Crush Cast

AJ Beuder (Flx)
This is AJ's first year at armijo, transferring in as a sophomore he needed to find new friends but instead found a new family inside the theater. AJ is bold and independent, as he learns more he will grow to perform brilliantly. He has passion in everything he does and theatre will be no exception. When he hits the stage you better be there to see it!
Sammi Passey (Jessica)
This is Sammi’s third year preforming at Armijo! She loves the family she has at ATP and is excited to be preforming as Jessica in this show with them. She has had a great time preparing for this play and hopes you will have an even better time watching it :)
Olivia Mauk (Aspen)
This is Olivia's fourth, and final, year performing at Armijo! This show is different from any show she has ever been in before. Through this, she has grown so much during the rehearsal process. Being Aspen is a challenge, and she is very excited for you to see her on stage, along with her 5 other bodies. Lastly, she wants to thank her family, friends, and castmates for supporting her over all these years.
Max White (Ensemble/Townsperson)
This is Max's 2nd year working with ATP and first time being in the show as ensemble! Last year they worked with the crew for the play and musical and had lots of fun, so this year they decided to try out something new! They're very excited to be working with this years cast and crew in this production!
Kayden Tatham (Ensemble/Townsperson)
This is Kayden's first performance at Armijo. She has enjoyed working with her castmates and the rehearsal process. She looks forward to upcoming performances. She wants to thank her family and her friends for helping her pursue her passion and this amazing opportunity. Come see "Crush!" and watch her heartfelt performance.
Mackenzie Ashby (Mrs. Prokopiak)
This is Mackenzie’s second year working in Armijo theater. Her first year she worked in mostly build and paint crew and her second she gets to be a part of cast! She’s very excited to get to work with the other cast members and to experience something new. She’s very excited to be Mrs. Prokopiak as she’ll have to be very extra.
Gabriel Marino (Ensemble/Townsperson)
Gabriel (they/em/he) is a freshman at Armijo. Crush is the first theater production he's been a part of, and they are playing a member of the ensemble. They've enjoyed rehearsals and attending club meetings. They hope that you'll enjoy the show. :D
Vanessa Molina (Chloe)
This is Vanessa and she is a junior. This is her 3rd year performing at Armijo. She has enjoyed hanging out with the cast and crew, and the process of rehearsals. She has enjoyed playing Chloe, and she is very excited for everyone to enjoy the show. She hopes everyone enjoys not only her performance but, everyone else’s. <3
Jaden Wommack (Ensemble/Townsperson)
This is Jaden's first time preforming at armijo, though he has been here his whole high school career. He's been in the theatre class for three years, only just now joining the club this year. Sarcastic to no end, dry comebacks always on his mind. "I love my role, and how open it was to change, especially it being a mismatch of multiple townspeople," Jaden was heard saying one day while he was alone in his room. Jaden has few things to be thankful for, but those few are very special. Those being his mother and found-family sister, and Ms Beeson, of course.
M Bonaime (Aspen 2)
This is M's 3rd year doing everything theatre at Armijo. All the shows in the past have been fun to put on, just like this one has. They loved all the rehearsals and bonding with the cast and crew. It's always a memorable experience and everyone's like family. They hope you enjoy the show as much as they do!
Lizbeth Torres (Crick)
This is Lizbeth's 2nd year performing with Armijo Theatre Productions! She has previously been in Robin Hood and Spelling Bee. She hopes the audience will enjoy this wacky play.
Elli Passey (Clair De Lune Girl)
Elli has made quite the splash in their first year, joining both Armijo Theatre Productions and the Armijo water polo team. They are very excited about the show and hope you enjoy it as much as they’ve loved being a part of it!
Brenda Alcala (Winn)
This is Brenda’s 2nd year performing at armijo but her first play. She has enjoyed the rehearsal process and spending time with the cast and crew. She hope you enjoy this eventful show!!
Hector Cisneros (Lincoln)
This is Hector’s second year as a performer for Armijo Theatre Productions. His first contribution being last years musical. This year as a senior he decided to join us once again for this fall’s play, Crush. He hopes you enjoy every single bit of it just as well as he did while in the process, hope to see you there(:
Ken Misenas (Crooper)
Ken is a junior at Armijo and has been doing theatre for 2 years. He is very excited for this show and has loved being able to bond with cast and crew, he hopes you will enjoy the show!
Nya Shabazz (Government Official/Ensemble)
This is Nya, she’s a sophomore at Armijo. Nya’s excited to be apart of her first play at Armijo. She hopes that you will enjoy the play as much as she has!!!
Ahri Aguba (Devon)
Ahri is a freshman at Armijo! This is her first year doing theatre with Armijo Theatre Production, but has been in multiple plays in the past, such as The Little Mermaid. She loves being out and around with her friends, and loves eating snacks. Her favorite part of the day is her alone time, because she can work on whatever it is she needs to, like piano, studying, or leadership business. Hopefully, her hard work will pay off and you’ll watch her at her first show!
Mire Cabrera-Rodriguez (Maybelline)
This is Mire, they’re excited to be able to participate in Crush. This is their first time doing a show. They loved getting to know the cast, and they hope you too enjoy the show.
Lucia Holmboe (Ensemble/Townsperson)
Lucia is a senior, and this is her first show with Armijo theatre. She's been a big theatre fan for years, and has worked on shows through other programs in the past, but she's very excited to now be apart of this ensemble. She hopes everyone enjoys the show!
Christian Ordoñez (Cole)
This is Christian Jeric Jason Ordoñez! Yes, that is his full name. He takes pride of it. He enjoys Theatre and is fulfilled with being involved in it. Now that the kidnappers are gone, he needs help. He is located in the Armijo High basement. He has been there for 3 years. He loves it there.
Giordan Gabriel (Bark)
This is Giordan's 2nd year with Armijo Theater Productions. He is playing Bark in the fall play, Crush. This is the 3rd project he has participated in since his time here. Being part of this play has been such a fun experience and he is excited for this show and other upcoming projects. He's enjoyed working on this show for the past couple months and can't wait to perform.
Kay Ortega (Exhalation)
WOW, This is Kay first year performing in Armijo Theater Productions! They are so excited to be apart of the fall play production while meeting new people. Kay can’t wait for you to see this horror rom-com :D! Come and watch them go insane as it is their last year ! (They/him)
Almir Khan (Ensemble/Townsperson)
SLAY this is Almir! This is his second year of performing at Armijo as a sophomore. They are very stoked to be a part of this play. They hope people will enjoy this super fun show!