Mean Girls Performers

Katelin Lopes (Cady Heron)
Katelin is thrilled to be coming back to the HMTS as Cady Heron in "Mean Girls!" Last year, Katelin made her HMTS debut as The Witch in "Into the Woods." Katelin previously performed with local theater companies: FVCT - "Annie Get Your Gun" (2019) The Sharon Playhouse - "The Music Man" (2017) Warner Theatre - 'Seussical the Musical" (2016). Katelin would like to thank her family for their love and support as well as the entire production team and cast for their immense hard work! In her free time Katelin enjoys playing bass guitar, singing, and reading!
Margot Minton (Regina George)
Margot is excited about her Senior year show with HMTS. After joining last year with "Into the Woods" (2021), she knew she wanted to go out with a bang her last year. With over 10 years of dance experience, this show is a good final wrap of her HMTS career. Margot wants to thank the actors and team members for creating a wonderful show for her Senior year! Along with a big thank you to her friends and family.
Alex Woodworth (Janice Sarkisian)
Alex has dreamed of playing this role since he was ten years old. Alex is making his HMTS debut as a freshman at HVRHS, however, this is not his first theatre experience. Alex has recently starred in many productions at the Sharon Playhouse, including Lucy in "A Charlie Brown Christmas", and Mr. Bennet in "Pride & Prejudice." Alex has also been a production assistant for "Winnie the Pooh Kids", and "Elf Jr." at the Sharon Playhouse. He would like to thank his friends and family for their support during this production, and hopes you enjoy the show!
Andy Delgado (Damian Hubbard)
Andy is excited to be making his sophomore year performance with HMTS. He was in "Into the Woods" and played Jack. He enjoyed doing theater with HMTS and wanted to come back! Andy would like to thank the production team for creating such an amazing show with the cast. He is looking forward to continuing his love of theater throughout the next stage of his life.
Tess Marks (Karen Smith)
Tess Marks, a sophomore, is excited to be coming back to the Housatonic Musical Theater Society as Karen in "Mean Girls." Last year Tess made her HMTS debut as Lil’ Red in "Into the Woods" and most recently she was Jovie in "Elf Jr." at the Sharon Playhouse! Tess is grateful to the production team and everyone who helped to make this show happen!
Sara Huber (Gretchen Wieners)
Sara is so excited to be returning to the stage for the first time since 2020. She has been in various musical productions such as “Return of the Divas” at the Sharon Playhouse and “Cinderella” at Salisbury Central. She is looking forward to participating in future HMTS productions in the coming years. Sara would like to thank the cast and production team as well as her family and friends for their support.
Aron Ladanyi (Aaron Samuels)
Aron is excited to make his debut in musical theater in the HMTS production of "Mean Girls." He would like to thank his castmates and crew for making this a wonderful experience. He looks forward to playing many more characters in upcoming productions, hopefully not limited to other A(a)rons. He hopes you enjoy the show and bring him lots of flowers at the end.
Lorelei Gnerre (Mrs. George)
Lorelei is a junior at HVRHS this year. They are so excited to show off their range by playing a very funny role this year. They have been in "The Sound of Music," "Les Miserables," "Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat," "The Music Man," and "A Midsummer Night's Dream" at the Sharon Playhouse. She was also in "Into The Woods" as Cinderella at HVRHS last year. She is looking forward to continuing to show their talents on the stage.
Samantha Crodelle (Ms. Norbury)
Samantha is so excited to be a part of the "Mean Girls" production. She has been an actor for many years, and a part of HMTS since her sophomore year, where she played Jack’s mom in "Into the Woods." She also has performed in many Sharon Playhouse theatrical performances as well as many shows at Sharon Center School. She wants to thank everyone involved with the show, and hopes you enjoy "Mean Girls"!!!
Odin Knutson (Kevin Gnapour)
Odin is more than excited to be performing his senior year. He has been in "Wicked" (2018) along with "Mulan Jr." (2019) and "Into The Woods" (2022), with performances with HMTS and in middle school. Odin would like to thank the production team for creating such an amazing show, along with the cast members, and lastly, he would like to thank you for attending. He is looking forward to continuing his love of live on-stage performance throughout the next stages of his life.
Tryston Bronson (Mr. Duvall)
Tryston started acting in 5th grade and is excited to make his appearance in "Mean Girls" this year with HMTS. He’s always had a love for acting, it’s in his blood. Enthusiasm is what he never runs out of, showing great character for all that he plays.
Niya Borst (Taylor Wendell/Ensemble)
Niya is excited to be in her second year at HMTS. Niya made her HMTS debut as Rapunzel in "Into the Woods." She has been a part of many plays and musicals. including Grumbling Gryphons, a local theater program. Niya would love to give a big thank you to the cast and crew for everything they’ve done and making this show come to life! Also, a big thank you to all of you who came!
Ellanor Karcheski (Caitlyn Caussin/Ensemble/Featured Dancer)
Ellanor is pumped to participate in the Housatonic's "Mean Girls" production this year! She is very happy to be a featured dancer and loves to put on a show!
Amber Ramcharran (Sonja Acquino/Ensemble/Featured Dancer)
Amber is more than thrilled to get back into the world of acting with this year's performance, "Mean Girls." Previously Amber was seen performing in "The Unwritten Show" (2022), and "Rip Van Winkle" three years before that (2019). Beyond her teenage years, Amber has acted in many plays but took a small break during covid. Amber would love to thank the amazing production team, the cast, as well as her family for the encouragement to pursue her passions. In Amber's future, she is hoping to pursue a career in the arts.
Noah Shippa (Shane Oman/Ensemble)
Noah is excited to be making his high school theater debut with HMTS! He was seen in three middle school performances: "Willy Wonka Jr." (2016), "Wicked is as Wicked Does" (2018), and "Mulan Jr." (2019). Noah decided to join the theater program because of his enjoyment of the previous HMTS shows. Noah would like to thank Mr. Krupa for pushing him to join the performance and the rest of the production team for being so helpful and hardworking.
Joseph Villa-Arpi (Martin J/Jason W/Ensemble)
Is excited to be a part of HMTS as a Freshman at Housatonic. He has been a part of Cornwall Consolidated School’s “Mary Poppins,” “Madagascar,” and is currently working on the upcoming show.
Adrianna Ciccotelli (Christian/Featured Dancer)
Adrianna is overjoyed to be finishing off her high school career with a show like "Mean Girls." She has been in multiple plays and musicals over the years in the northwest corner, such as "Into the Woods" and "The Unwritten Show" last year, "The Sound of Music" her freshman year, and "Annie Get Your Gun" in 8th grade. She’s happy to have spent her years performing with people she cares about and had fun with and hopes to see many more of HMTS shows after graduation.
Elizabeth Forbes (Dawn Schweitzer/Featured Dancer)
Elizabeth is super excited to participate in her second musical and first high school production. Elizabeth is a current freshman at Housatonic and is very happy to be a part of the wonderful cast. She has been dancing since she was four and is extremely enthusiastic about being a featured dancer. Tap dance has been her main form of dance, and has been her passion since she was four, so she is pumped to have a tap dance number in this play. She loves singing and can't wait to grow as an actor. She hopes you enjoy the HMTS production of "Mean Girls!"
Gabriella Titone (French Teacher/Ensemble)
Gabbie is returning to the stage for the first time in three years. Throughout elementary and middle school Gabi has been in “The Wizard of OZ,” “Cinderella,” and various musical reviews at Salisbury Central. She also played Deb in a production of “Elf Jr.” with Amenia Youth Theater. "Mean Girls" will be her second show with HMTS after playing Judith in the 2019 production of “Rip Van Winkle”. She is very excited to be a part of "Mean Girls" and would like to thank the production team and her friends/family for making this possible.
Richie Crane (Glenn Cocco/Tyler K/Ensemble)
Richie is especially enthusiastic to be making his high school debut in "Mean Girls!" He has appeared in numerous HMTS productions, "The King and I" (2018), and "Rip Van Winkle" (2019). Richie was just seen in "Elf Jr." (2022) at Sharon Playhouse. Richie also performed in his eighth-grade production, "My Name Is Rumpelstiltskin" as Rumpelstiltskin. Richie would like to express his appreciation to everyone who helped make this fantastic show possible and is looking forward to what comes next.
Lauren Sorrell (Caroline K/Ensemble/Mathlete)
Lauren is a Freshman this year and is so excited to participate in this year's production of "Mean Girls." Previously, she has been a part of HMTS "Rip Van Winkle" (2019) and "The Sound of Music" (2020) as Brigitta von Trapp. Lauren has also appeared in numerous plays for the NCES Drama Club, including their most recent production, "My Name is Rumpelstiltskin." Lauren would like to give a huge thanks to the cast and crew for making this play possible and for the tons of encouragement and fun memories. She would also like to thank her family for all their support and car rides to and from practice.
Hudson Sebranek (Coach Carr/Ensemble)
Hudson is making his spontaneous return to musical theater– three years after taking on the role of Maurice in “Madagascar” (2020) and four years after joining the ensemble of “Mary Poppins” (2019), both at Cornwall Consolidated School in his hometown. He is very thankful to his lovely castmates, the extended production team, and HMTS for making this production an enjoyable experience. Hudson has admitted that he will openly condemn anyone who doesn’t enjoy reading his actor bio and/or does not clap at the end of every song in our long-awaited production of “Mean Girls."
Celeste Trabucco (Mrs. Heron/Ensemble)
Celeste is excited to finally be a part of an HMTS production after admiring them from the audience for years. She has participated in musicals at Kent Center since first grade and can’t wait to continue with HMTS for the next three years. Celeste would like to thank everyone in the cast for being so welcoming and supportive from the beginning, and everyone working behind the scenes for all their patience and hard work.
Sara Ireland (Mathlete Announcer/Ensemble)
Sara is very excited for everyone to be able to see our production of "Mean Girls." She was previously in "Pride and Prejudice" (2022) at the Sharon Playhouse. This is her first production with Housatonic and she is very thankful that the production crew was able to bring this show to life for us to be a part of.
Hannah Johnson (Lizzy Therman/Ensemble)
Hannah is a freshman and can’t wait to be in this year’s production. She was in HMTS shows "The King and I" (2018), and "Rip Van Winkle" (2019) along with her middle school’s performance of "My Name is Rumpelstiltskin" last year. Hannah is so excited to participate in this year’s production and the ones to come in her upcoming years at Housatonic.
Mikayla Pfeifer (Teary Girl/Ensemble)
Mikayla is and has been an actor for many years. She has even been in "Into the Woods" twice: her latest role was Evil Stepsister (2021). This year she is the girl that "doesn't go here."
Dylan Gonzalez (Mr. Heron/Ensemble)
Dylan is happy to be in their first musical with HMTS. Before HMTS they were included in the making of different musicals throughout the years. Dylan is excited to be involved in this show, and hopefully the ones to come!