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Change, it’s a good thing, right? Who wouldn’t want change, it benefits all - right? Maybe, and maybe it hurts us. Tears apart from the inside and breaks down the communities we’ve spent so much time trying to build up. Come to the east coast and make a stop at Prints & Kicks, Black owned pop up clothing shop new to the community that seemingly blew up overnight. 


Yet can this spark of success be maintained when gentrification creeps up around the corner?

Bowie State University Theatre


Housed in our state-of-the-art Fine and Performing Arts Center, students have ample space to refine their performance and technical skills in a wide array of productions, from well-known works to innovative and cutting-edge new scripts, focused on the Black experience. Additionally, the Washington, DC, and Baltimore metro areas are prime locations for students to gain real-life industry experience in local professional theater..

The Department of Fine and Performing Arts offers the Theatre Arts program at Bowie State University. Students can earn the Bachelor of Science degree in theatre with concentrations in acting/directing and dance and movement studies., working under the mentorship and guidance of industry professionals.

(Photo credit: Bee Two Sweet Photography)