She Kills Monsters Cast

Anna Bogenschutz (Kaliope)
Anne Knudson (Vera)
Anne is a freshman at CHHS, has some high school theater experience from 𝘔𝘢𝘮𝘮𝘢 𝘔𝘪𝘢®, an affinity for tacos and mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches, a soft spot for her dog, and a habit of being louder on stage than in real life. Anne thanks you for taking time to read her bio!
Anthony Maratea (Puppeteer)
Ben Caputo (Chuck)
Ben is a Freshman at Croton Harmon High School and is so excited to be doing his first drama production at CHHS! He just finished his first show at CHHS in the production of Mamma Mia with the role of sky. Ben in his free time enjoys, Skiing, Music, Hanging out with Friends and Family, and going to see Broadway! He would like to thank his Croton Harmon directors:Jonathan Kapalan, Micheal Katzman, Sarah O'brien, Sally Barnes, and Christina Carmosino who all helped him express himself through theatre and music!
Bennett Turner (Orcus)
Ive never been in a play before, this is pretty cool. Im 17 and I enjoy making music, playing sports, and making fun videos with my friends. I like acting because its fun and I am happy to be here! Also, subscribe to my YouTube channel @realBennettTurner
Caroline Casieri (Agnes)
Caroline is thrilled to be playing the role of Agnes in her final show at Croton-Harmon High School. She would like to thank all her directors from the past four years for supporting her in theater, and her family and friends for always cheering her on.
Ingri Cabrera Lema (Puppeteer)
Ingri is just a puppeteer for She Kills Monsters, thats all :3
Isabelle McLoughlin (Evil Gabbi)
She is a junior in highschool who has been involved with theater since 6th grade. She has performed in Croton Harmon High School Performances such as Clue, and the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. Her favorite color is pink!
Juliana Mari (Lilith)
Juliana Mari is a junior. She loves old Hollywood movies and takes inspiration from her favourite actresses, like Bette Davis, Joan Fontaine, and Judith Anderson. Beyond that she enjoys writing fiction, studying French, singing opera, and sewing 1940s-style clothes—but her primary occupation is bemoaning the state of modern fashion in a Norma Desmond-esque manner!
Samantha Sparling (Farrah/Evil Tina)
I'm super excited to be part of She Kills Monsters! This is my third CHHS drama, also having been in Pants: A Collection of Shorts, and The Singing Telegram Girl in Clue. I was also part of Mamma Mia in fall 2023, playing Rosie. I will always look back fondly on my CHHS theater experiences. Thank you to my friends, family, and directors for everything along the way!
Sasha Ranis (Steve)
Sasha Ranis has appeared in plays and musicals since middle school. He has appeared recently playing British characters as Harry in Mamma Mia and Christopher in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.
Trevor Weisz (Miles)
Trevor Weisz is a senior at Croton Harmon High School. Very excited to be playing the role of Miles!
Zoe Conti (Tilly)
Zoë Conti is a senior and has been doing productions in Croton since 5th grade. As a dnd and fantasy nerd, she is very excited about She Kills Monsters. In the future she aspires to do all things film and theater.