About SOB (Son of a Bot) Story

It’s Lizzie Raymond’s big day!  She is presenting at a symposium in Atlantic City to support her graduate thesis.  Accompanied by her M. I. T. Professor, the dashing Dr. Otis Franklin, they stop in neighboring Ventnor, NJ to visit Lizzie’s nana, Gladys, befor heading to the convention center.  Smitten with Gladys, Otis skips the Symposium Gala and sneaks away to have dinner with Gladys and her besties, Lorraine and Francine.  Gladys and the gals quickly suspect there’s a peculiar thing or two about Dr. Franklin.  An evening of mayhem and misadventure concludes with illegal gambling, an adult sleepover and a murder-suicide!  With her professor missing from dusk to dawn, Lizzie is beside herself with worry.  Just when you think things are going so well!  Some days are just a….Son of a Bot!

Barbara Pease Weber

Barbara Pease Weber has been acting on and off since she was a teenager in the 1970s and has appeared in theatrical productions in the Philadelphia area over a span of 40+ years. Ms. Weber has also authored six comedies, Delval Divas, HOGWASH!, Seniors of the Sahara, A Crock of Schnitzel, The Witch in 204 and Foolish Fishgirls and The Pearl, all of which are published by Concord Theatricals!

Barbara's comedies, including new works in her playwriting pipeline, feature fabulous, fearless, ferocious and fun roles for females over 40 because...she is one!