is a crew member in the Little Mermaid, this is their third show at Maranacook and sixth show overall.
House manager
Sadie Falconer
Sadie was a house manager in 99 minutes, and did 3 plays in middleschool. She is excited to be working on the little mermaid.
Costume Director
Josie Charland
Josie Charland has been Costume Director for all the plays and musicals since she came to Maranacook. She is especially excited about the costumes for "The Little Mermaid," and hopes you all enjoy them too!
Assistant Costume director
Melanie Chalmers
This is Melanie's second musical she has been a part of, and her first at MCHS. She is very excited to be working on The Little Mermaid this year.
Stage manager
Conner Easter
Conner is a junior and the stage manager for the Little Mermaid and has been the stage manager since the 2020 play that never went on he has been the stage manager for "how not to cure a plague", 99 minuets and now The little mermaid he has been the stage manager since he first started theater his 6th grade year. And it's greatful for the current and pay seniors he has worked with and is sad to see then go

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