Seussical Cast

Gaylen Worthen (The Cat)
Gaylen was born in Hawaii but has been away for much too long and has loved her move to Kauai two years ago. Last year, Gaylen could be seen on the Kauai Community Players stage as Hayley in "Mamma Won’t Fly" and Sharon in "The Roommate." Gaylen is delighted to be involved with the Hawaii Children’s Theater and the professional and talented people who have undertaken this upbeat musical.
Max Richardson (Horton)
Max Richardson split his childhood between Kauai and California, but in 2019 decided to make Kauai his forever home. This is his first leading role, and he's thrilled to be playing a good guy for once! You may have seen him in the HCT After Dark show "Spring Awakening," or as Sergei the Russian mobster in the HCT Fall Show "Matilda the Musical." He's also enjoyed performing in a few KCP productions, including "All My Sons" (as George), "The Rocky Horror Show," and the teleplay "Elvis;" as well as working behind the scenes in numerous others. Max is very excited to be in another show with so many of his good friends!
Asher Gaines (Jojo)
Asher is ten years old and has tried to be in as many plays as he could. You may have seen him in KCP's “All My Sons” as Bert and in HCT's "Once on this Island, Jr." and "Aristocats, KIDS". Asher loves to tap dance, and he can be really focused! He is so excited to perform for you!
Kyla Valentino (Jojo)
Kyla is ten years old and has been performing with HCT for the last few Summers. Kyla performed in "Aristocats KIDS" as Marie, and in HCT's "Once on this Island, Jr." She has been singing her entire life, literally. Kyla has been taking voice lessons with Dolly for two years. Kyla loves to write her own songs, music, stories and perform on stage. She also loves hula, horses, & sports.
Caitlin Plowman (Mayzie La Bird)
Caitlin is 13-years-old, and she participated in HCT since she was 5-years-old. Along with performing in seven productions with HCT, she also has performed in two high school KPAC productions. Caitlin’s favorite roles are Mrs. Potts in "Beauty and the Beast, Jr." and Ti Moune in "Once On This Island, Jr." She loves to sing; she enjoys musical theater; and she dances in the Elite Company at Aloha Dance Studio.
Gabrielle Davidson (Gertrude McFuzz)
Gabby grew up on Kauai and has been involved in the local theater for many years. You may have seen her most recently back in January as Anne in the KCP production of "All My Sons" alongside Max (Horton), Tom (the Mayor), Asher (Jojo), and Gaylen (the Cat) behind the scenes as stage manager! The theater you are standing in is her favorite in the world, as she has so many happy memories here, and she is so glad to have the opportunity to play Gertrude in it. By day she works from home as a software engineer and also likes yoga and learning to do all kinds of things on YouTube, from fixing her laptop to cutting her hair. She hopes you enjoy the show!
Tom Worthen (Mr. Mayor)
Tom Worthen is a recent transplant to Kauai from Utah. He received his BFA in acting from Utah State University and has performed in numerous productions over the years. Recently he performed with Kauai Community Players in “All My Sons” and in “Mama Won’t Fly.” He also has performed for the Hanapepe’s Storybook Theater in their Annual Shakespeare productions. "It is a joy to work with this cast and my “Purrfect” wife Gaylen as The Cat in the Hat."
Rayna Shafter (Mrs. Mayor)
Rayna is beyond excited to be back on stage with HCT for her first Fall Show in a long time. She’s always loved theatre, and her recent roles include Martha from “Spring Awakening” in HCT After Dark, and she felt lucky to be a part of HCT’s “Leave a Light On” cabaret singing for Christine from “Be More Chill” though Covid limitations were still strict. Some of her favorite roles were Belle in HCT’s “Beauty and the Beast, Jr.” and Elsa in HCT’s “Frozen, Jr.” In her free time, she’s either singing, playing piano, or cruising at the beach with friends. Next year, she hopes to continue her theatre journey by pursuing a minor in theatre when she goes off to college. Special thanks to her mom, Renate, for pushing her to be a part of this musical and for being her #1 supporter during every performance she’s ever had.
Larry Richardson (General Genghis Kahn Schmitz)
As a lifelong performer, Larry credits his mom for instilling in him a love of musical theater. A familiar face to Kauai audiences, he was most recently seen in Stephen Sondheim's "Company," and with HCT as Mr. Wormwood in "Matilda" and Amos in "Chicago". Larry is especially excited to be sharing the stage with his son Max in "Seussical" and he truly hopes you enjoy the show!"
Sabryn Rudinoff (Sour Kangaroo)
Sabryn has participated in HCT productions for 10 years now, and is so exited to be casted as the Sour Kangaroo in this years show, Seussical the Musical. She has previously played the roles of Ms. Wormwood ("Matilda the Musical"), Rosalie Mullins ("School of Rock"), and Little Red Riding Hood ("Into The Woods"). When she is not performing she is singing at gigs around the island, shooting portrait photography, and writing songs on her guitar.
Delphina Carlson (Young Kangaroo)
Delphina is ten years old and has been in as many plays as available at her school throughout the years. Her last performance was at Anaina Hou where she played Miss Who in "A Wrinkle In Time." She loves to sing, dance and act. As a matter of fact she danced Hula at this same location which she was absolutely overjoyed to do! She is grateful for this opportunity to be a part of HCT fall show and feels it will be really fun to watch!
Luna Selena Mendonca (Young Kangaroo & Cadet)
Luna Selena is nine years old and she is excited to be in her third show. Most recently Luna Selena played Little Ti Moune in "Once On This Island, Jr." with the Hawaii Children’s Theatre. She loves theatre, dance, gymnastics, and swimming. Luna loves Kauai but she is a world traveler who dreams of moving to freezing cold Alaska someday.
Fia Gaines (Bird Girl)
Fia is twelve and has been performing for as long as she can remember. She is super excited to participate in "Seussical!" You may have seen her in HCT's Fall Shows "Matilda the Musical," "Newsies," and "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang." Fia has also performed in HCT's Summer Stars shows for 8 years.
Karlie Goldberg (Bird Girl)
Karlie is 14 and has previously performed in 9 HCT productions. Her biggest roles include Matilda in "Matilda the Musical" and Erzulie in "Once on This Island, Jr." Karlie has experience in hula, tap, jazz, ballet, and contemporary dance. Karlie loves participating in shows alongside her castmates, and is excited to play a Bird Girl in "Seussical".
Leora Jefferson (Bird Girl)
Leora is fifteen years old and was born and raised in Kauai. She has been performing in musical theatre with HCT for the last 5 years. Some of her recent roles were Duchess in "Aristocats KIDS" and Mrs. Oaken in "Frozen, Jr.". In her free time she loves making art, cooking and singing. She was recently singing in a band with Bandwagon Music.
Margaret McLeod (Bird Girl)
Margaret started in Summer Stars when she was nine years old and totally fell in love with performing. Seven years later she hasn’t missed a Fall Production or a Summer Stars show. The last two years she worked as an Intern for both the Summer Stars morning and afternoon programs. That experience has shown her that her commitment to theatre stretches beyond being on stage, and now she’s excited to learn more about the other aspects of putting on a full theatrical production.
Makenna Olson (Bird Girl)
After a nine year “intermission”, Makenna is delighted to return to the stage. This is her ninth production with HCT— the most recent of which was the 2013 production of ‘The Sound of Music’ in which she played Liesl von Trapp. In the interval Makenna received her BFA in Public Relations and Journalism from the University of Southern California. She is particularly thrilled to be back on island and working on "Seussical" as it was the first ever musical in which she was cast (thank you, Jennifer Downs!!)
Skylar Shim (Bird Girl)
Skylar has a stinky dog but actually really likes cats. She has been doing theatre with HCT for 8 years, and is looking forward to this performance. Her favorite Dr. Seuss story is The Lorax.
Tristan “Rozz” Fiorovich (Wickersham Brother)
Rozz Has performed in many theatrical productions, such as "Clue," "Aristocats KIDS," "The Brunch Club," and "Once on this Island, Jr." Rozz also takes jazz and tap dancing lessons at Carol Culver’s Dance Academy, as well as home taught hip hop and break dancing. Rozz is extremely excited to perform in this years “Seussical” as a Wickersham Brother.
Adam Nelson (Wickersham Brother)
Adam is 11 years old. He enjoys acting and is grateful that HCT can provide that experience. He has performed as Tonton Julien in the HCT production of "Once on this Island, Jr.". He dances tap and jazz at Carol Culver’s Dance Academy. He also enjoys playing the piano, reading, and video games.
Kai Olson (Wickersham Brother)
Kai is no stranger to the theater. Growing up on Kauai, Kai took part in many productions as a cast member as well as behind the scenes work such as lighting/sound/Orchestra/etc. Some of these include “The Jungle Book”, “Into the Woods”, “Aladdin”, “The Wiz”, and “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” to name a few. Kai is also a musician, cook, farmer, and an avid lover of Fantasy and Science Fiction. He is looking forward to his next adventure.
Finnegan Warrack (Wickersham Brother)
Finnegan has been in a lot of plays such as “Space Adventure”, “Barnyard Moo-sical", "Aesop's Fables”, “Stuart Little”, and "Once on This Island, Jr." He does karate classes four days a week so he is good at combat. He is best suited for side roles and roles that are a bit less important than the lead. Finnegan is a first level black belt.
Oliver Jordan  (The Grinch, Yertle the Turtle, and Vlad Vladikov)
Oliver Jordan is 13 years old and has always enjoyed theatre. He has been in a few school shows, and this is his first time performing with HCT. Oliver's most recent production was "Alice in Wonderland: Urban Edition," with Island School. He has been singing from a very young age and is quite passionate about it. He is so happy to be a part of this show and is excited to perform in front of everyone.
Violet Parker (Thing 1 & Cadet)
Violet was born on Kauai and this is her very first musical theater production. She has watched her older sisters in HCT musicals for years and is excited to follow in their footsteps and into her own spotlight. She loves surfing, skiing, camping, dance and gymnastics classes, and spending time with her friends, family, and pets.
GraceJoy Clement Collins (Thing 2 & Cadet)
GraceJoy is 9 years old, born and raised on Kaua’i and attends Hanalei School. GraceJoy’s passions are singing, song writing, dance and rollerskating. GraceJoy had been a part of HCT since she was 5 years old and is very excited for her first Fall production.
Starlee Belmonte (Jungle Citizen)
Starlee is 13 years old and this will be her first performance with HCT. She is super excited and thankful to have been given a role and an opportunity to perform in “Seussical!" She has performed in plays when she attended Kilauea Elementary School and has done performing arts and chorus at Kapaa Middle School, which she currently attends. She dances hula for a Hula Halau and has done 2 Hō’ikes. Performing is one of her greatest passions!
Ashlynn Bouck (Who)
Ashlynn is ten years old and excited to be returning to the Hawaii Children's Theater stage, having previously been seen in their Summer Stars performance. Ashlynn has been in dance since she was 7 years old and will be continuing her study of dance including Tap, Jazz, and Musical Theater. Ashlynn is honored to be cast in "Seussical" along side so many great members of the Kauai community.
Jacy Burris (Who & Cadet)
Jacy is eleven years old and has done dance with Kauai Dance Theatre for eight years and this will be her 5th HCT production. She wants to be in movies one day. She enjoys reading books and being with her amazing friend Maya.
Aileia Cassler (Who)
This is Aileia’s debut performance. She has always loved musicals and can often be found singing her heart out in the shower, car, and all around the house. When she's not doing that, she enjoys dancing hula, playing golf, and swimming.
Aria Light (Who & Cadet)
Aria is ten years old and was born on Kauai. She loves theatre, music, and dance. She performed in the 2018 Summer Stars Gala. She takes jazz and used to also take tap dance classes with Carol Culver. She is so excited to perform for you!
Hi'ilei Berg (Jungle Citizen)
Hi’ilei is 10 years old. This is her second production with Hawaii Childrens Theater. She recently played the role of Asaka, Mother of the Earth in “Once on This Island, Jr.” Hi’ilei is a model, she has done campaign editorials as well as participated in multiple fashions shows including productions in both New York & LA Fashion Week. She had a principle role in the Hallmark Movie, Hidden Gems. Hi’ilei is the current Miss Hawaii Sr. Elementary America 2023. Presently, she is taking singing lessons and continues into her 8th year of dancing hula. Hi’ilei is loving her experience in "Seussical."
Eva Light (Jungle Citizen)
Eva is 13 years old and loves theater. She has been in numerous plays with HCT. You may have seen her in "Matilda the Musical" a few years back. She's been to Logan Utah on and off over the last year and participated in "Legally Blonde, Jr.". She's done dance with Ms. Carol and others over the years and can't wait for you to see our show!
Maile Love (Who)
Maile Love is 10 years old and was born and raised on Kauai. She has been singing and dancing since she could talk and walk. She has performed in some school plays at Island School, and this is her first time performing with Hawaii Childrens Theater! Being cast as a Who is a dream come true!
Jackson Mahorney (Who & Cadet)
Jackson is ten years old and has experience performing in "Once on this Island, Jr." as well as May Day and after school theater at Hanalei School. He also creates adventure and gaming videos and loves everything that is funny. He also likes dogs, cheese, mullets, alpacas, pickles, pancakes and sloths.
Justine Nelson (Who & Cadet)
Justine is 9 years old and takes Jazz, Tap, and Ballet lessons with Carol Culver. She enjoyed Summer Stars this summer and is excited for the Fall Show. She loves cats, books, and acting.
Halley Robert (Jungle Citizen)
Halley is 10 years old. She has never been in a show with HCT, but has done other plays out of HCT. She likes salamanders, cheese, music, dancing, candy, trees, nature, and her friends. Halley is super excited to work with HCT this fall, for "Seussical" and meet such great people. She grew up in Arizona and moved out to Kauai when she was 7 and has two dogs.
Echo Rohner (Jungle Citizen)
Echo has worked with Hawaii Children’s Theatre for six years now. You may have seen her as Grandma Tala in the HCT’s fall production of "Moana, Jr." last year. She is a senior in high school now and "Seussical" will officially be her last HCT fall production before she goes off to college next year. Echo has developed a true passion for theatre and wishes to continue to study theatre in her college years.
Rory Shim (Jungle Citizen)
Rory is in 5th grade and is looking forward to performing in her first fall show with HCT. She last performed with HCT in the Summer Stars Galas in 2017 and 2018. Rory enjoys cooking, reading, playing the piano, and sleeping. Her favorite Dr. Seuss book is "Go, Dog. Go!"
Briana Rose Vastola (Who)
You may have seen Briana in other HCT productions in such roles such as Pua in "Moana Jr." and Mama Euralie in "Once on this Island, Jr." She has an extensive dance background of many years training in classical ballet, tap, jazz, and hula. She has been seen in many professional ballet productions at the San Diego Civic Theatre, including racking up 6 years in the California Ballet Company’s "The Nutracker". Briana has spent the past few years focusing on her singing and ukulele while studying with her music teacher Charlotte Littlehales. Bri is very excited for another awesome HCT experience and she hopes you enjoy the show!
Luke Vastola (Who & Cadet)
Luke has a background in classical ballet. He has preformed in professional ballets with the California Ballet Company in multiple productions, such as "Cinderella" and "The Nutcracker" at the San Diego Civic Theatre. He has always had a great joy for singing, and is excited to be in his first HCT show. Being a Who and Cadet has been very fun and he can’t wait for you to see the show!
Ululena Vincent (Who & Cadet)
Ululena Vincent is a haumana in Papa ʻEkolu at Kawaikini. Ululena loves dance, starting with ballet from the age of two, and also enjoys learning hip-hop, tap, musical theater, contemporary, and jazz. She also enjoys going to gymnastics, hoe waʻa, and learning the violin and Tahitian ukulele. During free time, Ululena likes creating nature art and painting, or will go with her dad to walk their dog and mālama their community by collecting ʻōpala. Ululena really enjoyed participating in HCT’s Summer Stars for the last two summers and is very excited to be a part of “Seussical”, her first musical production.
Katie Mae Carlson (Circus Performer)
strength through the circus arts. She has been working with Storybook Theater and Soul Fire productions for many years. Her daughter was involved with HCT's Summer Stars and this is her first time with Hawaii Children's Theater!
Ron Soderstrom (Circus Performer)
Ron Soderstrom is a professional Hypnotist and Entertainer. Bringing out your Laughter with Stage Hypnosis Shows. And keeping you on the Edge of your seat with Fire and LED performances! Dancing in HCT’s “Matilda” showed him how much HCT Cares and Supports their students. Giving them solid foundations for the lives they have ahead. It’s for these reasons he looks forward to help light up the stage in their newest production!