About Romeo & Juliet

A street brawl between their rival families is the prelude to Romeo’s first encounter with Juliet. Despite this, and the fact that Juliet has been promised to another man in marriage, they fall in love. But any plans for their future happiness are cruelly destroyed by renewed violence between the two families – and while the adults remain almost comically preoccupied with their own affairs, among their children a hidden tragedy begins to unfold.  (Shakespeare's Globe)

The play has remained extremely popular throughout the centuries, but, strangely, producers in the seventeenth century found it necessary to take great literary license with Shakespeare's original work. In some productions, Romeo and Juliet survive their ordeal to live happy, fulfilled lives. (Shakespeare-Online). 

In this vain, we feel that Romeo and Juliet still has a place in the digital theater.  Sure, it isn't the same as seeing it in person, balcony and all, but the connection to the text still holds true. It is a story of lovers, divided by circumstances not of their making and beyond their control, and thus they respond as one might expect of teenagers -with love, rebellion, and haste, ultimately leading to a lasting and dangerous consequence. 

This abridged  production was rehearsed over the course of 6 weeks, and involved new experiences for the cast and crew; from home lighting design and remote costume design, to a crash course in digital filmmaking, camera angles, and the inner workings of digital livestream. The adaptation and abridgement of the text was largely in response to realities we now face - Too much time online, too many technical complications,  an invasion into our actors homes, and multiple bouts of fire evacuations amongst our cast and crew. The edit is both for the audiences comfort and the actors. 

It has truly been a collaborative process, navigated with professionalism,patience, humor and grace. To learn more about the experience, please click the image below. 

-Titian Lish

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The program is designed to provide knowledge and practical experience, both in performance and technical theater classes. We are proud every year of our multiple main stage productions, theater for young audiences, and student directing and design opportunities.