The Murder Mystery at the Murder Mystery Cast

Alyssa Lurkins (Erica Stone)
Erica is the stage manager that everyone relies on. This is Alyssa's 25th production since I first started acting in second grade! I want to thank my family and friends for supporting me through my many years of theatre. I hope you enjoy the show!
Cherokee Ray (Brett Donahue)
Brett Donahue, the illustrious, handsome, and totally-in-control director of this wonderful production. It’s the truth, 100%, don’t read too much into it! Anywho, he is excited you decided to spend your time watching this hilarious show and hopes you have a great time!
Amanda Taylor (Scarlet Mays)
Amanda Taylor is excited to play the role of Scarlet in this production. She is a second year Music Therapy major at Kaskaskia College, and plans to transfer to ISU this fall. This will be her 10th production. Her favorite roles she has played include, Wednesday in “The Addams Family”, and Pinocchio in “Shrek the Musical”. She hopes that you enjoy the show and how “ridiculous” it is!
Scout Veller (Sandy Smith)
This is Scout's 12th production she has been a part of! She wants to thank her family and friends for supporting her. She also wants to thank her directors for giving her a chance and giving her this role! She wants to appreciate her amazing fellow cast and crew members. So much work has been put into this show and she hopes you all enjoy the show!!
Lucy Britt (Inspector Wright)
Lucy Britt is thrilled to be playing the role of Inspector Wright. This is her 8th production with the Centralia Cultural society! She would like to thank her amazing theatre family and wonderful cast mates who have made this one of the best experiences for her! She hopes you laugh until your stomachs ache and smile until your cheeks hurt!
Seth Henderson (Gary Ferguson )
Seth is grateful to be playing the role of Gary Ferguson/Inspector Bradshaw in this show. In the past, he has performed in three musicals; Tarzan, Elf, and The Addams Family. He has also taken part in plays at Nashville High School, including Arthur's Stone and Merlin's Fire, Exposed!, Chasing Charm, and Little Women. He has also done two shows at Kaskaskia College; The Diary of a Wallflower and The Rainbow Fish. Seth loves being a part of the Centralia Cultural Society and becoming friends with the entire cast. He looks forward to putting on an incredible show.
John Bochantin (Tom Baines)
I did multiple plays in high school breaking out as the part of comedic relief my senior year, I graduated, move to Florida, work the stent at Disney world, met my wife, got married, pursuit of career in it engineering, had two beautiful children named Julian and Natalia. Life went on, things changed and I decided I wanted to be in place again after not doing any for years 20 years. I made that decision in late 2019..... Then something happened in the world I can't remember what but there were no plays for the next few years, so I waited for The Addams family to come around, and played Uncle fester. This was my first musical and I loved it. I hope to set a good example for all those younger than me especially my kids.
Chelsea "Bones" Duke (Holly Hanover)
Chelsea ‘Bones’ Duke has been performing on the stage and behind it here in Centralia and Salem for over 20 years. They’re incredibly proud of this cast and crew and hopes everyone enjoys this crazy show.
Nathan Duke (Richard Green)
Well, well, well, I knew you'd be back.
Audrey Feig (Inspector Fuller)
Audrey is 16 years old and has been doing shows at the Centralia Cultural Society since she was 9. She is Inspector Fuller in this production and is so excited to be performing for everyone! She hopes you enjoy!
Eliza Glascock (Adele Sears)
Eliza is thrilled to be playing Adele Sears in the Centralia Cultural Society’s production of “The Murder Mystery at the Murder Mystery”. She’s had an awesome time with this cast and is so happy to have been apart of this show. She wants to thank her family and friends for all of their support. She hopes you enjoy the show!
Claire Walker (Misty Gere)
Claire is a senior at CHS and has been doing plays at the cultural society since childhood. This is her final play before going to college where she hopes to pursue a career in theatre. She would like to say thank you to her mom, Misty Walker, for her love and support, as well as everyone in the cast for all of the good memories together. See you on the stage!
Kairyn Dunahee (Brian D Taylor)
Kairyn is playing the role of Brian D. Taylor in this production of The Murder Mystery at the Murder Mystery. This is her 8th show at the Cultural Society. She is very excited to play this role and would like to thank her family for supporting her through all of these shows.
Lyra Shook (Susan Wells)
Lyra is so exited to play the part of Susan in this production. This is her 9th production she has been in and was absolutely delighted to work with this amazing cast. She hopes you all enjoy the show!