About The Queen of Comedy

Green Buffalo Productions is on the lookout for the 15 funniest women in Western New York to be the funniest women! Our favorite Buffalo comic, Rachael Tschari, will be the host for this new event. 

Comics will perform before a panel of judges, and the winner will receive an actual crown, $100 cash prize, and the title of GBP's Comedy Queen 2021!

We are offering two different packages for our comics:

Basic Bitch $10: This will get you a 5 minute time slot.

Extra Bitch $15: This will get you a 5 minute time slot and a recording of your set!

Love comedy but don't see yourself on the stage? You can still come out to support your local ladies and vote for your favorite set! The audience favorite will be crowned GBP Duchess of Jokes! There will be a $5 cover charge either at the door or pre-paid here on our website!

Green Buffalo Productions

Our mission is to bring attention to underrepresented voices in the Western New York community by producing new works of theater and providing resources for unpublished writers. 

​Our three main objectives are:

  • To foster the creation and production of original works of theater
  • To provide opportunities for marginalized writers and performers by remaining accessible and encouraging.
  • To enrich our community through meaningful collaboration

Green Buffalo Productions is a team of young professionals working in theatre, art, and creative writing. We're a woman-owned business dedicated to WNY; producing only original work while remaining a resource for marginalized creators. Each of our team members brings distinct talents to our company, ensuring we can oversee every step of the production process.

Green Buffalo Productions is here to help take your work from page to stage. Services include but are not limited to: editing, organizing, directing, sourcing local talent for productions, and performing.

​Our love for Buffalo drives us to keep our work local and fresh with a collaborative spirit. We have recently partnered with the Buffalo Theatre Workshop in order to connect with more budding playwrights in the Buffalo area.  

Green Buffalo Productions is focused on YOU! We treat every actor, writer, and director as a valued member of our family. You will have face-time with each founding member of our company, providing opportunity to determine if we’re the right match for your piece. We focus on maintaining the integrity of your craft and ensuring your vision is brought to life.