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Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, CHAYA grew up with a passion for Hip Hop, R&B, and NeoSoul which shaped her musical style. Her life purpose has been about bringing joy and healing through beautiful mediums and self-expression. She is a full time Speech Language Pathologist of 14 years. She also has a background in studying energetic healing, positive psychology, singing, dance, yoga, creating aromatherapy skin care products, and creative writing. A lifelong participant in self inquiry and a romantic at heart, these facets set the stage for her song writing. When she’s not working or spending time with her family, she loves meditation and walking in nature, in addition to writing, recording, and singing Soljoi77 songs. She lives with her husband and 2 children in East Fishkill.
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Chris Hutz
When Chris was 9 years old, his parents bought an organ. Later he learned to play the trombone and accordion, but keys (piano, synths, etc) are his thing. He started recording and producing music about 15 years ago. As a child, he was exposed to the Beach Boys, Bee Gees, and Neil Diamond, and knew most of their songs. Today, Chris listens to pretty much all types of music, but loves dance music, R&B, pop, funk, and jazz, especially from the 1970s and 1980s. One of the main inspirations to start making his own songs was Daft Punk's album Discovery. He currently lives in Cold Spring with his wife and 3 children, where he enjoys taking walks and talking to his cats.

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THE LIVE SOLJOI77 BAND: For select events catch the full live band with: Dave on drums, Matt on bass, David on electric guitar, Chris on keys, and CHAYA on vocals.