About Blood Countess

BLOOD COUNTESS is an historical true-crime gothic horror-comedy, snatched from the headlines of the early 1600s.

Starring Zenaida Rose Smith, this play is a fictionalized account of Countess Elizabeth Bathory's life. A brilliant woman of Hungarian nobility, she holds the Guinness World Record of Most Prolific Female Murderer, “[practicing] vampirism on girls and young women. She is alleged to have killed more than 600 virgins in order to drink their blood and bathe in it, ostensibly to preserve her youth.”

We know she was tried and convicted of her gruesome crimes. The rest we must suppose.

Landing solidly on the dark side of dark comedy, Blood Countess employs Kelleen Conway Blanchard’s trademark humor and linguistic gymnastics. This historical horror story is filled with dead birds, headless soldiers, eel pies, and pailfuls of blood.

If you are concerned about potentially sensitive subjects in this play, you can learn more by clicking here.

"A gothic, devilish romp. … a deliciously bawdy evening, due in no small part to the direction of Peggy Gannon who certainly knows how to take these strange shows and make them sing. … The ensemble is wonderful … another winner from MAP Theatre.” ~BroadwayWorld.com~

“The witty dialogue and the acting carry the play. The cast was adept at dramatic and comic timing, a necessity with Blanchard’s writing as it is pure linguistic gymnastics. Definitely get your tickets immediately.” ~Drama in the Hood~

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MAP relishes the creative journey from process to product, finding strength and satisfaction in a collaborative environment in which all team members are inspired equally to serve the story and nourish each other's growth.

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