About Othello


Why You Should See EncoreSTL's Production of Othello: A Story for Our Times

This May, EncoreSTL brings you a powerful production of Shakespeare's Othello, a timeless tragedy that resonates deeply with the African American and Latinx communities. But why is this play so important for us to see today?

A Mirror to Society:

Othello tells the story of a valiant Moorish general, Othello, who falls victim to the manipulations of a cunning villain. Themes of race, prejudice, and the devastating power of jealousy unfold in a way that feels shockingly contemporary. The play serves as a mirror to our society, reflecting the struggles for acceptance and equal footing that many people of color still face.

Representation Matters:

Seeing actors of color take center stage in a classic drama like Othello is a powerful experience. It allows us to connect with the characters on a deeper level, challenging stereotypes and celebrating the talent and artistry of Black and Latinx performers.

Lessons Learned:

Othello serves as a cautionary tale, reminding us of the dangers of manipulation and the destructive nature of prejudice. By witnessing the tragic downfall of the title character, we can learn valuable lessons about trust, communication, and the importance of seeing beyond the surface.

A Shared Experience:

Theater has the power to bring people together and foster understanding. Through this production, EncoreSTL aims to create a space for dialogue and connection within the African American and Latinx communities, as well as a bridge for the wider St. Louis audience to engage with these themes.

Othello is more than just a play; it's a conversation starter. It's a call for empathy and a celebration of diversity. Don't miss this opportunity to experience this powerful work of art live on stage at EncoreSTL.

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