Triangle Crew

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Mary Jo LaCourte
Mary Jo LaCorte has been the assistant director of Capital City High School Theatre since December 2021, during our production of Murder on the Orient Express. LaCorte has been involved in community theatre in Jefferson City in numerous capacities for 20+ years and enjoys lending her wisdom and talents to CCHS Theatre. When she is not directing or helping with shows at CCHS, LaCorte can be found teaching yoga classes, hanging out with her dog Dina or enjoying time with friends and family.
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Courtney Lecure
Courtney LeCure has been the director of Capital City High School Theatre since the school opening in 2019. LeCure also teaches English IV and Creative Writing, in addition to her Drama classes. When she is not directing shows at CCHS, LeCure can be found playing with her sons, Cohen (2 years) and Westley (3 months), spending time with her husband Ben, reading young adult fiction and hanging out at her parents house at Lake of the Ozarks. Thank you for your support of CCHS Theatre!
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Student Director
Laila Grier
Laila is A Senior at Capital City High School and has been apart of theater since she was in seventh grade. Laila has always loved working backstage to run crew and tech. When she is not working with her fellow theater kids she is working and spending time with her friends and family as well as spending as much time possible with her animals. After high school she will be attending State Fair Community college and Will pursue her future as a Zoologist.
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Stage Manager
Olivia Kuscik
Liv Kucsik is a senior at Capital City high school and a member of CCHS theatre. She studies journalism, is a member of the student council and also in the National Honor Society. Outside of school, she enjoys photography and writing. She is looking forward to being a member of CCHS theatre because she loves learning new mediums to tell stories.
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Sound Board Operator
Yumi Robbin
Yumi is a senior at Capital City High School. Yumi has been an active member of the theater troupe for two years. Outside of theater she participates in Orchestra, Track, and is on the newspaper staff. In her free time she enjoys going on hikes and in general being outdoors.
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Light Board Operator
Shea Stafford
Shea Stafford, who joined theatre his sophomore year, is a junior at Capital City High School and the president of Queer-Straight Alliance and FBLA, as well as a member of the National Honor Society, Spanish Club, Book Club, and more. He spends most of his time focusing on his classes and enjoys working alongside friends to stay productive. Of his many hobbies, his favorite is taking pictures of his friends with his camera, and staying active in politics- which he hopes to have a career in after post-secondary education.
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Assistant Stage Manager
Robin Kofahl
Robin Kofahl is a junior at Capital City High school. Robin is one of the standing Junior officers and has dedicated their life to theater. They joined the theater in 10th grade. Robin mainly does behind stage things like moving set pieces, gathering prop items, and building things that are needed.

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