Little House on the Prairie Production Staff

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Brad D. Fowler
Brad has been with Camelot Theatre for over twenty-two years with over fifty productions under his belt. Brad’s wife, Colleen, and two daughters, Whitley and Lindsey, are also very active with Camelot in various roles. Brad was an IT Project Manager for the Georgia Department of Labor in Atlanta for 27 years. He is currently employed as the Systems Administrator at Gordon State College.
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Production Manager
Colleen Fowler
Colleen has been the Production Manager for many of Camelot's shows. She manages every aspect from the auditions, to the rehearsal schedules, to the tickets sales and so much more. She has worked for the State of Georgia for over 34 years, has two daughters, and is the wife of the Director, Brad.
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Music Director
Jolicia Ratliff
Jolicia Ratliff is an accomplished musician who is passionate about storytelling and although a newcomer to the industry, she is leaving her mark in the world of musical theater. Her keen ear for music and her love for the art have opened the door to explore the vastness of the natural world, the small pleasures in life, and the power of human connection. Throughout her career she has worked with productions ranging from beloved classics to original, innovative works and whether orchestrating musical numbers or fine-tuning vocal performances, Miss JoJo's dedication to creating relatable and empowering spaces shines through every project she undertakes. She is truly grateful for the opportunity to work with Camelot Theater.
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Stage Manager
William Samples
William Samples is currently enrolled at Clayton State University in the theatre program. He has loved every second spent with Camelot Theatre. Will has been involved with Camelot Theatre since 2010 at the young age of 7. Will loves the theatre and hopes to share that love with the world around him.
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Production Intern
Morgan Wages