The Queen of Comedy Contributors

Rachael Tschari (Host)
Rachael Tschari's quirky charm paired with her blunt humor makes her deliver a unique brand of comedy. She was featured at the 2019 New York Theater Festival and at the Compass Performing Arts Center in Buffalo, NY. She is a regular at The Punchline in Philadelphia and The Producer's Club in NYC. As a nationally touring comedian, her career has led her to share the stage with Rick Matthews, Pat McGann, and Harland Williams.
Madison Sedlor (Producer, Judge)
Madison Sedlor is thrilled to present GBP's first all female comedy show! Past Producer Credits Include: 2018 Emerald Terrace, Liquidation, In Crazy Love, You & Me, four Spooky One Act Festivals (GBP) Out of the Box, and Once We Were Lost (48 Hour Film Festival) Madison is a local actor, producer, and playwright who is proud to call Buffalo her home. Her play, Keep a Little Soul was produced Off-Off Broadway at the New Thrills One Act Festival In the summer of 2019 and continues to be produced around the country. Additionally, Madison has written several screenplays for the 48 Hour Film Project. Her team's film No Grapes No Glory took home six awards in the New York City chapter’s 48 Hour Film Project in 2015. She will also be published: Smith & Kraus’ “Best Female Monologues of 2021” as well as Fragmented Voices’ “Home Anthology” for flash fiction. She is so happy to give the women of WNY a space to perform. Sending a ton of love to Mom, Dad, and John for their continuous love and support.
Ellen Scherer (Producer, Judge)
Ellen C. Scherer has been waiting with bated breath to be a judge for GBP Comedy Queen since late 2019! She's thrilled to continue highlighting new and marginalized voices in this new, women-focused event! Ellen is a co-founder, producer, writer, director, editor, and actor for Green Buffalo Productions.
Producer, Cinematography (Zack Hatrick)
Comic (Gabby Garcia)
Gabby Garcia is new to the comedy scene and has primarily performed in Rochester, where she has found the community to be incredibly welcoming and supportive. Gabby is excited to continue connecting with audiences through laughter and awkward body language.
Comic (Katarina Freja Valentine)
Katarina Freja Valentine is a stand up comedian based in the city of Buffalo N.Y. As a transgender black woman, she brings a unique voice and presence to the stage. She uses her comedy to both entertain as well as educate audiences. ("I just want to show the world that we're just regular people. We're not the monsters they portray us to be.") Quirky, charming, and irreverent; this young trailblazer is sure to bring the laughter wherever she goes!
Comic  (Halena Torres)
Halena Torres is 26 years old and lives in Buffalo, NY. She has an Associate’s Degree in Fine Arts and Science from Erie Community College City Campus and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theater Arts from Buffalo State College. Her most recent acting role was as Shannon in the Audio play Inaction. Her training includes acting, directing, and play production. Her special skills include painting, cooking, tap-dancing, drawing, and play writing.
Comic (Maya B. )
Maya B. is a 27 years old, Buffalo native, who started doing comedy in Summer 2021. She's performed at many open mic nights at Milkie's, OSB Ciderworks, and Mr. Goodbar. She's coined herself "Buffalo's Favorite Sarcastic Lesbian".
Comic (Sara Shipley)
Sara Shipley is a quick-rising star within the Upstate, NY Comedy scene. A performance triple threat - Improvisor, Actor, and Comedian, Sara has opened for some of the biggest names in comedy including Jim Norton, Tim Meadows, and Gary Gulman. You can catch Sara performing regularly in Rochester, NY at the Comedy at the Carlson. Sara is also a regular performer at The Focus Theater as a member of The Urge Improv team and as the co-producer/host of the monthly variety show, The Comedy Grab Bag.
Comic (Claire Dee)
Claire Dee is a Comedian born and raised in Buffalo, New York, Her style can be described as risque and fun. From her unfortunate dating experiences to her weekend shenanigans, Claire breaks-down the party life into hilarious stories that are all too relatable. Claire plays on her “basic” tendencies to demonstrate the ridiculousness of many societal standards of women and dating. Like a trainwreck you won’t be able to look away, But unlike a trainwreck, you will be laughing the entire ride. Claire Dee has been booked on a variety of different local Comedy shows throughout Western New York and has also performed in California. Claire has been lucky enough to feature on shows with big headliners such as Judah Friedlander and Josh Potter.
Comic (Kaitlyn Scanlon)
Kaitlyn Scanlon is known for her ability to make you uncomfortable, but in a fun way. From her deep lunge to her openness about things most people know to keep to themselves. She will have you thinking “did she really just say that,” and then she will say something else inappropriate. From growing up poor to being your friendly neighborhood… girl. Katie’s unique brand of comedy delivers a wildly un-informed, sex positive message, with too much energy and a smile.
Comic (Sarah Henderson)
is actress & writer with a deep love of comedy: specifically standup. Sh'es never done stand up before but she's always wanted to try it. She's been in several different comedic productions and always manage to get some laughs. She is a co-writer and co-star of animated comedy show, Hard Times, which can be found on YouTube.
Comic (Annamarie DiPalma)
is a comedian from Buffalo NY, and has been booked on several different local comedy shows including Tudor Lounge Comedy Showcase, 7&7 Comedy at Casey's, and Comedy at Babeville.
Russ (Nell)
Nell Russ has been doing comedy for a little over 4 years now, frequenting as many mics in Rochester as she can. She has also performed in Buffalo among other places. Her style of comedy is a bit slower and ponderous than other comics but it works well for her! Some interesting facts: She's done a 1000 pieces jigsaw puzzle in 3 hours and can recall conversations and other autobiographical memories, lines from tv shows and movies in exact detail from years ago.
Comic (Cindy Arena)