Footloose Cast

Ren McCormack (Dawson Blackburn)
This is Dawson's 7th show at FHS, he is super excited to perform for you. He would like to thank his friends and family for supporting him through this process. He hopes you enjoy the show!
Ariel Moore (Kylie Sumner)
Kylie is so stoked to perform for you all, and is thankful for her amazing director and wonderful cast who made this production possible. She would like the audience to know that the bridge simply makes her look small, in reality she is 6"5. Enjoy the Show!
Shaw Moore (Owen Minor)
Owen is so excited to get be apart of his 4th production here at Franklin High School. He has had a great time working with Miss Capps and the rest of the production team as they’ve pushed him and helped him grow as an actor. He wants to thank you for coming to see the show and can’t wait to put on this production of Footloose!
Vi Moore (Remington Prado Bonner)
Remington is a junior who’s passionate about expressing herself through creative outlets like singing, drawing, writing, and, of course, acting. This is her first acting experience, and she’s loved every minute of it! She’s so excited to be a part of the Footloose cast, and she can’t wait to see how far she can go with her acting both in and out of the FHS theater department.
Rusty (Eleni Ertel)
This is Eleni's first and sadly last show here at Franklin. Some of the best memories she has with this production are spending many lunch periods with Tatum and Lauren working on their harmonies. She wants to thank her mom for giving her the perfect "80's hair."
Willard Hewitt (Weston Poff)
Hey crazies. It’s me Poff here. I just wanted to thank you cuties for coming out to support the FHS theater. I hope you enjoy this show that will change your life. Love you all. Bye now.
Urleen (Tatum Lander)
Tatum is a freshman at Franklin high school. She has been involved in musical theater for 5 years. She’s grateful and excited to have the opportunity to play Urleen. She thanks the cast and crew for everything. A special thanks to Eleni and Lauren for all there support during this process. She hopes you enjoy the show!
Wendy Jo (Lauren Zaring)
Lauren is excited to be participating in her 6th show here at Franklin. She has enjoyed her flourishing friendship with Tatum and Eleni. She is thrilled to be working with such an amazing cast and director.
Ethel McCormack (Abby Webb)
Abby Webb is so excited to be playing Ethel in Franklin's production of Footloose! She has been in over 20 productions over her high school career, including 7 FHS productions. She would like to thank the department for an amazing 4 years. She can't wait for you to see the show.
Chuck Cranston (Logan Plowman)
This is Logan's fourth show here at FHS. He is very excited to play a role he normally wouldn't play. He is thrilled for everyone to see the story come alive on stage.
Cowgirl/Ensemble (Oharah Neese)
Howdy everyone! Oharah is so excited to play the Cowgirl, and hopes you enjoy her outfit just as much as she does. She is also so excited to act with all of her friends, who she has had the pleasure of creating this amazing production with.
Principal Clark (Jackson Moore)
This is Jackson’s first show at FHS and he is really excited. It’s been a roller of a process and since he loves roller coasters we assume he’s having fun.
Wes/Lyle (Quinn Ryan)
This Quinn's fourth production here at Franklin. He is excited to take part in his first real speaking part. He hopes you enjoy the show!
Betty Blast (Jackie Badalian)
Travis (Russel Warsetsky)
Russell is thrilled to be performing in this production of Footloose. This is his 5th show at Franklin. He has enjoyed working with the cast and crew and is excited for everyone to see the performance.
Cowboy Bob/Jeter (Luke Bowman)
This is Luke Bowman’s 3rd play at Franklin High School. He would like to thank the cast, crew, and the directors. Luke hopes you love the show, but mostly “Still Rockin
Ensemble (Sophia Sullivan)
Sophia has absolutely loved being in this cast and meeting such talented people. Everyone here is so nice and welcoming! I can’t wait for you all to see us cut loose!
Cop/Ensemble (Harper Brabson)
Eleanor Dunbar (Avery Canseco)
Avery Canseco will be performing as the role of Eleanor Dunbar. Avery has been doing theater since middle school, mainly in featured dancing roles. She can’t wait to perform for everyone in her first show as a freshman here at Franklin High School!
Ensemble (Keren Rosen)
This is Keren's second show at Franklin and she is thrilled to perform for you all! She would like to thank all the staff who worked on this production for all her energy and dedication to the show.
Ensemble (Melody Brooke Myers)
Melody Brooke is so excited to perform her third show at Franklin High School! She has really enjoyed this experience and wishes everyone luck!
Ensemble (Walker Squires)
Walker Squires This is his first show at Franklin. He has been in 6 shows over the last four years. This includes The Addams Family and Aladdin. He looks forward to being in many more shows here
Ensemble (Ella Holt)
Ella is so excited to be performing onstage in her first play (that actually ended up happening) at FHS! She has been doing theatre for years and loves spending time onstage. Despite the previous complications that COVID brought to theatre, it is so exciting to be able to perform again. She is so grateful to everyone for coming to watch and hopes that you enjoy the show!
Ensemble (Ella Erickson)
Ella Erickson is very excited to be performing her first high-school production as an ensemble member! She is a freshman and has done theatre for 5 years. Everyone in this cast has worked so hard and Ella is ready for everyone to see this incredible show!
Ensemble (Emmie McComas)
Emmie McComas is thrilled to participate in her first high school production as a member of the ensemble! Shes loved theatre for years and honored to get the opportunity to be a part of the cast of Footloose!
Garvin (Adam Eisenbeck)
Bickle (Kyle Dyra)
Coach Roger Dunbar (Grant Hays)
Ensemble (Cali Moore)
Ensemble (Hannah Ashburn)
Hey y’all! This is Hannah’s 3rd and final show with FHS Theatre. Over the past two years, she’s loved being a part of ensemble and ‘Footloose’ has been her most favorite. She’s so excited for everyone to see the show!
Lulu (Emma Brazzel)
I’m so excited for you to see the show! This is my first show at Franklin High School. I loved the theatrical process in middle school and I am so glad to be back. This has been so much fun and I’ve loved being apart of the cast. Enjoy!