Fortinbras Cast

Jace Cruz (Fortinbras)
Jace is excited to be on stage for this production of Fortinbras. He has been our Drama Club co-president since the end of his sophomore year. He has been in Henry Drama Clubs productions of TOTLDL, Clue, and She Kills Monsters. He also helped stage manage/direct Little Shop of Horrors. He is currently employed at Guthrie Theater and hopes to one day act on the stages there. He gives thanks to his family, friends, and everyone who has supported him.
Saniya Edwards (Horatio)
Saniya is a senior at Henry High School. She has participated in the Henry Drama Club since 10th grade, and is currently the Co-President. She has acted in "Night of the Living Dead Live!" and "Little Shop of Horrors". She also helped produce "She Kills Monsters" by being the Website Manager and helping with Box Office. Outside of school she likes to read, listen to her favorite music, and hang out with her friends.
Hayden Vaj (Osric)
Haedyn is a 9th grade student at Patrick Henry High School. She joined Henry Drama Club this year and has seen Henry Shows only. Outside of school, she has a passion for acting, singing, volleyball, reading, and playing games. She loves acting and singing and wants to continue down her path with musical acting in the future.
Kory Holmes (Ophelia)
Kory is a senior student at #Whatsmyname High School. She joined the #Whatsmyname Drama Club her freshman year during the pandemic. Kory was featured in Night of the Living Dead LIVE, She Kills Monsters and her all time favorite Little Shop of Horrors. Outside of Drama Club she listens to K-pop dances and sings!! She’s obsessed with the anime and manga series Ouran High School Host Club!!! Kory loves Broadway shows and anything to do with acting. She hopes she can continue acting in the future. ROCK ON >:3
Lizzie Xiong (Hamlet)
Lizzie was former Co-President of Drama Club. She has been involved in Drama Club since her sophomore year. Her previous roles include acting as Judy in Night of the Living Dead Live, being stage manager and assistant director in Clue, assisting in the show program and box office in She Kills Monsters, and being co-stage manager in Little Shop of Horrors! With her senior year slowly coming to an end, she can't wait to act as Hamlet in Fortinbras!
Ben Strawmatt (Polonius)
Ben is a senior at Patrick Henry High School. He joined Drama Club in his sophomore year, mainly doing Box Office. This year will be his first time on stage playing Polonius in Lee Blessings "Fortinbras"!
Kel Draine (Claudius)
Kel’s a senior at Patrick Henry High School. His hobbies are reading, playing video games, and singing. He’s been in three productions here; Little Shop of Horrors (Seymour), She Kills Monsters (Orcus), Night of the Living Dead (News Reporter)
Amina Foster (Gertrude)
Amina is a 11th grade student at Fair High School. She joined the drama club at the beginning of her sophomore year. She has done She Kills Monsters and is looking to experience more theater. Outside of theater she does a lot of dance performances and experiments with dance and theater as one. She loves the arts and aspires to be one of the greatest in the art world.
Choua Moua (Laertes)
Choua is a 11th grade student at Patrick Henry High School. He joined Henry Drama Club in the 2023-2024 school year, and is an actor for Laertes. Outside of school he mainly workouts and focuses on his education for his future career.
Trinity-Renee Boyd (Captain)
My name is Trinity-Renee Boyd and I am a 9th grader at Patrick Henry High School. I recently joined Henry Drama club and this is my first performance at this school, but not my first performance on stage doing anything. Before this I was at Franklin Middle School and I was performing, writing plays, dancing, singing, writing and performing original songs,etc. Some of those things I still do to this day. The Plays and musicals I was in were The Wizard of Oz, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Moana and My own Musical Called Highway To Broadway. Outside of School I perform songs and dances to people, I write songs and continue writing my new musical. My recent performances Were at the Jazz Festival in St.Paul, Hotel Delta Conference and at Franklin Middle School for the Yearly Harvest Festival. I hope to continue singing, dancing and acting and become successful.
Romie Rhiger (Marcellus)
Benjamin Bonner (Bernardo)
Tia Moua (English Ambassador)
Tia is a senior this year at Henry High School. She played small roles in Night of the Living Dead Live! and Clue during the 2021-2022 school year. Tia participates in the Henry Art Club and is a part of the Cross Country team. Outside of school, she spends most of her free time drawing.
Raegan Brogdon (Polish Maiden)
Esther Allebach (Polish Maiden/Ophelia Understudy)
Yasmine Yur (Horatio Understudy)
Lyn Hauge (Osric Understudy)
Elijah Tran (Laertes Understudy)
Elijah is a 12th grader at Patrick Henry. He joined the drama club this year on a whim. He really is an average dude who plays sports and plays video games.