Night Terrors 2023 Cast

Storyteller (Sallie Walker)
A veteran of the stage, Sallie Walker is so pleased to once again bring mania to the mansion, shudders to the stories, and gloom to the room. She wants to remind you that Art Is Not A Luxury!
Storyteller (Emma Ackerman)
Emma Ackerman is a recent Pennsylvania transplant and is delighted to be making her Colorado debut with Artists Anonymous. She spent the last fifteen years working at Touchstone Theatre, a small not-for-profit ensemble theatre focused in original work, community engagement, and education. Favorite performances there included Games We Play, Dictators 4 Dummies, Ulysses Dreams, and Christmas City Follies. Emma holds a B.A. from Gettysburg College and an M.A. from the University of Chichester. She loves tabletop gaming, befriending household pets, and improvising harmonies.
Storyteller (Celia Royal)
Outside of acting, Celia enjoys music, dancing, songwriting, and hiking with her dog. She is excited to be apart of Night Terrors for the first time.
Storyteller (Storyteller (Nick Izzo))
Upon moving back to Tucson en route to L.A. he got his first lead role in a medium length film Date of the Dead which has now been turned into a feature length film. He also met an amazing acting coach who advised him to go to Atlanta as opposed to LA and so with everything he could fit in his SUV he headed south. Within months he got his first role in a paid independent feature, Patient. He also acquired his first agent and booked his first Co-Star role on Drop Dead Diva making him eligible for SAG-AFTRA. Most recently he worked with the same team from Patient in the Atlanta 48-hour film festival on a film called Re Inc for which he was nominated for Best Actor out of over 80 films. In his spare time, Izzo plays piano, soccer, guitar and likes to be outdoors in any capacity including rock climbing.