About Super Sidekick: The Musical

Super Sidekick, The Musical

by Gregory Crafts & Michael Gordon Shapiro

Action! Adventure! Romance! Ninja Koalas! There’s all this and more in Super Sidekick, the brand-new children’s musical from rising L.A. playwright Gregory Crafts (Friends Like These) and composer Michael Gordon Shapiro. When famous superhero Blackjack the Bold is kidnapped by an evil sorcerer, it’s up to his assistant Inky to step up and save the day! Little does he know that he’ll also have to contend with Ninja Koalas, dark caves, secret weapons, and an abducted princess who’s considerably braver than he is. Colorful characters, witty humor and an upbeat catchy score make Super Sidekick: The Musical a treat for young audiences! Sponsored in part by ConocoPhillips Alaska.

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