About SOLJOI77 - R&B band, blending the flavors of Neosoul, Dance, Hip Hop, and Jazz

Soljoi77 is a Hudson Valley, NY Alternative R&B band, blending the flavors of Neosoul, Dance, Hip Hop, and Jazz. Soljoi77 is comprised of singer/lyricist CHAYA, and producer/composer Chris. They fell in love with writing and producing their own original music in 2018 and have continued creating and expanding their style since then.  Check them out here https://soljoi77.com/home

Their songs explore romance, self-love, spirituality, and desire, in pursuit of personal evolution. Through the positive energy in their music, they hope listeners will experience positive feelings of joy, love, empowerment, and peace.  

CHAYA expresses herself in ornate, romantic, and dreamy language, with raw textured vocals and/or spoken word, set over the landscape of Chris' intellectual and sensual compositions, produced with complex and euphoric ambient sonics. 

They have released 8 singles since January 2020. "Damn It Feels Good to Be a Woman", "Here With Me", "Slippery", "Luminous Love", "Dance With Me",  "Damn It Feels Good to Be a Woman-SUNSHINE MIX", "Take It Down", and their latest "All My Love". Their music is available for purchase on the Music Store page and through all streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube.  

On March 25th, 2022, they released their first EP of 4 songs entitled “Shores of Opulence”! It is also their first experience being represented under a record label and production music library: LabHits Records in L.A- which they are very excited about! This was a goal they had been working toward for a couple of years. 

Howland Cultural Center

‘The Jewel of Beacon’ has been fostering arts and culture since 1979. We own, preserve, and operate the historic 1872 Richard Morris Hunt building designed as the Howland Circulating Library. Today, the historic building is a Center for the Arts and cultural activities for the City of Beacon community, the Hudson Valley, and beyond. The Howland has earned its reputation for its exceptional acoustics in the Northcutt Hall Gallery.