About The Egg and I

A Comedy in Two Acts

"Chickens?" gasps Betty MacDonald when her husband Don buys a little farm in the mountains with no electricity or running water. "Who, us?" shriek teenage daughters, Anne and Joan, when asked to help. When they find themselves surrounded by peeping chicks, all sorts of adventures follow. We meet nosey neighbors, a pushy door-to-door saleswomen, and surprise guests from the city as this heartwarming comedy unfolds. Just when failure threatens the chicken farm, they realize that they are not quitters and learn to cope with The Egg.  

As a book, “The Egg and I” made publishing history. It sold over 1,300,000 copies, went through twenty-four printings, and has been translated into six foreign languages. Now as a delightful play, here are the humorous struggles of a lovable family with the Mighty Egg.

Fresta Valley Christian School

Fresta Valley’s drama club is open to all students in the seventh through twelfth grades, and uses elementary students depending on the needs of the production.  Its goal is to reclaim the performing arts for God’s glory by staging both secular and religious works with positive themes in an edifying fashion.  Performing popular, well-written, and time-honored pieces gives students the opportunity to exercise their dramatic talents while gaining an appreciation for the creative talents God has given both Christians and non-Christian playwrights and composers.

We hope that you will join us for The Egg and I.