Freaky Friday Cast

Harper Johnson (Ellie Blake )
Harper Johnson is in 8th grade and the daughter of Phylesia Dailey and Taylor Johnson. She is involved in theatre and dance. Credits include Legally Blonde Jr., Shrek, Newsies, Wizard of Oz and Everything Goes Showcase 2022. “I ́m very thankful for my friends and family who have always supported me in what I do.”
Jessie Barton (Katherine Blake )
Jessie Barton- AT LYRIC: The PROM, Carousel and Grease. FILM: Finding Carlos OTHER THEATRE: Poteet Theatre's Footloose, and Comet Players Co. Tuck Everlasting.
Iain Caplinger (Fletcher)
Iain Caplinger is a 6th-grade drama major at Classen SAS. His pronouns are He/Him. Iain has been in Oklahoma Children's Theater camps and classes. He can't wait to be in Thespian club and chess club. He is very excited to be in musical theater and to be on the stage singing, dancing, and acting.
Brody Stubblefield (Mike )
Brody Stubblefield is an 8th-grade Drama Major, his pronouns are He/Him. He is doing musical theater for the first time. The only show he was a part of was a winter play in the 5th grade, and crew for ¨Mye and the Sandpeople.¨
Satchel Felder (Karl )
Satchel Felder is a 6th-grade drama major in his second year at Classen SAS. He has performed in multiple productions with the Oklahoma Children’s Theatre, including recently as Jack in the Stinky Cheese Man.
Eden Brunt (Monica)
Eden Brunt is a sixth grade drama student at Classen School of Advanced Studies Middle School. This is her first year at the school. Eden is a student in the Musical Theatre class. She has been a member of A Step Above School of Dance’s competition team for four years.
Ethan Daly (Adam )
Ethan Daly is an 8th grade Drama Major. His pronouns are He/Him and this is his first year at Classen. Ethan likes to act in television productions like movies/short films. Ethan moved from Colorado to Oklahoma earlier this year and is very happy to be here! He can't wait to see what his future in Classen has in store for him!
Lottie McBride (Savannah)
Lottie McBride is a 8th-grade Vocal major and this will be her 4th year at Classen SAS. She is in the Canterbury Choir and she is a Jr. Thespian. She has been in Legally Blonde, Tuck Everlasting, Raise Your Voice, A Christmas Carol. She is excited for this school year!
Laney Hollis-Lyons (Kitty)
Laney Hollis-Lyons is a 7th grade dance major, she’s the daughter of Lyndsay Hollis and Chris Lyons. The shows she has been in include raise your voice and tuck everlasting. Laney Hollis-Lyons is involved in competitive dance, children’s all state honor choir, ecocda honor choir, circle the state honor choir, solo and ensemble contest, and got first place for NAM (National American Miss) pageant in the talent category. Laney’s biggest supporters are her parents, they support her so much in everything she does and love her very much.
Ruby Wierick  (Torrey )
Ruby is thrilled to do another show with her new friends at Classen. She is a 6th grader and loves musical theatre, soccer, and volleyball. Favorite roles include Drew in Rock of Ages, Ellie in Freaky Friday, and Wednesday in The Addams Family Musical. She would like to thank her friends and family for supporting her in all she does.
Ava Daniel (Danielle)
Ava Daniel is an 8th-grade Drama Major. She has played piano since she was 6 and is also in Canterbury Choir. This is her 2nd year at Classen SAS. Her favorite shows she has been in are 'Hansel and Grettle the Opera'- with the OCU drama department -(Gingerbread Kid), and 'Everlasting'- with Comet Players Theatre Company -(Dance Ensemble). She is really excited for the 2023-2024 plays and musicals with Comet Players!
Emiliano Hernandez (Louis/Senor O' Brien)
Emiliano Hernandez is a 7th grader, piano major, and the son of Brenda and Jorge Hernandez. He enjoys playing the piano and trumpet, singing, and spending time with his family and friends. Emiliano has been in two shows so far and On Broadway will be his 3rd show with the Comet Players Theater Company.
Kash Lester (Dr. Ehrin)
This will be Kash's first year as Classen SAS. She has been in a production of aladdin and played raja but it was soon canceled due to covid-19. She was on tech for the jungle book and was a backstage hand, worked on costumes and much more. She would like the thank her close friends and her family.
Finley Floyd (Mrs. Luckenbill/Ellie US)
Finley Campbell-Floyd is a 7th grader this is her 2ed year at Classen SAS. When Finley is not on stage she is reading,playing piano, or watching TV. Some shows Finley has been in are Tuck Everlasting, Into The Woods, Oliver Twist, and Raise Your Voice. Finley is not only on stage but she is also backstage. Finley would like to say thank you to the people closest to her, Mom, Dad, Abby, Papa T, and Mimi, thank you for always being there and coming to everyone of Finley shows she's so grateful to have you. Finley would also like to say thank you to her best friends Annabelle and Ellie, thank you so much for supporting Finley not only in school but outside of school, you guys are so amazing and she love you so much.
Eleanor Earley (Ms. Meyers )
Elle Earley is an 8th-grade drama major at Classen SAS their pronouns are She/They. They are also a Jr. Thespian. She is very excited for this school year! They have previously been in The Anatomy of Grey, Legally Blonde jr, Tuck Everlasting, Raise Your Voice, All Together Now, Dear Edwina Jr., A Midsummer Night's Dream, and Xanadu Jr. Shoutout to my family!!
Benjamin Bruner (Officer Kowalski/Adam US)
Benjamin Bruner has been in shows such as Peter Pan, The Curious Savage, and Tuck Everlasting. When off the stage Ben plays basketball, runs cross country and loves to do things with friends. Benjamin has been at classen of 4 years and ina IB major. He would like to dedicate his successes to his parent Meghan and Dan Bruner.
Evelyn Earley (Mrs. Time/Fletcher US)
Evelyn Earley is a 6th-grade drama major. Her pronouns are she/her. She has previously been in Annie jr, A Christmas Mixup, and Shipwrecked. A shout-out to my family and my dog Vincent.
Yaseen Hurrey (Mr.Blumen/Minister)
Yaseen Ayinde Hurrey is the son of Ayinde Hurrey and Femeya Cole and he is in the 8th grade and is a band major. He was Emmett in his first musical production last spring in “Legally Blonde.” He was in “Alice In Wonderland” in spring of 2020 at CSAS middle school. He played the role of Hannibal in “Curious Savage” in early November, 2022. He played Hugo in “Tuck Everlasting” and Ladahlord in “James and the Giant Peach Jr.” He enjoys traveling, eating out and spending time with friends and family. Shout out to Mr. Brent, Mr. Cunkle, Mr. Osborne, and Mr. Hurrey for helping him grow in his talents and education. He also really appreciates his mom for believing in and supporting him.
Evelyn Bruner (Cater Waiter, Student, & Wedding Guest/Kitty US)
Evelyn Bruner is a 7th grade IB major. She loves to play volleyball and she is on the Classen sas JV team. She loves to sing, and make art. Her favorite plays that she has been it is a comedy show, Peter Pan, and columbus. She is so excited to perform in the musical and 100 years of broadway. She is stoked to spend the year with her fellow comet
Annabelle Cornman  (Cater Waiter, Student, & Wedding Guest/Danielle US)
Annabelle Cornman is in 8th grade and the daughter of Lance Cornman and Kamala Gamble. She has done piano since she was 6, she does lots of shows at poteet theater, and currently is doing dance at dance unlimited. This is her 2nd year with the Comet Theater Players Company. She has recently been seen in Matilda at poteet theatre as hortensia, beauty and the beast as a silly girl at poteet theatre, Percy Jackson lighting as the oracle at poteet theatre! “ I would like to shout out to my parents for always helping me. for finley who has been there beside me. and iris and viola who have been there for her since day 1.
Rowen Ratcliff (Cater Waiter, Student, & Wedding Guest/Katherine US)
Rowen Ratcliff is an 8th grade Vocal major. She is the daughter of Brandt and Tiffany Ratcliff. She is involved in Canterbury Choir, and multiple honor choirs. This is her 6th show with the Comet Players, shows include: Dear Edwina, All together now, Legally Blonde Jr, Raise your voice, and tuck everlasting! She is so excited to continue her journey with Classen! Shout out to my family, “ Thank you so much for supporting me!! I love all of you!”
Nurah Hurrey (Cater Waiter, Student, & Wedding Guest/Savannah US)
Nurah Hurrey is a 6th grade dance major. She has been involved in performing arts almost her whole life. Nurah moved here from Pensacola, Florida. This past summer she performed in James and the Giant Peach Musical Jr.. Nurah has also performed in multiple parts with OKC Ballet in The Nutcracker and Alice in Wonderland. She is excited to be in musical theatre to have more experiences with musicals and plays. Nurah loves making videos and loves her friends! "Shout out to mom and dad for supporting me and guiding me through the arts."
Ariel Harland (Cater Waiter, Student, & Wedding Guest/Monica US)
Sophia McBride (Cater Waiter, Student, & Wedding Guest/Torrey US)