Sherlock Holmes Creative

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Director of Performing Arts
Tom Kuchler
Mr. Kuchler, in his 8th year as Director of Performing Arts at CEC, is thrilled that CEC is performing its second annual fall play: Sherlock Holmes! Tom directs the school’s choral ensembles, and serves as the lead director/music director for the Spring Musical. In addition to CEC, Tom is the Director of Parish Music at St. Albert the Great Church in Huntingdon Valley, and sings Baritone with the professional choral group Elevation, through the Delaware Academy of Vocal Arts. Music has taken him across the globe to places like France, England, and Wales, and he is extremely excited to travel to New Zealand this upcoming summer with the Delaware Choral Scholars. He’d like to thank the CEC Administration, Faculty, & Staff for their constant support, the dynamic Creative Team members for this production, and the wonderfully talented and dedicated members of the Sherlock Holmes Cast & Crew!
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Jahmai Person
Mr. Person, is honored to be working with such a talented and dynamic cast. On and off the stage, Mr. Person focuses his work in all-things performing arts. In between helping to develop fine arts programs in the area, you can find him in national studios helping to write songs and laying down keyboard tracks for artists or producers. Mr. Person is proud to congratulate the cast for their patience, perseverance and hard work leading up to opening night.
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Lead Director
Ed Patton '67
Mr. Patton, a 1967 graduate of Bishop Egan High School, has been involved in Community and Semi-Pro Theater for 34 Years. Also during that time he found his way into High School productions, and for 17 years co-directed a fall production, house-managed the spring musical, and was the makeup coordinator in addition to teaching acting during the summer for a nearby school. His passion is theater and helping student actors succeed. He is humbled and honored to be involved with this production of "Sherlock Holmes." Mr. Patton thanks Mr. Kuchler, Mrs. Schiavone and Mr. Person for graciously accepting him into the fold of Conwell-Egan. Mr. Patton is especially proud of the talented cast and crew and thanks them for all of their hard work and especially their patience with him.
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Technical Director
Melissa Schiavone
Mrs. Schiavone has been involved in high school theater for 22 years, 3 schools, and 4 production babies. She loves to design, build, and paint sets and has used everything from a circular saw to a bedazzler to bring her visions to life. Mrs. Schiavone loves working with the production team, the actors, and stage crew. She thinks they are all delightfully weird! She is very proud of her students and can’t wait to see them perform!
Assistant Director
Luke Sullivan
Mr. Sullivan, in first year assisting with performing arts at CEC, is additionally a History teacher at CEC and the moderator for the CEC Chess Club. Luke is extremely proud to be a part of the school’s production of Sherlock Holmes and is grateful for all of the dedication and hard work the creative team, cast, and crew have put into this show.
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Lead Stage Manager
Bernard Mazzochi '25
Mr. Mazzocchi is a Junior, here, at Conwell-Egan. He is excited to participate in his 5th Conwell-Egan production; and his first show as a Stage Manager. Mr. Mazzocchi enjoys building sets and working Tech behind the scenes. He hopes you have a time at Conwell Egan Cathoic’s Sherlock Holmes!
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Stage Manager ll
Calleigh Joyce '25
Ms. Joyce is a Junior, here, at Conwell-Egan and is thrilled for everyone to see our production of Sherlock Holmes. This is her second show as a Stage Manager and she feels lucky to know the incredible people in the CEC Drama Department. Ms. Joyce loves to research physics and paint in her free time. She hopes you enjoy the show as much as she does!
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Stage Manager ll
Isabelle Mahoney-Perez '25
Ms. Mahoney-Perez is a Junior, here, at Conwell-Egan and has been involved in the CEC Drama Department since her Freshman year. This is her first show as stage manager and couldn’t be more thrilled. Her favorite part of the show is being behind the scenes. In Isabelle’s free time she likes to hang out with her friends and sleep. She hopes you enjoy the show!