About 4th Annual Telling Stories Playwriting Contest


· Any original, full-length, non-musical play that has not previously received a production is eligible.

· All genres and modes of storytelling (including non-realistic) are welcome.

· Plays that are suitable for a small, blackbox theater with a seating capacity of 70 are encouraged.


While not required, we are interested in plays that examine progressive social issues. We also are especially interested in playwrights from or/and stories about characters from the Great Lakes or Rust Belt regions.



The playwright of the winning script will receive a cash prize of $300 and their play will receive a three-performance production with a modest budget at a small, regional community theater in June 2025. Playwright involvement in the rehearsal process is welcome either electronically or in-person.



· Pay the $5 (plus processing fees) entry fee under the Registration tab above. 

· Send .pdf of script along with brief cover email to [email protected].


Deadline to submit is 31 December 2023 by 5 PM EST.

Winner will be announced before 1 June 2024.



Black Swamp Players


Black Swamp Players is dedicated to the advancement of amateur theatrics, including production of live theatre as well as various educational opportunities involving the arts. The organization provides high-quality, amateur, live theatre as well as creative opportunities to the cast, crews and the viewing public. Black Swamp Players is a non-profit organization whose volunteer membership is open to any person, regardless of age, religion, sexual orientation, or race.



In 1965, a nucleus of local theatre supporters (later called the “Society of the Arts”) began performing melodramas for the downtown Bowling Green merchants. These one-act shows would kick-off the “Old Fashioned Bargain Days”(later: sidewalk sales)  Money raised went to purchase Christmas decorations for the downtown area. After the success and community support for the May, 1968 performance of “Lily, the Felon’s daughter”, a small group of avid thespians decided to form a permanent theatrical group. The Black Swamp Players was officially born in the home of Gene and Mary Dapogny on July 21, 1968. Gene Dapogny was voted in as chairman, with Lee Forse as secretary and Ethel Berlin as treasurer by those in attendance, including founders: Jim Forse, Richard and Marie Mutschler, and Carl Berlin.

BSP’s name comes from the great black swamp which covered much of Northwest Ohio until drained by German and Scottish farmers in the mid-nineteenth century. The name, suggested by founders Lowell Randall and Agnes Hooley, was chosen at the first meeting to emphasize a commitment to provide a theatrical outlet to the entire community, and to avoid any confusion with the theatre program at the university ( BGSU).