About Passport to Christmas, a New Musical by Eric C. Jones, with music by Joshua Davis

Passport to Christmas is a heartwarming musical about dysfunctional siblings who are reunited by a challenge presented to them by their late music publishing father. The siblings must travel around the world in the 25 days of December (about 3 and a half weeks), using a scrapbook filled with holiday songs from the countries they explore. They must perform tasks and sing songs until they reach home on Christmas Day, where they will earn a big inheritance.

Exalted Arts Theatre Company

Exalted Arts exists to make God’s name famous through arts and entertainment.  The theater production company seeks to develop bridges between theater arts and Christian faith communities both locally and worldwide. Its mission, therefore, is to deliver inspirational theatrical events and performances to the people of Houston, Texas, and even the world.

The production team at Exalted Arts is dedicated to your enrichment and ready to support your appreciation for theater arts infused with light.