Super Sidekick: The Musical Creative

Warren Weinstein
WARREN WEINSTEIN (Director) is a life-long Alaskan and overjoyed to bring this musical to the children of Anchorage. He enjoys reading science fiction stories, playing tabletop games with his friends, and performing improv.
Music Director
Autumn Levy
AUTUMN LEVY (Music Director) is having a SUPER time working on the music for Super Sidekick: The Musical! She loves to sing, dance, and play dress-up! If Autumn had a superpower, she would want the power of teleportation, so she could travel around the world!
Scenic Designer
Rachael Androski
RACHAEL ANDROSKI (Scenic Designer) is a superhero that loves to draw and paint! She lives with her husband and three ninja children in Tacoma, Washington.
Props Designer
Linda Benson
LINDA BENSON (Props Designer) Sometimes Linda’s kids think she’s nuts for collecting the things she does. But a lot of those things have been on stage. So there, kids.
Costume Designer
Dawn Charmie Johnson
DAWN CHARMIE JOHNSON (Costume Designer) has bright blue hair and makes costumes. One of her favorite costumes so far was a giant human worm suit. You can say “Hi” to her at the My Fairy Godmother Shoppe at 3 Barons Renaissance Fair. She loves dogs, toffee, sunshine, and Ninja Koalas.
Lighting Designer
Frank Hardy
FRANK HARDY (Lighting Designer) thinks lights are fun and that it’s good to be able to see the actors, and to make them different colors or moods, like happy or SPOOKY.
Stage Manager
Lisa Vitale
LISA VITALE (Stage Manager) is excited to bring the world of Blackjack and Inky to Anchorage. Her superpower is keeping things organized and her favorite superhero is Wonder Woman.

Additional Credits

For a full production playbill, please click here.