The Motherf**ker with the Hat by Stephen Adly Guirgis Cast

Garrett Miller (Jackie)
My name is Garrett Miller. I'm originally from San Diego CA but am based now in NYC. Along with the love we all received from doing this show in the first round I just genuinely love the character of Jackie and the play as a whole and I think thats why it was so well received. Jackie is trying to get his shit together having recently been released from Jail. He's got a lot of demons and all the demons are showing up at once but Jackie is a fighter so if you swing he's gonna swing back. It's heartbreaking and fun to watch all at the same time. I love it!!! and am excited for you all to see it.
Sabrina Gómez (Veronica)
Hello, I'm Sabrina Gómez, an actress and singer based in New York City. I'm so excited to play Veronica again! Originally from Venezuela, I grew up in Costa Rica. At the age of 4, I started vocal training and fell in love with performing. Leading me to the world of musical theatre, where I discovered my love for acting. For me, performing is not just about entertaining. It's also about representing my culture and bringing joy to those who watch.
Michael James Duran (Ralph D.)
Hi, I'm Michael James Duran. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas and moved to NYC during the height of COVID to study at the Stella Adler Conservatory. I've played Elliot in Water by the Spoonful, Christian in Ruined, and Antipholus of Syracuse in Comedy of Errors. Thank you to my friends, family, and teachers for all the love and support.
Peter Grullon (Cousin Julio)
Hi my name is Peter Grullon. I’m from Washington Heights in New York City, and I play Cousin Julio. What I love about the show is firstly the characters. My character cousin Julio lives in the heights and so being from heights I really love how true these characters ring to me. Some of the them remind of my own family, so through all the betrayal and lies in this play that there still a whole lotta love.
Phanie Cherres (Victoria)
Hi! I’m Phanie Cherres and I’m once again playing Victoria in MFWTH. I grew up in Mexico City and one of my favorite lines in the show is "what are we europeans or some sh*t?!"