Othello Cast

Effrem Thomas (Othello )
Effrem has made a triumphant return to the stage after taking time off due to the pandemic! While he has produced over 100 shows since then he is now tackling his most challenging role yet, where he not only produces but also acts and directs. Effrem, who began his acting career at the tender age of 12, is now navigating the complex dynamics of balancing both directing and acting in a single production. This dual role demands a deep understanding of both crafts, showcasing his dedication and versatility in the world of theater.
Jamil Mckinney  (Iago)
Being a jack of all trades, Jamil has dipped his feet into many different hobbies and passions, but his heart is most full when he's on stage, especially under a spotlight. A confident and talkative lad, he loves to be the center of attention, and is more than excited to be in yet another fabulous production!
Manuela Benarbe (Desdemona)
Manuela is a freshman at SCC pursuing acting, and she has been acting since high school. She has mostly done work behind the scenes as a part of props but is excited to be on stage. Her favorite role so far is Sofia Rios in the original production Cuentame. This is her second show with EncoreSTL. She is very excited to be a part of this show and is happy to continue acting with them.
Traniece Lynette (Emilia)
-Born n raised STL native -Graduated from Southeast Missouri State University with a BA in Acting/Theatre In Spring 2020 -To pursue a future acting career in film/television
John David Duncan (Roderigo)
John David Duncan grew up in a small town in Oklahoma. From a very early age he showed an interest in acting and performing on stage. He took his love of acting into college where he acquired his Bachelors Of Fine Arts in theater from MSSU in 2012. He now resides in Saint Louis being a family man, a firearms instructor, and a local content creator on social media.
Arriel Cummings (Cassio)
Arriel Cummings is an alumni of the University of Missouri-St. Louis with her Bachelor of Fine Arts. Her training extends from acting, dance, and stage work. She has had multiple appearances on stage including August Wilson’s “The Piano Lesson” (Grace), “Intimate Apparel” (Mayme), “Camwood on the Leaves” (Mrs. Oloumorin), “Anton in Show Business” (T-Anne), and “The Vagina Monologues”. She assistant directed “The House of Spirits” at UMSL and “Stormy Monday” by local playwright Gregory S. Carr, which showcased at The St. Louis History Museum. She has also did screen work including a PSA for AIDS Awareness and wrote and directed her own short film “7/22”. She is committed to her craft and continues to master it through different avenues of art. It especially shines through her children Aria and Quincy who she loves dearly
Tammy O'Donnell (Duchess of Venice/Gratiano)
Tammy is "over the moon " to return to EncoreSTL. She was in the fall production, CUENTAME. Tammy would like to give thanks to the production staff and cast for this marvelous opportunity to perform in OTHELLO. Also, to all my friends, parishioners, and family for their support. Finally, last but not least, thanks Kevin!