About Adventures in Theater

Sample Programming


8:30am: Drop Off - Easy Activity (coloring, puzzle, dance along video)

9:00- 9:35: Morning Activity- Movement Activity that Introduces the Theme 

Movement based activity which introduces the theme of the day, and allows students to explore the space and interact with a given concept or idea such as physical theater types, improv, props, costumes etc. 

9:45- 10:45: Introduction of the Daily Main Concept

Using video, clips, music and tutorials we will demonstrate the main concept of the day and explain how it influences theater as a whole. This will be the core “teaching” moment for the overall learning expectations. Seated small group optional activity. Will include student and teacher sharing, student discussion, and turn and talk moments. 

11:00- 11:30: Free Play Outside (weather permitting)

11:30- 12:00: Lunch 

12:00pm: View into Technical Theater 

Students will participate in an on-theme activity which highlights a non-acting element of theater, such as lighting design, sound design, costume play, prop development, etc. Some exercises might include sound design challenges/trivia games, color theory, matching characterization and costumes, gobo design, and much more! 

2:00pm: Favorite Moments

Students will have the opportunity to show any work from the day that they were proud of. This may entail group share sections, individual performances, or praise for other’s work. 

2:30: Easy Closing Activity and Pick Up (coloring, puzzle, dance along video)


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