Cuéntame Creative

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Project Lead + Director
Alexa Seda
Alexa Seda is a producer with EncoreSTL and excited to work along side the Latinx Arts Network STL to bring to life Latine stories for the St. Louis community to enjoy and experience. Alexa believes in the power of live performance to bridge cultures, break down barriers, and heal the spirit.
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Project Lead + Visual Artist
Carol Lara
Carol Lara is a visual artist from St. Louis, recently relocated to Illinois. She is a board member of the Latinx Arts Network in St. Louis and has been part of several storytelling projects throughout the years including Threads STL, Somos St. Louis (photography project), Immigrant women stories with Humans of St. Louis and Cuéntame. Her desire is to bridge gaps between humans by way of communication and empathy.
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Project Supporter
Elisa Bender
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Playwright +Executive Producer
Effrem Grettenberger
Effrem Grettenberger is a professionally trained and immensely talented individual who has made a profound impact in the world of performing arts. With a Theater degree specializing in directing, writing, and history in musical composition from Albion College in Michigan, Effrem possesses a diverse skill set that has propelled his success. With over a decade of experience as a drama therapist, Effrem has touched the lives of numerous individuals, utilizing the transformative power of theater to inspire healing and personal growth. His empathetic approach and deep understanding of human emotions have made him a trusted and sought-after practitioner in his field. Driven by his passion for the arts and a desire to create inclusive and empowering spaces, Effrem founded EncoreSTL, an innovative organization dedicated to promoting theater as a vehicle for personal and social transformation. Through EncoreSTL, he has cultivated a community of artists and enthusiasts who collaborate to bring meaningful and thought-provoking performances to audiences. Effrem's artistic vision, combined with his profound ability to connect with others, has made him a truly remarkable presence in the performing arts landscape. His commitment to his craft and unwavering dedication to using theater as a catalyst for positive change make him a true trailblazer in the industry.
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Company Stage Manager
Benisha Dorris Williams
Benisha Dorris has been involved in theatre since she was a small child, She has earned a Bachelor of Arts from Western Illinois University. She excels in all forms of art from stage plays to film. She has worked with the Encore! Theater Group, The Black Repertory, Metro Theatre and a few other theatre companies in the St. Louis area. She has performed major roles in a variety of productions such as “Smokey Joes Café”, “Little shop of Horrors”, “For Colored Girls”, and “Hair” just to name a few. Benisha continues to use her artistic ability to Entertain, Educate, and Instruct.

Original Creative Team

This project is executive produced by EncoreSTL in partnership with the Latinx Arts Network STL. Generous support has been received from the Whitaker Foundation, Regional Arts Commission, and Cherokee Street Improvement District.