Little Shop of Horrors Cast

Seymour  (Bo Garcia )
Bo is extremely excited to be performing in Little Shop of Horrors. This being his first major role in a full musical. Bo's other shows with Eastside High School include three other shows, including Ages Ago and Yesterday and She Kills Monsters. Little Shop of Horrors is his favorite musical and he is ecstatic to play Seymour. He wants to thank every single person who inspired him to be in shows. He wants to thank his peer's, past and present, for giving him the support to do shows. He also wants to thank his parents for always encouraging musical excellency.
Audrey (Lily Eyman)
Lily is a junior in the IB program and this is her sixth show at Eastside High School. Some of her previous shows include Xanadu, Ages Ago and Yesterday, and The Tempest. She is also a member of the International Thespian Society and the treasurer of Eastside’s thespian troupe. She would like to thank her friends, family, and Mrs. Meyers for all of their support and encouragement. She hopes that you will enjoy the show!
Seymour (Elena Frenock)
Elena is a junior in the IB program and is thrilled to participate in her sixth production with the Eastside thespians. She is vice president of thespian troupe 6380 and participated in Junior Thespians as well as productions with the Hippodrome Theatre and High Springs Playhouse. She is eternally grateful to the dedicated cast and crew, her family, Ms. Meyers, and Ms. Rollo for making this show possible amidst a global pandemic.
Audrey  (Leila Cooke)
Leila Cooke is a senior this year at Eastside. This is her 3rd musical theater production and is honored to be performing one of her dream roles before she graduates. When she’s not on stage, Leila loves to play volleyball, paint, and be with her family and friends. She would like to thank the directors for giving her this opportunity as well as her family for their endless support throughout her high school years.
Mr. Mushnik  (Angela Gattone)
ngela Gattone lives in Gainesville, Florida. She is a Junior at Eastside high school. She performed in yearly productions all throughout middle and elementary school and in Almost Maine, Xanadu, Ages Ago and Yesterday, and The Tempest at Eastside. This is her first musical since quarantine and she's glad to be sharing this twenty-year anniversary experience with her peers and theatre director Ms. Tammy Meyers.
Mr. Mushnik  (Early Whitaker)
Early is thrilled to be a part of her sixth production here at Eastside! She would like to thank the cast, crew, and our wonderful director Ms. Meyers for making troupe 6380’s return to the stage such a magical experience.
Orin (Rachael Elbl)
Rachael is a dual enrolled senior who has been in multiple shows before Little Shop of Horrors. She enjoys rollerskating, singing, and playing with her ferrets in her free time. Rachael would like to thank her parents, her ferrets, and Aaron Dispagno for supporting her.
Orin (Nadia Wegner)
This is Nadia’s senior year, fourth show, and first musical with Eastside’s theatre program. She loves playing big characters, especially villains, winning runner up for critic’s choice with the opening soliloquy of Richard III. She’s eager to finally show off her villain skills as Orin in the first week cast.
Crystal (Matdison Edwards)
Crystal (Elizabeth Offerle )
Elizabeth is a sophomore who was involved in Ages Ago and Yesterday, Butterside Down and the Tempest as well productions throughout Middle School. She is a member of the Thespian society and would like to thank her family and friends for their continued support.
Ronnette (Xavier Thomas)
Xavier is a Junior in the IB program! This is his debut performance with Eastside High-school! When he’s not drawing, he’s probably sleeping and hopes you enjoy this performance!
Ronnette (Kaliayah Dallas)
Kaliayah Dallas is a Senior who has always admired her drama peers. This year she has decided to take stand and join them. She would like to thank her friends and teacher for encouraging her. Finally she would like to thank herself for overcoming her fears and learning a little more about herself every day.
Chiffon (Megan Godwin)
Megan is a sophomore in the IB program and is so excited for you to see Eastsides production of Little Shop of Horrors! Megan has over 8 years of theater experience and preformed her first role on Eastside’s stage as Caliban in the Tempest. She would like to thank her family for taking the time out of their day to support her and get her from rehearsal, Ms.Meyers for giving her this opportunity to preform as an urchin, and especially to her best friend Guilherme for being so supportive and understanding especially through the audition process.
Chiffon (Dadrionna Rich)
She has been singing ever since 4th grade and still doing it but she's never played in a musical before and she's excited for this to be her first. She wants to thank her mom, her 4th grade teacher and all of her friends.
Audrey II (Maren Engebretsen)
Enjoys all forms of theatre. Was in the Tempest last year, playing the role of Sebastian. Has been in other shows at Westwood middle school, and has continued shows at Eastside high school. Would like to thank her parents for driving her, and thank Ms.Meyers and the casting team.
Audrey II Puppeteer (Raymond Francois)
Raymond is thrilled to be participating in the production of little shop of horrors as the puppeteer of Audrey 2. They have been apart of 2 productions prior known as butter side down and ages ago and yesterday. They also enjoy songs in musical theatre and anime.
Ensemble  (Zoe Levin )
Zoe is a sophomore who enjoys theater, singing, and art. She has participated in three years of live medieval re-enactments, and this is her second Eastside show. She wants to thank Ms. Meyers for this amazing opportunity!
Ensemble/Ms. Luce (Rebecca Levin)
Rebecca is currently a sophomore. This is her fourth show at Eastside. She would like to thank Ms. Meyers for this amazing opportunity, as well as her family for their support.
Patrick Martin (Patrick Martin )
Patrick Martin is a creative individual who enjoys partakes in the world of art and other media for his social media sites. When he isn’t telling you about his favorite monkey or his lust for Publix Italian subs, he is working on new pieces of art or designing clothing for his fashion brand that will “definitely make a comeback.” Little Shop of Horrors is one of his favorite musicals.
Ensemble (Sachin Joshi-Guske)
Sachin is a freshman who really enjoys acting. He is premiering in Little Shop of Horrors. Outside of theatre he enjoys soccer and tennis as well as reading.
Ensemble (Polina Antonenko)
Polina has been in the previous three shows at Eastside High School and is very excited to add this one to her resume. She would like to thank her family and friends for supporting her as she continues to do theatre.
Ensemble/Wino 1 (Rose Concannon)
Rose is a Sophomore at Eastside. She has previously had roles in “Ages Ago and Yesterday”, “Butter Side Down”, and “The Tempest” as well as middle school choir and theater. She is the Thespian recruitment officer. Rose would like to thank the best stage manager in the world, Lily Jefferson.
Skip Snip ( Emma Bennett)
Emma Bennett is a 9th grader and this is her first production and she is very excited to be in Little Shop!