Seussical The Musical Cast

Ella Bartell (Who/Jungle Ensemble)
This is Ella Bartell’s fourth show, and one she’s been dreaming about doing. Ella is currently studying Theatre at College of The Albemarle. In her free time, she loves to read and draw. She would like to thank her mom, dad and best friend for supporting her throughout it all.
Christy Caison (Who/Jungle Ensemble)
Christy has enjoyed singing/ acting in two productions with COA. She is excited to be cast as a Who from Whoville in this particular play. Originally from Maryland, she has now made her home with her husband Dave in NC. She wants to thank Dave for encouraging her to do and be anything she wants to be.
Kimberly Dunlow (General Gengis Khan Schmitz)
Elementary Music Teacher (Edenton Chowan Schools). BM in Music Education and MSA in School Administration. Experience in theatre, opera, and musical theatre. Performed in both professional and community theatre. Experience as Assistant Music Director, Assistant Costumer, Sound Engineer, and Light Engineer. A few previous roles include Aunt Eller in "Oklahoma", Madame Garderobe in "Beauty and the Beast", Vi Moore in "Footloose", Mother Superior in "Nunsense", Mother Abbess in "Sound of Music" and Fairy Godmother in "Cinderella". Would like to thank my family and my theater family for their love and support.
Brock Evans (Who Ensemble)
Brock did not provide a biography.
Naomi French (Who Ensemble, Cindi Lou Who)
Naomi is a Who in the Who army. She is in her junior year at Currituck County High School. She enjoys reading, listening to music, playing the clarinet, and acting. Her favorite drinks are coffee and tea. She would like to thank her family, friends, and fellow cast members.
Hannah Gegan (Gertrude McFuzz)
Hannah is from Elizabeth City, NC and has lived here her whole life. She graduated from College of The Albemarle with an Associate's in Fine Arts in the Spring of 2022. Hannah has been in multiple COA productions throughout the years. A few of her favorite roles include Lucy in "The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe", Ariel in "Footloose", and Myrtle Mae in "Harvey."
Aven Hall (Who Ensemble)
In this show, Aven Hall is a Who. But to the stage she certainly isn’t new. From "Peter Pan" to "Seussical", with many in between, she loves performing in any scene. Dance, band, and color guard too. Aven is always excited to put on a show for you!
Lacey Hickman (The Cat in the Hat)
Lacey is a student at the age seventeen, who also quite likes a color called green. She has spent quite some time standing under stage lights, to the point it has caused her some very late nights. She would like to dedicate her performance in this show to a mischievous black and white feline named Bo. Who taught her all there is to being a cat, although not so much about wearing a hat.
Carlee "Quinn" Hicks (Thing One)
You might know Carlee as my name, or as Quinn just the same. In "Clue" I was short-lived, which I have since forgived! I perished as The Cook, which had us all quite shook. In "Cinderella" I was a tree, and now you will surely see - how you can spot me as Thing One, where we're sure to have some fun!
Nelly Holdford (The Mayor)
To the tune of 'Here On Who', I’m Nelly Holdford and it’s really nice to meet you all! I love acting, singing, and been doing it since I was small. At any given moment I could burst into song, so please sing along - 'Ah ha ha I’m Nelly and I really hope to see you all! I love to do impressions who who I really want to make you laugh who ahh I really hope you like concessions who who I really really really do.' Thanks Mom and Dad for being practically perfect in every way!
Makayla Jones (Sour Kangaroo)
My name is Makayla and I’m here to thank you; for coming to the magical world of Suess. Edenton is my home and it has been since birth; and for nineteen good years, it’s only grown in its worth. I love to fish and to cook and be with my family; friends and family abound and they always support me. Now I’m new to this show, but not new to this stage; you may have seen me in other things I would wage. Maybe as Catskins and Cinderella too; or Mr. Green, I played him in "Clue" - Now keep your eyes peeled for the Sour Kangaroo!
Erin Kelley (Purple Bird Girl)
Erin Kelley is The Purple Bird Girl in this production. She is a student at JP Knapp and COA. This is her sixteenth play she has worked on and her last year at COA. Erin loves chicken quesadillas and nature. Thank you mom for putting up with all my theater stuff!
Laura Mulch (Blue Bird Girl)
Once a Who at a young age, as a Bird Girl and Who Cadet; Laura now takes the stage. Currently a student at COA to be a teacher one day. Their first show in NC, but in four plays with her you could see. When not in a show, you can find her making her crochet hobby grow. She thanks her friends and family for supporting them in this amazing show about fantasy.
Jasani Norris (Mayzie La Bird)
Jasani plays Mayzie La Bird - She loves to read, dance and inspire the world. She’s only sixteen at Northeastern High, but using her wings she will soon fly! She’s done plays every year since she was eight, performing for others is something she’ll never shake. With love and light she welcomes you here, and says “Make sure to have fun and live without fear!”
Temple Parker (Yellow Bird Girl)
Temple Parker (Bird Girl, Ensemble). I am a senior at PCHS, where Choir, DECA, and Battle of the Books are the best. I was Cinderella in ECPPS’ "Into the Woods" last Spring, my very first role was a wonderful thing! I aspire to be a therapist and actress, too - Perhaps I can combine the two. Thanks to all my family and friends who are here, your love and support for me is so dear.
Tramar Pettaway (Yertle the Turtle)
Tramar Pettaway is playing Yertle The Turtle in Seussical. He has always had a love for theater as a little one. Tramar made his debut in "The Wizard of Oz" as Munchkin #2. He made his professional debut in 2016 Off-Broadway as the Scarecrow in “The Wiz”. He is the associate producer of the film “Footprints of an Angel”. He is represented by Futura Enterprises ran by Mr. Kalvin Stevens. Follow him on IG @tpettawayproductions. Thank you to my family and friends for all of their support!!
Faith Phelps (Orange Bird Girl)
"Seussical" is Faith’s second musical. She has had so much fun, and thankfully she doesn’t have to run. So sit back and enjoy the show - Grab some popcorn, but not to throw.
Presley Rabel (Green Bird Girl)
Presley Rabel is a student at Moyock Middle School and is glad to be performing for you! An eighth grader who thrives off of anything musical, she’s super excited to be in "Seussical"! This is her second show, and she hopes that number grows. Presley plays a bird girl, and she ready to give this show a whirl!
Jaiden Sadler (Wickersham #2, The Grinch)
Jaiden did not provide a biography.
Jenna Simmons (Who/Jungle Ensemble)
As an ensemble of this show, Jenna helped make costumes, and likes to sew. She thanks her family for being her cornerstone. Little Red in "Into the Woods" is the role which she is most well-known. She hopes you enjoy this silly musical - Now get ready, it's time for "Seussical"!
Phillip Smith (Who Ensemble)
Hi, my name is Phillip I want to tell you a little bit about me. I'm an up-and-coming actor trying to find myself in show business. I'm a twenty year old COA student trying to get my G.E.A. I'm from a small town known as Elizabeth City, but I moved around a lot as a kid, Recently I moved back to my hometown, trying to both grow as an actor and an adult. I've been in a couple of productions in my life, such as "Chicago", a Christmas play that I helped write and most recently you might recognize me from "Cinderella", as I was an ensemble for that show. I hope you enjoy "Seussical" as much as I did acting in the show.
Alexander Staples (Wickersham #1)
Alexander just graduated from COA in the Spring of 2023. He last played Jean-Michel in COA’s production of "Cinderella" with glee. Working on a career in music he strives, hoping that he would thrive. He would like to thank the production team for letting him be a part of this cast and hopes everyone will have a blast.
Taylor Torres (Pink Bird Girl)
Taylor is currently a sophomore at Perquimans High School. She is glad to be in this theater with you! She’s been in many plays such as "Cinderella", "Annie", "Matilda" and "High School Musical". She’s very grateful to have the opportunity to be in "Seussical".
Joshua Turner (Vlad Vladikof)
Josh Turner is an eighth grade student at Moyock Middle School. You would be a fool to bully him in school, For he has five past theater productions to make you drool. He enjoys wheelchair basketball and playing video games. You will see him walking with canes. He is glad to be playing Vlad, and while there is nothing more to add, he pleads for you to not be sad!
Gray Watkins (Jojo)
My name is Gray this is my second COA play. I’m at home in the theater, as my character is the reader. I’m a senior this year and I’m ready to start my acting career. I’m homeschooled, so this is concluded. Hope you like the show!
Matthew Weeks (Horton the Elephant)
Matthew Weeks is Horton in this play, and is excited to take the stage with his cast mates today. He’s a student at Regent that transferred from ECU, and loves the opportunity to perform for you! While this is his first show with COA, he has sang leads in operas on a different stage. He wants to thank you for coming today, and he hopes that you enjoy the performance on stage!
Jacoby Wessell (Who Ensemble)
Jacoby Wessell is fourteen years old and in the eighth grade at MMS. His favorite theater credits include: Ralphie from "A Christmas Story" and Buster Bluetang in "SpongeBob". He would like to thank his family, friends, and Ms. Santa.
Sean Whidbee (Wickersham #3)
From Englishtown, New Jersey, to Elizabeth City’s land, Sean Whidbee, a talent so grand. At College of The Albemarle, he roams, Double majoring in Fine Arts and Information Technology, a path he owns. On the theater stage, he shines so bright; as Agwe in “Once On This Island,” what a sight! Father McCartney in the “Greatest Christmas Pageant Ever,” he did portray, and Mama Pig and Giant in “Sing Down the Moon” all the way. The unexpected cop in “Clue,” he did astound, and as a guard/villager in “Cinderella” he was found. When he’s not on stage, his voice takes flight, singing at church; his heart’s delight. Family time, oh so dear, with his loved ones, he holds near. A self-employed auto detailer, he thrives, running a mobile service, making cars sparkle and come alive. To his wife and daughters, he extends a special note; for their support and love, a heartfelt vote. Inspiring his theater dreams, they are, Sean Whidbee, a shining star!
Jennifer Wilson (Mrs. Mayor)
Jenny Wilson is so happy to play Mrs. Mayor. She loves all of the Who's, and having bright orange hair. She graduated from COA in 2022. She has acted, directed, and stage managed a few. There is NOTHING this Who cannot do! Her next great adventure will make your whole day - "A Charlie Brown Christmas", she's directing this play for COA. So there you go - Enjoy the show!
Allie Winslow (Thing Two)
Allie Winslow will be your thing 2 for this Seussical. I hope you enjoy this musical. This is her second play, so she can make your day. She goes to NEAAAT, her grade is ninth. While a high schooler, she's lacking in height. She plays the piano, and has no fear; absolutely zero. I'd like to thank my family and friends, but that kind of depends. And thank you all for coming to see the Whos!