Marjorie Prime (Rescheduled) Cast

Fran Martone (Marjorie)
Fran Martone (Marjorie) threw herself into the local theatre scene upon returning to Toledo after a 40-year hiatus; since her return, Fran has performed with The Rep (Ripcord), Black Swamp Players (On Golden Pond), The Village Players (Walter Cronkite is Dead, The Children) and ACT (A Doll’s House Part 2, Elective Affinities). She is thrilled to be working with this team on this extraordinary play. Fran earned an MFA in acting from DePaul University and performed extensively as an actor on stage and on screen in Chicago and Santa Fe. You can check out clips of her work at
Jake Spencer (Walter)
Jake Spencer (Walter) is making a triumphant return to theater (and his Black Swamp Players debut) after a 10-year hiatus. And he could not be more pleased that it is with such a talented cast and crew performing in an absolutely amazing script. For 10 years Jake has run a business and raised a family with his wife, Leah, in Kentucky. He has moved back to Toledo area just this year! So if you have any Toledo restaurant recommendations, then please find him after the show. He will be the one saying "thank you, thank you, No that's too kind," to all of his adoring fans.
Nina Wright (Tess)
Nina (Nancy) Wright (Tess) first stepped onto the Black Swamp Players stage last summer as a playwright, thanking cast and crew for bringing to life her original comedy Mimi’s Famous Company. Little did she know she’d soon return to take on a bucket-list role. Nina thanks director Heath Diehl, her fellow actors, and the production team for this amazing journey of discovery. A published novelist and fringe-festival fan, Nina is creating a one-woman show based on her latest autofiction. Love to her husband Rex Decker, whom she met once upon an Opening Night.
Jonathan Chambers (Jon)
Jonathan Chambers (Jon) has performed over forty roles on stage, including most recently Steve in the Black Swamp Players’ production of August, Osage County. Other work in theatre includes direction of nearly two dozen university theatre productions, many of them as a member of the faculty in the Department of Theatre and Film at BGSU, an appointment he has held since 2001. Jonathan received his Master of Fine Arts in Acting from Virginia Commonwealth University, and his PhD in Theatre History and Criticism from Southern Illinois University. He’s thrilled to have the opportunity to play a character so unlike himself: a guy named Jonathan, who’s been married nearly 30 years, and who likes to think he’s right (though is usually wrong).