About Little House on the Prairie

This heartwarming musical follows the Ingalls family’s journey westward and settlement in De Smet, South Dakota where Ma and Pa Ingalls hope to make a better life for their children. It tells the story of their struggle to keep their land claim. In story, song, and dance, we see the Ingalls weathering the hardships of winter blizzards and prairie fires as well as rejoicing in the settlement of land and town. Most of all, the story follows Laura as she grows from a wild child who loves to run free into a woman who embraces the responsibilities of her own future while struggling to remain true to herself.

Camelot Theatre Company

Camelot is going into it's 26th year. Housed in the Griffin-Spalding Enrichment Center for over a decade and a half, Camelot Theatre specializes in grand musicals, straight plays, and plenty of youth-based theatre. While we do not regularly offer classes, we do teach as we go. We are open for everyone to audition, with no shows pre-cast. If you’re experienced, that’s wonderful, but if this is your first time we will be glad to show you the ropes and teach you what you need to know.