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Stage Manager
Arianna Torres
This is Arianna's 2nd year working with Armijo Theatre Productions. Arianna is a junior and this is her 3rd time being able to be Stage Manager. She loves the family she has found in theatre so much. She has enjoyed working with everyone to put on this amazing show for you all. She hopes you enjoy the show as much as she enjoyed working on it!!
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Light Operator
Abril Tellez
It's Abril's first ever year being a crew member for Armijo Theatre Productions. They had a lot of fun working around other cast and crew members and they would like to continue being in Armijo Theater Productions for the rest of their senior year. Abril also wants to thank their friends and boyfriend for encouraging them to be a part of the show. They would really appreciate it if you would come and see the play :P
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House Manager
Julian Silva
This year is Julian's second year in Armijo's Theatre Program! Even though he isn't an Armijo student anymore, he still is able to be a part of a community he loves dearly. He is super excited to be involved in his second show as one of the House Managers. He hopes you enjoy watching and laughing during the show!!
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Sound Crew
Jenn Monsalud
This is Jenn and this is her first year at Armijo Theater Productions. She likes being on sound crew so far, and she hopes you’d go and see the play!
Prop Master
Iggy Braun
This is Iggy’s 4th year at Armijo! They’ve never done anything like this before but despite that, they look forward to participating and providing help backstage for the play. Being a prop master is exactly what they were fit to aid in. Iggy wants to thank their friends and the teacher who gave them this opportunity! I and surely many others can’t wait for you to come and experience what we’ve put all of our hard work into for the past few months!
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Costume Coordinator
Ethan Baldovino
This is Ethan's 1st year at Armijo! He really enjoys working as a crew member for the play, specifically the Costume crew. He really enjoys Theatre and wants to learn a lot more! He hopes you enjoy the show.
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Assistant Stage Manager
Savannah Mena
This is Savannah and she is a freshman. This is her first year in Armijo Theatre. She has learned how to be a stage manager for this show and has loved getting to know the cast and crew along the way! She hopes that you will enjoy this show as much as she has enjoyed being a part of it!
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Assistant Stage Manager
Gurbani Dhall
This is Gurbanis 1st year performing with Armijo theatre productions and her first year in the USA . She is so glad that she could be the assistant stage manager for the show. She needed to find new friends but she found a family in Arimjo theatre productions instead. She has been getting to know the members of the cast and crew. I hope you enjoy the show as much as she enjoyed being a part of it.
Stage crew
Ruby White
This is Ruby's 2nd year participating in Armijo Theater Productions. They enjoyed being part of the crew last year during Robin Hood and Spelling Bee, and are excited to be working again with everyone this year. They hope you'll enjoy their hard work, along with everyone else's in this years play!

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