Triangle Cast

Madison Keep (Sophie)
Madison Keep is a senior at Capital City High School. Madison is the current president of our theatre troupe. She has been a part of theatre since she was in 6th grade. Madison has always loved theatre and always finds ways to be involved, whether that's on the stage or behind it. She enjoys all things art, including painting in her free time. Hanging out with friends and family is what makes her happiest. She loves hanging out with her two little brothers Cohen and Darren. Madison is also involved in many school sanctioned activities such as Queer - Straight Alliance, Female Empowerment Club, and National Honor Society. She plans to become a high school theatre teacher and director.
Ellie Mejia (Malena)
Eliana Mejia is a senior a Capital City High School and a member of the CCHS theatre department. She is an active member of the Student Council and National Honor Society. In her free time, she enjoys speaking in an aggressive Russian accent, bothering her dogs, and endlessly rewatching the same TV shows and movies with her friends. She joined theatre because of the fun of it.
Sara Ogden (Rose)
Sara is a Junior at Capital City High School. She is one of Theater Club's junior officers, as well as a member of various other clubs. She loves acting and performing on stage. She has been involved in Theater since Freshman year, acting in things such as Monologue Night and Murder on the Orient Express. She plans to continue participating in Theater Club performances until she graduates.
Payton Ratcliff (Isabel)
Payton Ratcliff is a new sophomore at Capital City High School that transferred from Helias. She has been performing since she was 8 years old and has been in 6 shows and assistant directed 2 musicals! Payton loves drama and says it has been a huge part of she life along with she family. She enjoy acting, singing, reading, and even golf. Payton will continue in Capital City's drama department till she graduates since it has been such a loving and welcoming experience!
Christian Garza (Max )
Christian Garza is a Senior at Capital City High School who is new to performing in theater. He is also in his second year of being a yearbook member. His hobbies include listening to music, drawing, being bad at skateboarding or spending time with friends. He wants to be the new ruler of England but will likely just end up in marketing.
Tommy Vick (Jake)
Tommy Vick is a junior at Capital City High School and member of CCHS Theatre. He is also a member of CCHS symphonic orchestra and jazz band. Outside of school, he enjoys playing guitar and writing music. He is looking forward to being a member of CCHS Theatre because of the new opportunities and challenges that come with it.
Sam Bates (Blanck & Louis)
Sam Bates is a senior at Capital City High School and is a part of Chorale, Royal Blues, and the CCHS Drama Club. He enjoys singing, theatre, watching movies, and eating food. He decided to be a part of Triangle because of his love of acting and the magic of theatre.
Evan Weirich (Papa & Harris)
Evan is a senior at Capital City High School. his journey in theater began his freshman year taking drama class ever since then he has been involved. He is also in Bass Choir. Outside of theater Evan enjoys reading, writing, studying history, playing video games, attending sports events, and hanging out with people. Evan hopes to study history at university and perhaps become a lawyer.
Alex Slovensky (Billy)
Alexander Thomas Slovensky is a freshman at Capital City High School and a member of theater, He enjoys playing video games, Dungeons & Dragons, and acting. After Triangle, He is looking forward to participating into the table top club.
Amari Herndon-Goodman (Ceila)
Amari Herndon-Goodman is a senior at Capital City High School and a leader in National Honor's Society, Orchestra, HOSA, and a handful of other clubs at school. She enjoys engaging in writing, Dungeons & Dragons, and of course, acting. After Triangle, Amari is looking forward to participating in Speech and Debate’s Public Forum, Duo Interpretation, and the theatre's winter play.
Ali Smith (Mary)
Ali Smith is a Senior at Capital City High School and is new to the theater community. Ali loves to write, force her boyfriend to sign up for play auditions, and create Cap City's Yearbook. She also loves to participate in drama class to show how mid she is at her new found love for acting. After she is done performing in her very first show Triangle, she plans on acting in more shows and possibly in college.
Sofie Ogden (Lizzie, Mama & Ensemble)
Sofie Ogden is a senior at Capitol City High School. They work as a custodian for Lewis and Clark, and are clearly an avid theater nerd. When they're not doing homework or those other two things, they're an artist, but if you ask for any work they won't show you anything. They are somewhat of a writer, mostly for a massive, nerdy D&D campaign. Their little sister Sara is also a big nerd too, but she probably won't put that in her bio. Sofie is a weight lifter, a skater, a just dancer, a gamer, and a fighter not a lover. They also want you to know that they still have very strong bones even though they broke their foot one time, and also, they're being very brave about it. If you take anything from this, just know that pain can easily be turned into comedy, and laughter is the best medicine, so laugh at me, do it.
Allie Schenewerk  (Paulina)
Allie Schenewerk is a senior at Capital City High School. She is a member of the National Honors Society. She also plays viola in the Capital City Symphonic Orchestra, as well as speech and debate, gardening club, Missouri Master Naturalists, Allie has been a figure skater for 8 years and in her precious little free time, she enjoys reading and gardening. This is Allie’s second show and she has loved getting to know everyone and the opportunity to challenge herself creatively.
Bobby Turner  (Rory & Gentleman )
Bobby Turner is a junior at Capital City High School. He was a part of theatre from 6th to 8th grade, although this is his first year being in high school theatre. Some other activities outside of acting he enjoys include tennis, newspaper production, and photography. In his free time Bobby likes hanging out with friends, and going camping.
Alexis Timmons (Ensemble)
Alexis Timmons is a freshman at Capital City high school and is in Choir and recently joined theater this year. She enjoys writing, reading, listening to music, and acting.
Brittany McGowen (Ensemble)
I'm a freshman at Capital City High School. I have only been in theater since this year and I know I maybe want to do something that helps me improve in my acting skills. I am excited to see the actor I become after this experience! I enjoy watching movies, hanging with friends and family.
Alexis Fewins (Ensemble)
I'm a freshman at Capital City, this is my first year in theatre and I'm very excited to participate this year. Outside of theatre I have many sibilings, I love hanging out with my friends and family. I love archery as well as hockey. I don't really see theatre as a career but it is a fun hobby and I look forward to seeing what I can do.
Mia Meyers (Ensemble)
Mia Meyers is a freshmen at Capital City High School. She has performed in other plays: "And Then There Was One" in middle school drama club and "Pollyanna" at Stained Glass Theater. Mia enjoys hanging out with friends, singing in choir, and playing with her cat, Marble. She intends to continue with theater throughout high school.